Scams abound on Cyber Monday, double-check before you double-click


November 30th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

(Radio Iowa) – Thanks in large part to the pandemic, this is expected to be the busiest Cyber Monday in history and Iowans are warned to be careful as they seek out sales online. Bao Vang, at the Better Business Bureau, says scams are on the rise at this time of year and she recommends using extreme caution as you mouse-click. Vang says, “If someone is splashing ‘Sale!’, ‘Limited-Time Deal,’ just think twice about whether this is luring you instead of actually being a legitimate sale.”

Vang recommends consumers do more reading, researching and checking on both the products and the sellers before buying anything online. “Beware fake websites,” Vang says. “Boy, there’s a lot out there, a lot of websites that are quickly made or can be put up relatively easily, will mimic other sites, can steal photos, images and products from other places.”

The National Retail Federation says consumers are predicted to spend just under $1,000 each this holiday season on gifts for friends and loved ones.