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Fall could be warmer and drier

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September 7th, 2021 by Ric Hanson

(Radio Iowa) – State climatologist Justin Glisan says as we move into fall there’s a clear signal on the outlook for September, October, and November. “We are seeing an elevated signal for warmer conditions for much of the Midwest — including Iowa. And then no clear signal on the precipitation front,” he says. Glisan says the long-term outlook for September shows an equal chance of warm or cool, and wet or dry. “If we look at those short-term outlooks that get us into the middle of the month, we do see an elevated chance of cooler than normal temperatures — and that’s coupled with a slightly elevated drier signal,” according to Glisan.

Glisan says a little dry weather would not be a bad thing. “Those types of conditions would be great for harvest, we don’t want to get wet as we start to get the combines out into the fields,” Glisan says. “But we do want to replenish subsoil moisture profiles as we complete harvest and get into the later part of fall and into winter for the next growing season.”

Fall begins on September 22nd.