Atlantic Municipal Utilities to Offer Free Commercial Lighting Efficiency Audits


June 16th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Officials with Atlantic Municipal Utilities say they’ve hired an electrical engineering student intern, Derek Schmitz, to help implement a new program to improve the efficiency of lighting in commercial locations. AMU General Manager Allen Bonderman say any commercial customer of AMU can sign up for a free lighting efficiency audit.

The utility has developed a number of rebates related to lighting, based upon the type of lighting being replaced, and the specific new lighting technology installed. The rebates will reduce the cost to the customer of investing in new and more efficient lighting.

AMU staff will come to the business location, and gather information about the existing lighting that is in use. An analysis will determine the most cost-effective lighting technologies to use as replacements. The analysis will also determine an estimated cost for upgrade kits or new fixtures, the cost of labor to install, and any and all AMU rebates that apply. A report will be prepared and delivered to the customer that shows how quickly savings related to each type of light will repay the costs.

Because the amount of time available to perform these audits is somewhat limited, AMU asks that any commercial customer interested in a free lighting audit send or drop off a completed participation form as soon as possible. The form is available at by clicking on “Lighting Audits”, then selecting “Signup Form”. AMU may limit free audits to those who sign up by no later than July 15. 

If commercial customers have questions about the program, call Derek Schmitz at 243-1395.