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High School Football Scoreboard 08/28/2021


August 29th, 2021 by Chris Parks

Coon Rapids-Bayard 36, Glidden-Ralston 8. (Game played at Valley Stadium, WDM)

Glenwood girls, Sioux City North boys win at Glenwood XC Invite


August 29th, 2021 by Chris Parks

The Glenwood girls and Sioux City North boys cross country teams came out on top of the Glenwood Cross Country Invite on Saturday. Clarinda’s Mayson Hartley won the girls individual title with a time of 20:04.46. Sioux City North had the top four finishers in the boys race, led by winner William Lohr with a time of 15:51.08.

Girls Team Scores

  1. Glenwood 52
  2. Harlan 59
  3. Clarinda 102
  4. Atlantic 123
  5. St. Albert 155
  6. Lewis Central 163
  7. Sioux City North 169
  8. Creston 170
  9. Tri-Center 173
  10. Red Oak 238
  11. CB Thomas Jefferson 253

Girls Individual Top Ten

  1. Mayson Hartley, Clarinda 20:04.46
  2. Lindsey Sonderman, Harlan 20:24.19
  3. Kaia Bieker, Harlan 21:18.69
  4. Claire Pellett, Atlantic 21:22.71
  5. Tyler Tingley, St. Albert 21:37.26
  6. Elizabeth Jordan, Sioux City North 21:37.88
  7. Madelyn Berglund, Glenwood 21:39.75
  8. Rachel Mullennax, Glenwood 21:39.85
  9. Riley DeGonia, Creston 21:41.09

Boys Team Scores

  1. Sioux City North 18
  2. Glenwood 72
  3. ADM 96
  4. Lewis Central 114
  5. Clarinda 148
  6. Atlantic 153
  7. Harlan 178
  8. St. Albert 206
  9. Shenandoah 248
  10. Tri-Center 254
  11. Red Oak 279
  12. CB Thomas Jefferson 307
  13. East Mills 386

Boys Individual Top Ten

  1. William Lohr, Sioux City North 15:51.08
  2. Natnael Kifle, Sioux City North 15:58.99
  3. Gabe Nash, Sioux City North 16:26.28
  4. Yemane Kifle, Sioux City North 16:34.91
  5. Ethan Eichhorn, Lewis Central 16:40.35
  6. Andrew Smith, Glenwood, 16:42.16
  7. Colin Lillie, St. Albert, 16:49.70
  8. Beshanena Gutema, Sioux City North, 16:51.01
  9. Tyler Shelton, Harlan, 16:51.76
  10. Bryant Keller, Glenwood, 17:22.03

Full results: 21GlenwoodXC

High School Volleyball Scoreboard 08/28/2021


August 29th, 2021 by Chris Parks

AHSTW Tournament- See other story on Atlantic victory

Harlan Tournament 


(2-0) Treynor 21-21 Underwood 17-10
(2-1) Treynor 18-21-15 Indianola 21-19-11
(2-0) Treynor 21-21 Sidney 8-17
(2-0) Treynor 22-21 Harlan 20-19
(2-0) Tri-Center 21-21 Underwood 17-15
(2-1) Tri-Center 21-13-15 Treynor 18-21-7
(2-1) Tri-Center 21-11-15 Harlan 19-21-5
(2-0) Harlan 21-21 Underwood 18-9
(2-0) Indianola 21-21 Harlan 10-11
(2-0) Indianola 21-21 Underwood 13-15
(2-0) Sidney 21-21 Harlan 18-17
(2-0) Underwood 21-21 Sidney 17-17


(2-0) Missouri Valley 22-21 Glenwood 22-18
(2-0) Missouri Valley 21-21 St. Albert 13-12
(2-0) Missouri Valley 21-21 East Sac County 14-19
(2-0) Missouri Valley 21-21 Logan-Magnolia 17-15
(2-0) Glenwood 21-21 East Sac County 10-16
(2-0) Glenwood 21-22 St. Albert 19-20
(2-0) Glenwood 21-21 Logan-Magnolia 12-16
(2-0) Glenwood 21-21 East Sac County 10-16
(2-0) East Sac County 21-21 Logan-Magnolia 12-7
(2-0) St. Albert 21-21 East Sac County 8-15
(2-0) East Sac County 21-21 Missouri Valley 14-19
(2-0) St. Albert 21-21 Logan-Magnolia 9-8


Championship: (2-0) Treynor 21-21 Missouri Valley 14-12
Consolation: (2-1) Glenwood def. Indianola
Fifth Place: (2-1) St. Albert 15-21-15 Tri-Center 21-12-13
Seventh Place: (2-0) Sidney 21-21 East Sac County 16-15
Ninth Place: (2-0) Harlan 21-21 Logan-Magnolia 11-9

