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Cass County Auditor’s Office issues statement about election integrity


October 18th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Auditor’s Office, Tuesday, released a statement with regard to concerns some may have over “Election rigging.” The statement said “Iowa’s county auditors, Republican, Democratic, and Independent, are proud of their reputation for fair and honest elections. They follow the many provisions of Iowa election law that:
• ensure full bipartisan involvement in the testing of voting equipment and the operation of polling places.
• secure voting systems against cyber threats and ballot tampering.
• protect the right of all eligible citizens to vote.”

The Auditor’s Office says “If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of voting in Iowa, contact your county auditor via http://www.iowaauditors.org/.” Monday afternoon, Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate (The Commissioner of Elections), said he and Iowa’s 99 county auditors take the “integrity” of voting seriously and Pate said “It is not helpful” to have Donald Trump tweeting that there is “large scale voter fraud” happening in America.

Earlier in the day, Monday, Governor Branstad said he has confidence in Iowa’s election system, but Branstad warned there may be some cheating, plus Branstad says people believe the election is “rigged” because of the way the national media is covering the candidates. Pate responded by saying “We have the checks and balances. We work on a bipartisan basis and our office as well as the county offices are open to anyone who sees any potential problem to make sure the integrity is maintained.”