Paranormal Activity Group at Guthrie Center City Council Meeting


September 30th, 2011 by admin

Paranormal activity was one of the subjects at the most recent meeting of the Guthrie Center City Council.

The City Council gave approval to the Des Moines Area Paranormal Society to investigate possible paranormal activity at Union Cemetery. Four to six members of the group will conduct a series of tests to collect evidence of possible paranormal activity.

The group made the request to the City Council because in some cases, access is required to a location for a period of up to six hours during the evening or late night hours.

The group selected Union Cemetery because of reports of events that may or may not have occurred at the cemetery.

Also at the meeting, the City Council received bids from four engineering firms regarding construction projects around town. Some of the projects include the master downtown revitalization plan and projects for lights and sidewalks in downtown.

The Council did not take action on any of the bids because two Council members were not present at the meeting.