World Championship event to be held in Anita (updated 3:45-pm Oct. 7th)

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October 7th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

A “World Championship” outdoor event will take place in Anita later this month. The Patternmaster’s BDC World Championships are scheduled for October 20th through the 23rd, at Hansen Outfitters, in Anita. The National Bird Dog Circuit event is in its 8th year, and will be televised on the Sportsman Channel and MAV-TV, beginning in January, 2012. The organization estimates more than 25,000 viewers will watch the taped event.

Paul Hansen, with Hansen Outfitters in Anita, said the BDC Qualifying events were held in the community last year, as well as the BDC Players Tournament. Players from all across the country and Canada attended the event. The Patternmaster’s BDC World Championships are expected to bring anywhere from 100- to 125-professional hunters and their dogs to Anita.  Hansen says that means a big infusion of money into the surrounding area, and it’s already taking place, in the form of motel reservations. He says motels are already booked in Atlantic, Anita and Adair. Hansen says people will begin showing up in the area one-week in advance, and they’re going to be looking for places to eat, and things to do. The event also offers an opportunity to showcase not only Anita and the surrounding communities, but our local school musical talent and youth groups.

Hansen says the Anita High School Choir will sing the National Anthem, accompanied by the Atlantic Marching High School Band, and the Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts will serve as the Color Guard.
Filming of the performance will begin 7:30-a.m., October 21st. The public is invited to attend, and watch the students perform. Gallery seating will be available to watch the field trials and related filming. In addition, the Anita Volunteer Fire Department will be raising funds for the ambulance drive, and holding a banquet for the BDC players and staff. All the proceeds will benefit the fire department.

Registration for the BDC World Championships begins on Wednesday, October 19th. Competition events start bright and early the next morning, in the Pointing and Flushing Doubles Division. Hansen says the event takes place on an eight-acre field. Three birds are planted to represent foul shot by the hunter. The dog has to locate the bird and bring it back to the hunter, who must then harvest the bird. Each trial is timed. The man/dog team with the best score and times, wins.

On Friday, October 21st, participants in the Pointing and Flushing Top Gun Division run match play are scheduled to compete, with activities continuing through Sunday, and an awards ceremony to follow. Hansen says there are trophies and cash prizes at stake. He says the trophy package is worth $16,000. BDC President Max Wroten said in a press release, that they “Look forward to a great event and good times in Anita.” He added that he hopes it becomes an annual event. For more information, visit