Trading Post

May 10th, 2012 by Jim Field

FOR SALE: A 5-month old male YorkiPoo. Black with white chest and paws. Up-to-date shots and hypoallergenic. $250 and includes kennel, toys, clothes, treats, etc. For more info., call 712-249-2810.

WANTED: Willing to cut down trees if you cannot afford a tree service.  The work would be done to help people out, as he would not use the wood for personal use.  He would not be able to do anything more than 2 feet across…also could only cut down trees in more open areas.  778-4672.

WANTED: An older shed or part of a garage for some lumber.  778-4672.

FOR SALE: Firewood for campers.  778-4672.

FOR SALE: A 6 week old blue pit bull male puppy. $1,000 or OBO. For more info call 641-431-0765.

WANTED: Stand alone dog kennel for outside for a large dog or fencing sections. 769-2256

FOR SALE: 1986 Honda 4 wheeler.  Has new wheels and a new battery.  250-4420.

FOR SALE: Computer table and a chair for $150.  243-7978

FOR SALE: A rocker/glider for $40.  243-7978