Bluffs man wanted on grain theft charges


August 3rd, 2011 by Ric Hanson

An arrest warrant has been issued for a Council Bluffs man who has been charged with 48-counts of theft in the second degree and one count of on-going criminal conduct. In the warrant issued July 27th, the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s office says 45-year old Johnie Ray Adkins allegedly stole nearly 980 bushels of corn valued at more than $6,140, from Pheasant Ridge Farms. The theft is said to have occurred on or about February 18th, 2011. The corn was recovered on March 30th from the Bartlett Grain Company, in Council Bluffs.

Adkins is also accused of accepting payment for 47 loads of grain owned by Pheasant Ridge Farms. The loads were valued at more than $1,000 and less than $10,000. A count of ongoing criminal conduct against Adkins was the result of actions he allegedly committed on or about August 27th, 2009 through February 9th 2011. Officials say he took loads of grain and accepted payment for 47 loads of grain, owned by Pheasant Ridge Farms.

An investigation by Sheriff’s officials began after the owner of Pheasant Ridge Farms was informed by a trucker with a different company, that Adkins allegedly placed a load of grain in his own name at the Bartlett Grain Company, which is where the grain was supposed to be delivered, but the payment was to be delivered to the Dan Pederson, owner of the Pheasant Ridge Farms.

When Pederson confronted Adkins about the alleged theft, Adkins admitted putting two loads of grain in his own name and selling them to Bartlett Grain. Adkins offered to pay him for the loads, but Pederson refused. Pederson believed Adkins had taken more than the two loads in question, but was unable to obtain any information to substantiate that assertion. A subsequent subpoena of records from Bartlett indicated Adkins had sold nearly 124 loads of grain in his own name to Bartlett Grain, since August, 2001. The grain was valued at more than $310,000.

In an interview with investigators this past February, Adkins admitted he was going through financial difficulties, and had stolen multiple loads of grain from Pederson and sold them to Bartlett Grain. Adkins’ whereabouts are currently unknown.

When he’s taken into custody, he will be held in jail on $65,000 bond.