EHK School Board approves sharing of business manager w/Exira


May 17th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Members of the Elk Horn-Kimballton Board of Education have approved the sharing of a Business Manager with Exira for the 2011-2012 school year. EHK-Exira Superintendent Dean Schnoes said Cindy Paulsen, who has the experience necessary to allow for a smooth transition as the districts lean closer toward a possible consolidation.

The beginning of the new school year marks the start of Whole Grade Sharing between the two districts. And, while Exira and E-H-K will operate as one educational district, they will still be two different entities in the eyes of the Department of Education and Management. In his May 2011 newsletter the “Den Dane Dialogue,“ Schnoes said he’s currently focused on keeping the two districts separate until 2014, due to the sharing money both districts receive from the state department. 2014 would be the last year for sharing money for whole grade sharing, and that is when both districts need to decide if they would like to consolidate into one new district.

In other business, Schnoes said the EHK School Board discussed, but did not approve, a donation to the Danish Immigrant Museum, for the “Heritage Path.” The museum is building a walk-way and had sent out information for those who might be interested in purchasing a brick along the path. Schnoes said the board declined to contribute funds toward the project because public funds cannot be used for such purposes. The board members can purchase bricks individually, but not as a whole.

The board approved a bid from Specialty Concrete, L-L-C in Exira, for improvements to the EHK parking lot. The bids, according to Schnoes, were very close. In fact, they were within $100. They also approved contracts for certified staff and support staff, who will be receiving a 1.5-percent salary increase during the coming year.

And, even though the Seniors graduated this past weekend, Schnoes said there’s no break for the administrators, because now they have to prepare for the big move over the Summer. The Elementary Building will close over the Summer in Exira, so everything has to be moved out, and into the new 2.1-million dollar Exira Middle School addition to the existing Exira Jr/Sr High School building. The Elementary School building is closing after 97-years, as part of the Whole Grade Sharing agreement with the Elk Horn-Kimballton District.

Schnoes said the Board also discussed, but did not act on changes to the baseball field, such as expanding the concession stand, restroom, and other improvements.