Atlantic City Council to hold public hearing on local property


October 5th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

A public hearing will be held during the October 19th meeting of the Atlantic City Council, with regard to the disposition of property at 706 Walnut Street. The Council Wednesday evening voted 4-to-2 to pass a resolution terminating a purchase agreement the City had with resident Ed Leistad for the parcel. In August Leistad asked the Council to consider terminating a contract he signed earlier in the Summer, when he paid $5,000 for the property. Leistad claimed he misunderstood how small the property was, and that it would not serve his needs as he anticipated. The termination comes in exchange for his making $1,000 payment to the City as a of penalty.

Councilmen Dana Halder and Kern Miller voted against the resolution to terminate the contract. Miller said Leistad should be held accountable for his decision to buy the property in a sealed bid.  Halder said the City held up it’s end of the deal, and Leistad should do the same.  He said cancelling the contract would set a precedence for future sales of City-owned property that may cost the City money.

Councilperson Kathy Somers disagreed. She was one those who voted in favor of terminating the contract. Somers said Leistad’s paying $1,000 to the City and getting nothing in return, after admitting his mistake, is an acceptable form of apology. Miller urged the citizens of Atlantic to attend the hearing on October 19th to voice their concerns over the deal, and help determine what the City should do with the property.