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Cyclones face busy schedule in Memphis


December 27th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa State football team arrived in Memphis Wednesday in preparation for the Liberty Bowl on New Year’s Eve. The Cyclones also had their first practice at Rhodes College the same day. Cyclone Coach Paul Rhoads said there are various events scheduled for the team through the week along with the practices.  “The schedule by the Liberty Bowl is very accommodating, there are certain things that we’re involved with, but we practice in the morning to try and avoid those,” Rhoads said.

Today (Thursday) there’s an event that has them switching around the schedule. “So we’ve got to practice in the afternoon and have meetings in the morning, so there’s that kind of adjusting that you have to do. But our maturity I think will be able to handle that,” Rhoads said.

One event will have some players visit the St. Judes Research Hospital, while Saturday night the players will attend an NBA game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Denver Nuggets. The teams will wrap up practices with a walk-through and photo session at the Liberty Bowl Stadium on Sunday. Then it’s the game against Tulsa on Monday at 2:30 Iowa time. The 6-6 Cyclones got one of their victories against Tulas in the season opener in Ames. Tulsa went on to win 10 games and had only two more losses.

(Radio Iowa Sports)

Iowa officials offer advice on ice fishing

Ag/Outdoor, Sports

December 27th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa officials are reminding ice fishing enthusiasts to be careful with newly developed ice caused by a major snowstorm last week. The state Department of Natural Resources says a minimum of four inches of quality ice is recommended for ice fishing. At least five inches of ice is recommended for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. DNR officials also recommend using small baits and a light line for capturing finicky fish.

A major snowstorm dumped several inches of snow around the state last week. It also ushered in cold temperatures that covered most area lakes with a layer of ice.

8AM Sportscast 12-26-2012

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December 26th, 2012 by Chris Parks

w/ Chris Parks

New options available for fishing and hunting licenses

Ag/Outdoor, News, Sports

December 25th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is offering several new options for fishing and hunting licenses in 2013. D-N-R Chief of Fisheries, Joe Larschied, says the new options were developed based on feedback from Iowans. “A lot of anglers came to us and said ‘you know we’d like to pay for the privilege to fish with three poles,’ especially bank anglers and ice anglers and things like that. So we’re offering that for the first time,” Larschied says. “The other things we’re offering are a three-year angling license, so you can lock current prices for three years…you gain some savings with administrative fees for each of those three years.”

There’s also what he calls the hunter’s special. “A three-year hunting license with the habitat stamp included, so again you can lock in the current years prices for three years. And then the other option is an outdoor combo license which combines the annual resident hunting, fishing and habitat combo for one year,” Larschied says. He says there’s a cost savings on the fees, but is mostly a convenience feature. Larschied says people who hunt and fish wanted to see the option tailored more like other licenses. He says you get a driver’s license and boat registration for several years and that’s why they decided to do the same for hunters and anglers.

Larschied says the program is self-supporting and hopefully making things more convenient will get more people involved. “The trust fund where all the license dollars goes is what allows us to hire game wardens, to hire the people to run the hatcheries and stock fish, and it is solely run on fishing and hunting license revenue,” Larschied says. “And so this just allows people to lock in for three years their commitment to shore up their trust fund, which is what we’re really trying to do.”

The cost of a bonus line fishing license is 12-dollars. The cost for an outdoor combo license is 47-dollars, a three-year fishing license 53-dollars, three-year hunting license 86-dollars. You can now purchase those new licenses and use them through the rest of this year up to their expiration date.

(Radio Iowa)

7AM Sportscast 12-25-2012

Podcasts, Sports

December 25th, 2012 by Chris Parks

w/ Chris Parks

Hawkeye Aaron White says Coppin State good warm-up for Big Ten


December 25th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Hawkeye Aaron White says he got his feet back under him this past weekend as Iowa cruised to a 30-point win over Coppin State. White had struggled a bit offensively in the previous two outings, but White wound up scoring 20 on Saturday, including six dunks. “It was good to get a game in like this right before we start Big Ten,” White says. Three freshmen are consistently part of the Hawkeye’s rotation this season and White – a sophomore — says the team “learned a lot” in their 13-game non-conference schedule.

“We beat some good teams. Iowa State’s a good team. UNI’s a good team and then, again, beat these teams that were on our schedule that you look at and we were supposed to be them,” White says. “…We weren’t perfect, but we had some slips that we came back from.” Iowa opens Big Ten play against Indiana. “You’ve got the previously number one ranked team in the country in Indiana and then you turn right around and a couple of days later you’ve got the number two team in the country,” White says. “…You’re just going to have to amp it up. You’re going to have to stay locked in and really buy into the game plan that our coaches are putting together for us you know. The whole staff has done great getting us prepared for every game this season and I think we’ve done a good job staying locked in, no matter what our opponent is, but it’s just going to be a little different challenge because we’re going again, you know, basically future NBA players…big, strong, experienced guys in the Big Ten.”

The Indiana game tips off at 3 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. They’ll play at Michigan on January 6th. White is from Strongville, Ohio. He played in all 35 of Iowa’s games last year, pulling down 199 rebounds and was named to the Big Ten’s All-Freshman Team.

