Cass County Board of Supervisors approve redistricting plan & to save the flowers


September 21st, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Board of Supervisors met this (Wednesday) morning in Atlantic. The Board, following the second and final reading, approved and adopted an ordinance striking old language from the redistricting plan and added new language to reflect a change in Supervisor Districts resulting from a shift in population as determined by the 2010 census. The ordinance goes into effect January 15th, 2012.

The board also heard from the City of Atlantic’s Park and Recreation Director, with regard to a request for the County to reconsider its decision to remove a flower bed leading up to the Civil War Memorial, in the Atlantic City Park. The County owns a portion of the sidewalks that are being replaced due to age and damage from heavy equipment. Parks and Rec Director Roger Herring made the request on behalf of the Parks Board.

Herring acknowledged the flower beds have become an eyesore over the years, because no one has stepped forward to take care of them. That matter has been resolved, with an announcement today (Wednesday) that the Trevor Fredericksen Foundation will provide for the planting and care of the flower beds. Herring says the foundation will fund and commit to the maintenance of the flower beds if the County decided to retain them.

Board Chair Duane McFadden also read a letter from Atlantic resident Charles Griffin, who, in the past has been instrumental in taking care of flowers and shrubs at the various City Parks in Atlantic. Griffin, who, despite his ailing health, has also vowed to do what he can to help maintain the flower beds in the City Park.

After considering the request, the Board voted unanimously to revert back to their original plan for the sidewalk removal, which leaves the flower beds intact, as long as the Fredericksen Foundation will manage, monitor and maintain the area. Construction on the City of Atlantic’s portion of the sidewalk project is underway, and should not be affected by the County’s decision to make a change order in its portion of the project.