Sunday-Monday storm damage/incident report (from 10/11-12/20)


October 12th, 2020 by Ric Hanson

10:39-p.m.     56 mph wind gust 3 miles W. of Silver City (Public report)

10:45-p.m.     59 mph gust 2 miles N. of Tabor  (Public report)

10:52-p.m.     67 mph gust 8 miles W/SW of Sidney (DOT instrumentation report)

10:57-p.m.     1″ diameter tree limbs down 3 mile NW of Glenwood (Public)

11:09-p.m.     Thunderstorm wind gust 55 mph at Red Oak Airport (AWOS)

11:10-p.m.     Montgomery County EMA reports multiple trees, branches and power lines are down in Red Oak

11:11-p.m.     3″ diameter tree limbs broken in Essex. (Public)

11:15-p.m.     Thunderstorm wind gust 61 mph 5 miles NW of Shenandoah (AWOS)

11:39-p.m.     Thunderstorm wind gust 58 mph at the Clarinda Airport. (AWOS)

11:41-p.m.     60 mph gust in Breda (MesoNet)

12:07-a.m.     (10/12) – 50 mph gust recorded in Adel.

12:08-a.m.     Cass County Communications reports power outage in Cumberland (Outages also reported in Massena & Lewis)

12:10-a.m.     61 mph gusts in Bedford (MesoNet)