Estherville woman faces assault charges after incident at a McDonald’s


October 25th, 2017 by Ric Hanson

A northwest Iowa woman has been charged with assaulting employees inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Estherville on Sunday. Employees told police a woman ordered at the drive-through, waved a knife at the employee at the pick-up window, came into the restaurant and assaulted a male and a female employee, then threatened another female employee with the knife. Police later arrested 31-year-old Nora Caraveo of Estherville. She’s been charged with going armed with intent, aggravated assault and two counts of assault causing bodily injury. Caraveo also faces charges of assault on a peace officer and fifth degree criminal mischief, charges related to her arrest at a home in Estherville.

(Radio Iowa)

4 area communities to save money through State Revolving Loan Fund


October 25th, 2017 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently announced that 22 Iowa communities with current State Revolving Fund loans for water quality projects will save a total of $1.6 million in interest over the remaining life of their loans as a result of the their interest rate being reduced from 3% to 1.75%. The change affects the communities of Defiance, Emerson, Manning and Shenandoah, and results in an interest rate saving cost ranging from $5,313 in Manning, to $101, 450 for Shenandoah.(Defiance will save $9,275 and Emerson $83,088)

The State Revolving Fund is one of Iowa’s primary sources for financing projects designed to improve Iowa’s water quality. Two funds, one for drinking water and one for wastewater and pollution control, have provided low-cost financing to projects in 600 Iowa communities as well as to farmers, watershed groups and others for water quality projects. The program is jointly administered by the Iowa Finance Authority and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

IFA Executive Director Dave Jamison said “The State Revolving Fund offers communities low-cost financing, longer repayment cycles and exceptional savings. We’re able to reduce the interest rate for loans that are more than ten years old due to the success of the program and excellent financial management. Lowering interest rates on existing loans has kept nearly $18 million in local economies throughout the state.”  Iowa DNR Director Chuck Gipp said “The State Revolving Fund is a win-win for Iowa communities.This program is a successful partnership between state and local governments and we are proud to play a role in not only assisting communities in completing water quality projects, but also helping them realize substantial savings.”

Besides offering the low interest rates to finance water infrastructure projects, the State Revolving Fund offers other benefits to Iowa communities, such as lower up-front costs and no reserve requirement. For more information on the State Revolving Loan Fund, go to

Cass Supervisors discuss UTV regulations

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October 25th, 2017 by Ric Hanson

he Cass County Board of Supervisors today (Wednesday), received an update from two local men with regard to the use of Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV’s) on County roads. Dennis Murphy from Nishna Valley Cycle had appeared before the Board in May, 11, 2016, and at that time, asked the board to consider moving forward with enacting an ordinance to allow any licensed driver to operate registered (with the county recorder) and insured all-terrain and off-road utility vehicles on Cass County secondary roadways for recreational use. The ordinance would not restrict eligible ‘farm’ use. Goal is to make it legal for said vehicles to be driven on county roadways. The Board had taken the request under advisement, and asked for more research.

During today’s meeting, Murphy, and Rob Thornton, also from NVC, came back with Ordinance samples from various counties, including Carroll, Crawford, Buchanon and Iowa Counties, in northwest Iowa. He said some county ordinances specify which roads UTV can be ridden on, others are more simple. They cannot be ridden on Highways. Murphy said some counties require a current DNR registration sticker on the vehicle, some have minimum age limits, and some require insurance, etc. Those annual stickers, he said, cost $75. Cass County Engineer Charles Bechtold told the Board the same subject was covered at a recent ISAC (Iowa State Association of Counties) meeting in accordance with many different agencies.

He said as far as his office is concerned, safety is an issue, and that “politically,” he’s opposed to the use of UTV’s on county roads, but personally, he’s open to it, primarily because the machines are already being used on those roads. He likes the idea that operators of the machines have insurance, so that if there’s a collision between a County vehicle and a UTV, it’s covered and dependent upon who’s at fault.

UTV operators would have to obey the rules of the road, just like motorists. To that end, the Supervisors and Murphy agreed that the machines should have certain safety features if not already equipped, such as headlights, taillights. They could also require them to be outfitted with marker flags, turn signals, mirrors, etc. The main thing Murphy would like to see, is that the ordinance specify the machines be registered and have clearly visible tags for identification in the event they are operating illegally or irresponsibly.

