Swimming Incident on Nodaway River


July 20th, 2011 by admin

A swimming incident on the Nodaway River near Clarinda led to two young teens being taken to area hospitals.

The incident happened late Tuesday evening when boaters on the river noticed the two young swimmers appearing to be in distress. A call was then immediately made to authorities. When they arrived they noticed a young boy and girl swimming near the east side of the river near the Clarinda dam.

Clarinda Police say a boy who appeared to be under the age of 14 was pulled at about 10:30 PM. He was flown by lifenet helicopter and is believed to be in critical condition.

First responders were also able to dive in the river and to pull out a girl who appeared to be under the age of 14. When brought to land she was still unconscious and was taken by ambulance to the Clarinda Regional Hospital where she was believed to be in fair condition.

Witnesses say they saw the two teens enter the river sometime after 8:30 PM. An update is expected later today from Clarinda Police.