Bondurant-Farrar Tournament 


(2-1) Burlington Notre Dame 19-21-15 Red Oak 21-19-8
(2-1) Red Oak 19-21-15 Woodward-Granger 21-18-8
(2-0) Carroll 22-21 Red Oak 20-7


(2-1) Pella Christian 14-21-15 Red Oak 21-19-13
(2-0) Red Oak 21-21 Ames 10-13
(2-0) Red Oak 21-21 Williamsburg 11-17

Humboldt Tournament 

(2-0) Kuemper Catholic 21-21 Fort Dodge 8-13
(2-1) Humboldt 23-19-15 Kuemper Catholic 21-21-11
(2-0) Kuemper Catholic 21-21 Grand View Christian 12-14
(2-0) Kuemper Catholic 21-21 South Central Calhoun 16-9
(2-0) Kuemper Catholic 21-21 Spirit Lake 15-19
(2-1) South Hardin 21-21-15 Kuemper Catholic 19-23-11

Colfax-Mingo Tournament


(2-0) Nodaway Valley 21-21 Colfax-Mingo 12-10
(2-0) Colfax-Mingo 21-21 Coon Rapids-Bayard 12-13
(2-1) Nodaway Valley 20-21-15 Colfax-Mingo 22-5-7
(2-0) Coon Rapids-Bayard 21-21 Nodaway Valley 17-19

Ankeny Centennial Tournament 


(2-0) Abraham Lincoln 21-21 Waukee 17-18
(2-1) Abraham Lincoln 9-21-17 Davenport West 21-16-15
(2-0) Ankeny 21-21 Abraham Lincoln 11-21


(2-0) Iowa City Liberty 25-25 Abraham Lincoln 18-7

Atlantic volleyball wins AHSTW Tournament


August 29th, 2021 by Chris Parks

The Atlantic volleyball team went 5-0 on the day and came away with the championship at the AHSTW Tournament on Saturday. The Trojans were led by 32 kills, 8 aces, and 46 digs on the day from Abby Smith. Ava Rush had 100 digs and Chloe Mullenix had 14 blocks.

Atlantic Head Coach Michelle Blake’s comments: “Overall, it was an extremely consistent effort for the Trojans throughout the day. There were highs and lows just like with any tournament but the girls fought through the difficult moments and were successful on the other side. The girls came out and played with a lot of fire and played really well together as a team.”

AHSTW Tournament 


(2-0) AHSTW 21-21 Denison-Schleswig 19-6
(2-0) AHSTW 21-21 CAM 10-17
(2-0) Earlham 21-21 Denison-Schleswig 16-3
(2-1) Earlham 23-10-15 AHSTW 21-21-11
(2-1) Earlham 14-21-15 CAM 21-14-4
(2-0) Denison-Schleswig 21-21 CAM 19-17


(2-0) Atlantic 24-26 Riverside 22-24
(2-0) Atlantic 21-21 Thomas Jefferson 9-18
(2-0) Atlantic 21-21 East Mills 11-17
(2-0) Riverside 21-21 Thomas Jefferson 16-5
(2-1) Riverside 21-19-15 East Mills 13-21-12
(2-0) East Mills 21-25 Thomas Jefferson 9-23


(2-0)  East Mills 21-21 CAM 19-8
(2-0) Thomas Jefferson 21-21 Denison-Schleswig 17-21
Consolation Championship: (2-0) East Mills 21-21 Thomas Jefferson 17-13


(2-0) Riverside 21-21 Earlham 13-12
(2-1) Atlantic 16-21-15 AHSTW 21-19-12
Championship: (2-0) Atlantic 21-21 Riverside 10-18

AHSTW wins opening thriller over IKM-Manning with late TD


August 28th, 2021 by Chris Parks

Raydden Grobe hauled in a 19-yard touchdown pass from Kyle Sternberg with :19 seconds on the clock and AHSTW came away with a 20-16 win over IKM-Manning in the season opener. It was a thrilling game that the Vikings never led until that last toss.

IKM-Manning set the tone early with a methodical 20-play drive that chewed up almost the entire first quarter clock. The Wolves pushed their way all the way to the 9 yard line before getting backed up with two straight holding penalties that put them 1st and Goal at the 30. The Wolves didn’t waste the work though as the 20th play of the drive ended as a 25-yard touchdown pass from Nolan Ramsey to Eli Dreyer.

