Flooding along I-29 complicates travel in Iowa


June 15th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

NEBRASKA CITY, Neb. (AP) – The bloated Missouri River is complicating travel along Interstate 29 in Iowa. State officials have already closed a section of I-29 north of Council Bluffs, and they are preparing to close another stretch of the interstate near Hamburg in southwest Iowa because of floodwaters encroaching on the highway.

Gary and Veronica Andrews of Ocala, Fla., were on a trip to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming when they spotted what appeared to be a giant lake pressing up against I-29. The couple pulled off the interstate about 9 miles north of Hamburg at Nebraska City for a restroom break. But every gas station, restaurant and motel along the interstate was closed and surrounded by sandbags and dirt levees.

Gary Andrews says the stop was quite an experience.