Property valuations on the rise in Adams County


October 14th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Agricultural and Commercial property owners in Adams County are facing a large jump in property valuations. Officials in Adams County said Friday, Iowa’s Director of Revenue has ordered final adjustments be made to the 2011 property valuations for Agricultural land and structures, as well as Commercial property.

Agricultural land, outside and within incorporated cities, will see a 26.4% increase in valuations, based on productivity. Agricultural structures (excluding residential dwellings) on agricultural realty outside and within incorporated cities, will increase 22%, based on productivity.

Commercial realty in Adams County (excluding machinery and equipment), outside and within incorporated cities, will be increased 8%, based on market value. Officials say there will be no adjustments to residential property in Adams County, that includes residential dwellings on agricultural land, outside or within incorporated cities.

Property owners wishing to protest the increased valuations must file a form available from the Adams County Assessor’s Office. The completed form must be filed with the Board of Review anytime from October 15th through November 4th.