(Radio Iowa)

Few high school sports cancellations so far this year


December 25th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The snowstorm at the end of last week wiped out most of the high school contests on Thursday and Friday, but overall the first half of the winter sports season hasn’t had many weather-related interruptions. Bud Legg is the spokesman for the Iowa High School Athletic Association which oversees boys’ sports. “Through Friday we’ll probably have maybe about 120 cancellations of boys’ games and probably for every boys’ game there’s probably a girls’ game that’s been cancelled, and a comparable number of wrestling events,” Legg says. He says it’s the most cancellations they’ve had in the last two years.

“You know last year we had a really, really great year. But three years ago we had over 900 cancellations for the winter, and we’re just talking just boys’ sports at that time,” Legg says. “And of those 900, we had all but about 75 or 80 of them were made up.” The cancellations lead to a lot of calendar checking by the athletic directors at each school. Legg says they have to match schedules for open dates and see if the officials are available, all while checking to be sure there are no conflicts with other school events such as music concerts and plays. The sports teams do not practice on Christmas Eve or Christmas, and then it is up to the coaches how long a break they give before starting up practice again. Legg says the association does not allow any regular games during a school’s Christmas break.

“They’ll have scrimmages…at maybe two or three schools at the same site and get in some scrimmage time. Because the school staff is on vacation, the athletic association for probably going on 30-35 years now, has determined that is not a good time to try and play games,” Legg says. The teams will return from break and begin playing games again in January.

(Radio Iowa)

Chiefs assistant cited for suspected DWI


December 25th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — An assistant coach for the Kansas City Chiefs has received a citation for suspected driving while intoxicated after a one-vehicle crash. Police said Adam Zimmer was alone in his vehicle and unhurt in the accident around 9 p.m. Sunday on a street south of the Country Club Plaza shopping district. He was arrested and given a municipal citation and was released about five hours later on cash bond.The investigation was continuing Monday.

Zimmer is listed on the Chiefs’ website as a defensive assistant and assistant linebackers coach. He’s in his third year with Kansas City. Head coach Romeo Crennel said Monday the Chiefs did not yet have complete information about the arrest. Kansas City is 2-13 heading into next week’s season finale at Denver.

A-P Iowa Boys High School Basketball Poll


December 24th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

(Released Mon., Dec. 24th 2012)

The Top Ten teams in the Associated Press Iowa high school basketball poll with first-place votes in parentheses and won-loss record, total points and position last week at right:

Class 4A

  Record Pts Prv
1. Iowa City, West (10) 7-0 100 1
2. Dubuque, Senior 6-0 86 2
3. North Scott, Eldridge 9-0 79 3
4. Bettendorf 7-0 64 4
5. Epworth, Western Dubuque 6-0 48 6
6. Sioux City, East 8-0 44 5
7. Urbandale 7-1 41 7
8. Valley, West Des Moines 6-2 34 9
9. Ankeny 5-2 31 8
10. Sioux City, North 7-0 11 10

Others receiving votes: Pleasant Valley 5. Des Moines, Roosevelt 4. Cedar Falls 2. Johnston 1.

Class 3A

  Record Pts Prv
1. Vinton-Shellsburg (7) 8-0 96 1
2. Iowa Falls-Alden (1) 7-0 78 2
3. Creston 8-0 75 3
4. Grinnell (1) 5-0 68 4
5. Assumption, Davenport 4-3 59 5
6. Bishop Heelan Catholic, Sioux City 5-2 42 6
7. Dallas Center-Grimes (1) 7-0 36 8
8. MOC-Floyd Valley 8-1 33 9
9. Spencer 7-1 17 10
10. Atlantic 7-1 13 NR

Others receiving votes: Mount Pleasant 12. Solon 5. Pella 4. Centerville 4. Crestwood, Cresco 4. Carroll 3. Fort Madison 1.

Class 2A

  Record Pts Prv
1. Nodaway Valley (7) 7-0 91 1
2. Western Christian, Hull (1) 7-0 88 2
3. West Fork, Sheffield (2) 8-0 82 3
4. IKM-Manning 9-0 67 4
5. Cascade,Western Dubuque 8-0 57 T5
6. Sheldon 10-0 41 7
7. MFL-Mar-Mac 6-0 40 9
8. PCM, Monroe 9-0 38 8
9. Des Moines Christian 7-1 19 T5
10. West Branch 8-1 8 NR

Others receiving votes: New Hampton 6. Notre Dame, Burlington 5. Hudson 4. St. Edmond, Fort Dodge 2. Mid-Prairie, Wellman 2.

Class 1A

  Record Pts Prv
1. Danville (9) 8-0 99 1
2. St. Mary’s, Storm Lake (1) 7-0 91 2
3. Lone Tree 9-0 68 3
4. Riverside, Oakland 8-0 55 5
5. Murray 8-0 53 6
6. North Tama, Traer 9-0 50 7
7. Harris-Lake Park 9-1 26 4
8. Preston 7-0 24 10
9. Belmond-Klemme 8-0 22 8
10. Boyden-Hull 6-2 21 NR

Others receiving votes: Lawton-Bronson 13. Moulton-Udell 7. Iowa Mennonite, Kalona 7. Dunkerton 7. Ankeny Christian Academy 5. North Linn, Troy Mills 1. West Monona, Onawa 1.

8AM Sportscast 12-24-2012

Podcasts, Sports

December 24th, 2012 by Chris Parks

w/ Chris Parks