AHSTW finally got their first offensive touch with 1:57 left in the first quarter but promptly went 3 plays and out. The Vikings defense was able to bow up and get the offense the ball back midway through the second quarter. Denver Pauley would cap off a 62 yard drive with a 16 yard touchdown run to tie it at 7. IKM-Manning was able to hit another nice pass play to Dreyer and then attempted a 40-yard field goal as time expired in the half. Amos Rasmussen drilled the ball beautifully through the uprights and the score became 10-7 Wolves at half.

AHSTW Head Coach GG Harris rolled the dice on a fourth down attempt on their own 40 to begin the second half. It came up empty and IKM-Manning would drive the short field and cap it off with a Trey Jasa 3-yard touchdown run. The PAT failed and it became 16-7. The Vikings didn’t let that get them down and responded with a 15-play drive capped by a Denver Pauley 4-yard touchdown plunge. The PAT put the Vikings within two at 16-14.

The teams then traded three straight punts before AHSTW got the ball back with 4:07 left on their own 18. The Vikings worked their way down the field and then gave their star receiver a chance to go get one. Quarterback Kyle Sternberg threw a beautiful back pylon ball that Grobe hauled in from 19 yards out in the back of the endzone. A 2pt conversion attempt that would of pushed the lead to 6 failed. IKM-Manning had a few last chances and Amos Ramussen haulded in a pass and tried to weave through defenders on the final play but he tripped up trying to turn the corner and time ran out.

AHSTW Head Coach GG Harris said they wanted to give Grobe a chance to make a play late in the game

Coach Harris was proud of the resolve that his team showed, even when things didn’t always go their way.

Grobe said he was confident he could go get the ball in the big moment.

This win should help the Vikings carry momentum into week two and Grobe thinks this will make them even more confident.

The Vikings will next travel to face the Earlham Cardinals. IKM-Manning travels to Westwood in Week 2.

High School Football Scoreboard – Week 1 – 08/27/2021


August 28th, 2021 by Chris Parks

8-Player Games
St. Edmond 62, Ar-We-Va 56 OT
Audubon 48, Southeast Warren 21 (@ Lacona)
Boyer Valley 68, River Valley 14
CAM 48, Fremont-Mills 6
Exira-EHK 59, Griswold 8- ON GrizTigerVision
East Mills 53, Woodbine 36
Murray 40, East Union 8
Bedford 66, Lamoni 28
Lenox 64, Seymour 6
Stanton 54, Martensdale-St. Marys 14
West Harrison 58, Siouxland Christian 6

11-Player Games

Class 4A

CB Abraham Lincoln 34, CB Thomas Jefferson 16
Bondurant-Farrar 47, Ballard 14

Class 3A

Glenwood 38, Atlantic 0
Denison-Schleswig 28, Carroll 7
ADM 41, Gilbert 7
Harlan 36, Lewis Central 29
Newton 41, Knoxville 0
Clarke 43, Saydel 6
Winterset 26, Carlisle 3

Class 2A

Creston 18, Clarinda 6
Southeast Valley 28, I-35 0
Missouri Valley 44, Shenandoah 29
Pella Christian 56, Des Moines Christian 22

Class 1A

Panorama 26, Colfax-Mingo 21
Van Meter 42, Earlham 0
ACGC 29, Greene County 27
Nodaway Valley 20, Mount Ayr 16
West Central Valley 7, North Mahaska 0
South Central Calhoun 48, East Sac County 7
Central Decatur 28, Southwest Valley 0
Treynor 35, St. Albert 2
Underwood 50, Tri-Center 14
Westwood 43, MVAOCOU 8

Class A

AHSTW 20, IKM-Manning 16 –ON KJAN and KJANTV
Logan-Magnolia 40, Kuemper Catholic 14
Lawton-Bronson 14, Akron-Westfield 7
Riverside 41, Red Oak 20- ON BSTN
Sidney 46, Wayne 6
Alta-Aurelia 21, West Monona 6
Woodbury Central 52, Hinton 0

Who’s Gonna Win? – Week 1 – 08/27/2021

Podcasts, Sports, Trojan Preview/Who’s Gonna Win?

August 27th, 2021 by Jim Field

Chris Parks, Jim Field, Matt Mullenix, and Doug Leonard take a look at 8 area high school football games each week throughout the season. We try to provide some insight into the match-ups while competing for top prognosticator and the Whosman Trophy.

Who’s Gonna Win? is brought to you again in 2021 by Rush CPA and Associates and Fareway. Week 1 of the 2021 season is upon us and we dive in to our first picks of the year. Doug Leonard is our defending Whosman Trophy winner.