Auditor Dale Sunderman says Delaware County has an ordinance that passed in May, 2016, which is thorough and a good place from where to start Cass County’s Ordinance. Dennis Murphy said he and Thornton would come back in a couple of weeks or so with a draft ordinance, incorporating some of the better ideas in the ordinances mentioned during today’s (Wednesday’s) discussion.

Final Cross Country Individual Rankings from IATC 10/25/2017


October 25th, 2017 by Chris Parks

See full rankings here. Local athletes that are ranked listed below.

3A Girls

Rank First Name Last Name Grade School
1 Adrianna Katcher 10 CENTER POINT URBANA
6 Raegan Anderson 11 DENISON-SCHLESWIG
19 Ellie Mendlik 12 DENISON-SCHLESWIG
21 Taylor McCreedy 9 ATLANTIC

2A Boys

Rank First Name Last Name Grade School
1 Gable Sieperda 12 GLR-CL
17 Adam Thompson 11 SWI

2A Girls

Rank First Name Last Name Grade School
1 Marie Hostetler 10 MID-PRAIRIE, WELLMAN
3 Karley Larson 12 UNDERWOOD

1A Boys


Rank First Name Last Name Grade School
1 Riley Bauer 12 NORTH UNION
2 Evan Wilson 12 E-EHK
3 Brycen Wallace 12 NODAWAY VALLEY
6 Noah Nelsen 11 ACGC
12 Skylar Rawlings 12 NODAWAY VALLEY
16 Jerry Jorgenson 11 TREYNOR
21 Tyler Breheny 10 NODAWAY VALLEY
26 Joshua Baudler 10 NODAWAY VALLEY
28 Leo Garrigan 11 St. Albert

1A Girls

Rank First Name Last Name Grade School
1 Emily Staal 10 SPRINGVILLE
2 Peyton Pogge 9 TRI-CENTER
3 Janette Schraft 11 EAST MILLS
4 Emma Lucas 11 BEDFORD
5 Kate Crawford 10 ACGC
7 Taylor Sporrer 10 LOGAN MAGNOLIA
9 Ella Waddle 9 PANORAMA
12 Emma Swanson 12 ACGC
16 Alexis Post 11 RIVERSIDE
17 Gracie Springman 11 ST. ALBERT
29 Heidi Hall 12 AHSTW

(Podcast) KJAN 8-a.m. News, 10/25/2017

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October 25th, 2017 by Ric Hanson

More area and State news from KJAN News Director Ric Hanson.


Final Cross Country Team Rankings from IATC 10/24/2017


October 25th, 2017 by Chris Parks

Boys 4A

Rank School
1 Dowling
2 Pleasant Valley
3 Johnston
4 Prairie CR
5 Valley WDM
6 Waukee
7 Dubuque Hempstead
8 Ames
9 Iowa City West
10 Linn-Mar
11 CR Kennedy
12 CR Washington
13 Ankeny
14 Sioux City North
15 Dubuque Senior

Girls 4A

Rank School
1 Johnston
2 Iowa City West
3 Dubuque Senior
4 Dowling
5 Dubuque Hempstead
6 Cedar Falls
7 Ankeny Centennial
8 Waukee
9 DM Roosevelt
10 Pleasant Valley
11 Urbandale
12 Linn-Mar
13 Ottumwa
14 Southeast Polk
15 Iowa City City High

Boys 3A

Rank School
1 Decorah
2 Gilbert
3 Dallas Center-Grimes
4 Mount Vernon-Lisbon
5 Marion
6 Grinnell
7 Carlisle
8 Clear Creek Amana
9 Cedar Rapids Xavier
10 Center Point Urbana
11 Bondurant Farar
12 ADM
13 Sergeant Bluff Luton
14 Nevada
15 Clear Lake

Girls 3A

Rank School
1 Wahlert
2 Decorah
3 Humboldt
4 Pella
5 Ballard
7 North Polk
8 Glenwood
9 Anamosa
10 Charles City
11 Spencer
12 Grinnell
13 Bishop Heelan
14 Denison
15 Benton

