Bachmann says Obama’s “weakness” sending wrong signal to dictators


October 14th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

(Denison) — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says the thwarted terror plot against Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States shows terrorists are bold enough to think they can strike again on American soil.

“We have a very dangerous time in the United States that we’re looking at and part of that problem, unfortunately, is that President Obama has sent signals of weakness across the world and those signals have not been lost on foreign dictators like the dictator that’s in Iran and so now they’re so bold that they think they can have assassination plots in the United States,” Bachmann says. “That has to end.” Bachmann, who is in the midst of her third term in congress, is a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

“I know how to be tough on the terrorists. That’s exactly what we’ve got to do,” Bachmann said in Denison. “…I’ll tell the terrorists across the world that, ‘Not in our country, you don’t.'” Bachmann made stops in Denison and Sioux City Thursday. She is campaigning this afternoon (Friday) in Sioux Center, Rock Rapids and Estherville.

(Radio Iowa)