Congressman King back from Greece, Turkey, Cyprus


October 3rd, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Congressman Steve King has just returned from a trip to Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. King was part of a congressional delegation. “To look at the friction that’s emerging there between Turkey and Greece — two of our NATO allies that seem to be lining up a little bit against one another,” King says. “And the friction exists in Cyprus because of the Turk and the Greek influence in divided Cyprus, so all of those things were extraordinarily interesting.” King says it’s important to know what’s happening in that part of the world right now.

“If Greece’s economy should collapse, then that indicates that there’s a high-risk of a domino or chain-reaction effect which could go through Italy and Spain and Portugal,” King says, “perhaps Ireland and Belgium and other countries.” King was returning to the United States when news broke that key al Qaida operatives in Yemen had been assassinated.

“I’m glad to add my voice to the entire Iowa delegation in encouragement of the administration and our military and our CIA and all of the people out there with their lives on the line,” King says. “They have landed a severe blow to the al Qaida network.” Others, like Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, have said the slain al Qaida leaders had rights, because they were American citizens, and the Obama administration violated the constitution with the assassinations. King disagrees with that assertion.

“If they are attacking and killing us, of course we have to strike back,” King says. “That’s what the president’s done and I support his move.” On Friday, the four other congressmen from Iowa made statements of support for the action in Yemen.

(Radio Iowa)