Property owners in Atlantic reminded to “trim your trees!”


August 22nd, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The City of Atlantic is issuing a reminder to property owners in the community, that City Ordinance states “All trees on private property and the abutting right of way (normally the area between the sidewalk and street), are the responsibility of the property owner.” The ordinance requires tree limbs to be maintained at a height clearance of seven-feet above the sidewalks, and 14-feet above the street.

The City is currently reviewing hazards to both vehicles and pedestrians from tree limbs, and it encourages property owners to review your trees and make certain they are in compliance. If the City is forced to trim trees on your property or the adjacent right of way, the property owner will be billed for the expense.

City officials say it is less expensive for property owners to have the work handled on their own, or contracted out, then it is for the City to take care of your trees for you.