Boys 2A

Rank School
1 Mid-Prairie
2 George-Little Rock
3 Garner-Hayfield-Ventura
4 Tipton
5 South Hamilton
6 Sioux Center
7 Sheldon
8 Okoboji
9 Aplington-Parkersburg
10 Des Moines Christian
11 Williamsburg
12 South Hardin
13 Unity Christian
14 Monticello
15 East Marshall

Girls 2A

Rank School
1 Mid-Prairie
2 Monticello
3 Woodbury Central-KP
4 Crestwood
5 Cascade
6 Regina, Iowa City
7 Williamsburg
8 Shenandoah
9 Okoboji, Milford
10 Danville-New London
11 Waukon
12 Unity Christian
13 Emmetsburg
14 PCM
15 Aplington-Parkersburg


Boys 1A

Rank School
1 Nodaway Valley
2 Bellevue
3 Madrid
4 South Winneshiek
5 Starmont
6 Pekin
7 Woodward Academy
8 Hudson
9 Tri-Center
10 AC/GC
11 Calamus Wheatland
12 Denver
13 Ogden
14 St Albert
15 Earlham


Girls 1A

Rank School
1 Hudson
2 Central Elkader
3 Kee Lansing
4 Panorama
5 South Winneshiek
6 Denver
7 Marquette
8 Eagle Grove
9 Newman
10 Logan-Magnolia
11 Alta Aurelia
12 Pekin
13 St. Edmond
14 Baxter


Trading Post

October 25th, 2017 by Jim Field

FOR SALE:  numerous sweaters, size 2XL, various colors.  $5.00 each.  Call 712-773-2326 in Kimballton.

FREE: Giving away a hideaway bed. Located in Anita. Call 712-254-1312.

WANTED: Looking for a place to park a 30′ motor home for the winter. Prefer indoors but willing to go with what work out. In or around Atlantic. Call 712-250-0788.

FOR SALE: 1) Yellow chrome table from the 50’s, $25. 2) Erector set, No. 6 1/2, with motor, $50. 3) Epiphone Guitar, DR-90T, soft case, $75. Call 712-243-4786 or 712-249-1415.

FOR SALE: 38″ cut Honda lawn mower, 20 horsepower with liquid cold engine. $500. 243-2361.

Consultant says courthouse needs $12M in exterior repairs


October 25th, 2017 by Ric Hanson

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) — A consultant says the landmark Woodbury County Courthouse needs $12 million in exterior repairs. The county supervisors said Tuesday after hearing a report from consultant Pete Franks that they’ll decide at a future meeting when to start the repairs and how to pay for them. The exterior has deteriorated so much that officials have been able to pull entire bricks from the foundation in some places. County officials last year had estimated the repair price tag at $2.1 million.

The courthouse — considered the largest publicly owned Prairie School-design building in the world — was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1996. The supervisors are planning 100th anniversary activities for the building next spring.

(Podcast) KJAN Morning Sports report, 10/25/2017

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October 25th, 2017 by Ric Hanson

The 7:20-a.m. Sportscast w/Jim Field.


Northey feels closer to USDA position, but timeline not known

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October 25th, 2017 by Ric Hanson

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey’s nomination to a position in the U-S-D-A cleared the committee level in the U-S Senate last week, but he isn’t sure when the final step will take place. “I’ve kind of given up making predictions, we are a step closer but still need that full Senate approval. So we’ll see when that happens — it could happen in the short term or it certainly could be awhile yet,” Northey says. Northey says he continues to work at his current job and is doing what he can to prepare when the final approval comes. “As we think about getting folks ready — whoever that next secretary is — we make sure that we have all the documents that help that next secretary learn what the department is doing to make that transition really easy,” Northey says. “We have great folks at the department. I am very blessed to have folks who know what they are doing, do a great job.”

Northey was nominated on September 1st to become the U-S-D-A Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation. He’s been waiting for the process to take its course since then. “It does seem like it is getting closer. It’s getting a little more real now as a possibility — but again — I don’t know if that’s months away are days away,” according to Northey.

Northey became Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture in 2007.

(Radio Iowa)