Donations being accepted for Guthrie Center fire victims


June 22nd, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Donations of household items or clothing are still being accepted for a rural Guthrie Center family who lost their home and a family pet to a fire, earlier this month. The fire destroyed the Ron and Lisa Benedict residence located about 11-miles west of Guthrie Center. The blaze began sometime between 7 and 8:45-p.m. June 10th, when a bolt of lightening entered the home through wiring, while the family was shopping in Atlantic.

Lisa Benedict told the Guthrie Center Times they received a text message from a friend at about 8:45-p.m., saying their house was on fire. Guthrie Center Fire Chief Doug Kent told the paper when the family arrived home, “Literally all they had left was their vehicle and the groceries they had just bought.” Lisa Benedict said the lightning blew up the electrical box and shattered the concrete next to it.

The family’s dog “Shooter,” a Boston terrier/beagle mix died in the ensuing blaze. Also damaged were three pickups parked close to the house. The family was reportedly living on their property in a camper following the fire.
Persons wishing to donate household items or clothing are asked to contact Estel and Marva Lee Sharon at 641-332-2777.