Underage drinking arrests reported in Creston


June 3rd, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Police in Creston report six Creston teens were arrested this week for possessing alcohol under the legal age. 18 year old’s Dakota Nile Kaufman and Casey Michael Bird, 17 year old Hannah Kathryn Perrigo, 16 year old’s Josh Robert Willis and Kami Hilton, and 15 year old Ridge Allen Casteel, were arrested Wednesday night, cited, and later released to the custody of their parents. On a related note, 35-year old Amy Louise Kimball, of Creston, was charged Thursday with “Keeping a Disorderly House.” The woman was issued a citation to appear in court.

Police in Creston report also, 15-year old Jacob Davis and 14-year old Adam Edward Lee Austin, along with Taran Paul Alexander Austin, all from Creston, were referred to juvenile authorities after allegedly interfering with official acts on May 31st.