Road Closures in Atlantic During RAGBRAI


July 20th, 2011 by admin

Some roads in Atlantic will be temporarily closed during RAGBRAI in an effort to keep the cyclists safe.

Most of the road closures will only be closed only for about an eight hour period when the 12,000 cyclists begin to enter Atlantic.

Atlantic Police Chief Steve Green strongly encourages motorists to avoid Highway 6 between Lewis and Atlantic Sunday. He says the shoulders of Highway 6 will have rumble strips on them and it will be difficult for bicyclists to move to the shoulder for vehicle traffic.

To keep Highway 6 traffic low, the 22nd street and Sunnyside Lane intersection will be closed to westbound traffic starting Sunday morning . Meanwhile, the 29th street intersection with Willow Street will also be closed starting Sunday morning to westbound traffic.

Areas of Sunnyside lane from 22nd to 10th street will be open only to RAGBRAI riders and those living on Sunnyside Lane in that area. Other areas may have traffic restrictions as the situation warrants throughout Sunday.

RAGBRAI support vehicles will use Olive Street (exit 57) from I-80 to enter Atlantic, so Green recommends avoiding Olive Street north of town if possible.

Other likely to be congested include 10th Street between Olive and Highway 6, Sunnyside Park, Cass County Fairgrounds, Roosevelt Drive, East 14th Street, and the areas around the Atlantic High School and Heritage House.

Green also suggests avoiding Highway 173 Monday as riders will be using that road to leave town.

Green suggests that Highway 6 traffic going to Griswold or Lewis use G-30 west to M-56 if . For those going to Omaha, Green suggests using I-80 via Highway 71.