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Cass County BOS approves 1934 lithograph


August 17th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Stephenson shows a laminated copy of the 1934 US Constitution lithograph

Gary Stephenson shows the Cass Co. Supervisors matted & framed lithograph

The Cass County Board of Supervisors have approved a request from Gary Stephenson, of Ft. Dodge, to display a 1934 lithograph of the U-S Constitution inside the courthouse. Stephenson is traveling through each of Iowa’s 99 Counties in hopes of local officials express an interest in having the lithographs displayed in the various 100 county courthouses in the state. Stephenson says the rare lithographs will be framed and matted. He says the father of a man in Chicago worked for a lithographer who created the original product with gold inlay. Currently only three machines in the country, one of which is owned by the U-S Government, is capable of producing the images.

With the Supervisor’s approval, Stephenson will seek out 10 sponsors for the prints, such as local veteran’s organizations, to pay $70 each to cover the costs. Stephenson says he’ll make the same presentation next week, in Corning. The Adair County Board of Supervisors have already purchased their copy of the lithograph, which is set to be unveiled next week.

In Union County, most of the sponsors for the lithograph are already lined-up, while other counties in the area are in-line to receive Stephenson’s presentation and decide on whether or not there is interest in displaying the print.