2020 Overall Standings:

Doug Leonard 64-15
Matt Mullenix 63-16
Chris Parks 58-21
Jim Field 55-24


Guidance released for parking at Atlantic home football games


August 27th, 2021 by Chris Parks

Atlantic school officials would like to share a letter of guidance on parking for Atlantic home football games. Parking near the Trojan Bowl will be a bit different this season due to ongoing recovery work at the Atlantic Middle School building. The letter is listed in full below.

August 27, 2021

To Atlantic and Visiting Football Fans

With the opening of the 2021 varsity football season, we will have a few small changes from last
year in regards to parking at home football games on Friday nights.

We will open both the main Northwest gate and the East Gate next to the visitor stands at 3:30
when there is a 9th grade opening game, and 5:30 for a varsity only game.

Visiting and home buses will be using the grass field between Washington and the MS. No fans
are to park in this area. We will have some spots coned off in the MS lot for the buses to get in
and out of the grass lot more easily.

Most of the MS parking lot, though, will be available to use. Please do not park along the
temporary fence near the MS auditorium. Behind Schuler elementary will still be reserved for
workers, officials and handicap.

Fans may also park along Ed Podolak Drive, in the lot at Washington Elementary, and in the grass
area to the east of the Trojan Bowl. If you have trouble walking or are handicap, this area on
the east side of the Trojan Bowl is not recommended.

ACGC boys win at Southeast Valley XC Invite


August 27th, 2021 by Chris Parks

Southeast Valley XC Invite

Boys Team Scoring

  1. ACGC 34
  2. Ogden 50
  3. St. Edmond 85
  4. Southeast Valley 115
  5. Manson NW Webster 155
  6. South Central Calhoun 167
  7. Perry 179
  8. East Sac County 207
  9. Clarion Goldfield Dows 216
  10. Woodward Academy 310

Boys Individual Top Ten

  1. Trevin Suhr, ACGC
  2. Cooper Nuss, Southeast Valley
  3. Payton VanSickle, Ogden
  4. Carson VanSickle, Ogden
  5. Justin Reinhart, ACGC
  6. AAron Lursen, St. Edmond
  7. Jordan King, Ogden
  8. Gavin Sloss, ACGC
  9. Andrew Mahaffey, ACGC
  10. Oscar Hanson, Southeast Valley

Boys complete results: 2021 SE Valley Invite Boys

Girls Team Scoring

  1. St. Edmond 54
  2. Manson NW Webster 63
  3. West Central Valley 88
  4. Perry 112
  5. South Central Calhoun 114
  6. Ogden 130
  7. East Sac County 140
  8. Southeast Valley 194

Girls Individual Top Ten

  1. Alyssa Richman, Manson NW Webster
  2. Ava Campbell, ACGC
  3. Michaela Leiting, St. Edmond
  4. Hannah Landwehr, St. Edmond
  5. Emma Schroeder, East Sac County
  6. Dakota Tromblay, Ogden
  7. Paige Condon, Manson NW Webster
  8. Preslie Oswald, Manson NW Webster
  9. Taitlin Koch, West Central Valley
  10. Jaylene Karolus, Perry

Girls complete results: 2021 SE Valley Invite Girls

High School Football Schedule – Week 1 – 08/27/2021


August 27th, 2021 by Chris Parks

8-Player Games
Ar-We-Va at St. Edmond
Audubon at Southeast Warren (@ Lacona)
Boyer Valley at River Valley
CAM at Fremont-Mills
East Union at Murray
Exira-EHK at Griswold – ON GrizTigerVision
Woodbine at East Mills
Murray at East Union
Lamoni at Bedford
Seymour at Lenox
Martensdale-St. Marys at Stanton
Siouxland Christian vs West Harrison (@ Whiting)

11-Player Games (Listed by host Class)

Class 4A

CB Abraham Lincoln at CB Thomas Jefferson
Ballard at Bondurant-Farrar

Class 3A

Glenwood at Atlantic
Denison-Schleswig at Carroll
Gilbert at ADM
Lewis Central at Harlan
Newton at Knoxville
Saydel at Clarke
Winterset at Carlisle

Class 2A

Creston at Clarinda
I-35 at Southeast Valley
Missouri Valley at Shenandoah
Pella Christian at Des Moines Christian

Class 1A

Colfax-Mingo at Panorama
Earlham at Van Meter
Greene County at ACGC
Mount Ayr at Nodaway Valley
North Mahaska at West Central Valley
South Central Calhoun at East Sac County
Southwest Valley at Central Decatur
St. Albert at Treynor
Tri-Center at Underwood
Westwood at MVAOCOU

Class A

Kuemper Catholic at Logan-Magnolia
Lawton-Bronson at Akron-Westfield
Red Oak at Riverside- ON BSTN
Sidney at Wayne
West Monona at Alta-Aurelia
Woodbury Central at Hinton