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Longtime Cardinals organist Ernie Hays dies at 77


November 1st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

ST. LOUIS (AP) – The man who provided the soundtrack of St. Louis Cardinals baseball for four decades has died.  The Cardinals on Thursday announced the death of Ernie Hays, a St. Louis native who spent 40 seasons as the ballpark organist.  Hays was 77 when he died Wednesday night. A cause of death was not announced.

Hays also served as organist for the NHL’s St. Louis Blues, college sports teams and for professional soccer in St. Louis. But he is best known for his work at both the old and new Busch Stadiums. He began his sports music career when the Cardinals installed an organ in 1971. His version of “Here Comes The King,” a Budweiser beer advertising jingle, soon became a staple at every game.  Hays retired from the Cardinals in 2010.


Ag/Outdoor, Sports

November 1st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources say dry conditions over much of Iowa will concentrate trappers near existing water when the Iowa furbearer hunting and trapping season begins on Saturday, Nov. 3rd.  Vince Evelsizer, furbearer biologist for the DNR says “Right now, most of the crops are out and the weather looks decent for the first half of November,” so he’s expecting a good start to the furbearer season.

Surveys of two of the higher profile furbearers in Iowa – bobcat and river otter – have indicated the species could support additional harvest. The DNR increased the bobcat quota from 350 to 450 in the open zone, but kept the one bobcat per furharvester restriction, regardless if it was hunted or trapped. The river otter quota was raised to 850 this year, with licensed trappers allowed up to three otters.

Both species must be reported within 24 hours of harvest and a CITES tag applied within seven days after the harvest is reported to DNR staff. Last year, a record 326,368 raccoons were harvested in Iowa and Evelsizer expects the harvest this year to be similar to slightly higher.  He said the fur markets are dependent on the Asian and European economies but appear to be about the same as last year.

Trapper numbers have increased more than 20 percent since 2009, from 14,000 to 17,000 last year.

State Volleyball Tournament Schedule


November 1st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Due to extended renovations of the US Cellular Center, the 2012 State Volleyball Tournament will be held at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena. The State Volleyball Tournament runs Nov. 7th through the 10th.

Class 5-A Quarterfinals – Wed., Nov. 7th

3-p.m. Johnston (26-8) vs. Ankeny (29-6) – Court 1

3-p.m. Bettendorf (20-11) vs. Dubuque Hempstead (29-6) Court 2

4:30-p.m. Dowling Catholic (33-10) vs. Iowa City High (29-8) – Court 1

4:30-p.m. Urbandale (31-8) vs. Pleasant Valley (37-1) – Court 2

Class 4-A Quarterfinals – Wed. Nov. 7th

6:00-p.m. Cedar Rapids Xavier (26-11) vs. Charles City – Court 1

6:00-p.m. Solon (31-4) vs. Harlan (32-5) – Court 2

7:30-p.m. North Scott (27-5) vs. Waverly-Shell Rock (44-7) – Court 1

7:30-p.m. West Delaware (31-11) vs. Bishop Heelan (35-10) – Court 2

Class 3-A Quarterfinals – Thu., Nov. 8th

12:00-p.m. Iowa Falls-Alden (32-4) vs. Mediapolis (42-0) – Court 1

12:00-p.m. Mt. Vernon (27-10) vs. Davenport Assumption (28-7) – Court 2

1:30-p.m. Union (33-7) vs. Sioux Center (31-6) – Court 1

1:30-p.m. Red Oak (27-6) vs. MOC-Floyd Valley (30-8) – Court 2

Class 2-A Quarterfinals – Thu., Nov. 8th

3:00-p.m. Sumner-Fredericksburg (24-6) vs. Dike- New Hartford (42-0) – Court 1

3:00-p.m. Treynor (31-6) vs. Western Christian (41-3) – Court 2

4:30-p.m. Council Bluffs/St. Albert (28-10) vs. West Branch (36-4) – Court 1

4:30-p.m. Lake Mills (43-0) vs. Kuemper Catholic (32-5) – Court 2

Class 1-A Quarterfinals – Thu., Nov. 8th

6:00-p.m. Stanton (34-2) vs. Janesville (31-8) – Court 1

6:00-p.m. LeMars Gehlen Catholic (29-5) vs. Tripoli (35-5) – Court 2

7:30-p.m. Grandview Park Baptist (29-6) vs. Grundy Center (33-6) – Court 1

7:30-p.m. Marquette Catholic (29-5) vs. Holy Trinity Catholic (43-4) – Court 2

Regional High School Volleyball Scores from Wed., Oct. 31 2012


November 1st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Class 1-A Regional Finals

  • (3-2) Stanton 20-25-23-25-15, Ar-We-Va 25-13-25-15-6
  • (3-0) Grundy Center 25-25-25, Guthrie Center 14-5-11
  • (3-1) LeMars Gehlen Catholic 23-25-25-25, George-Little Rock 25-15-17-20
  • (3-2) Grandview Park Baptist 25-13-16-25-15, East Union 18-25-25-19-6
  • (3-0) Janesville 25-25-25, West Bend-Mallard 20-14-11
  • (3-0) Tripoli 25-25-25, Lisbon 20-11-19
  • (3-1) Bellevue Marquette Catholic 19-25-25-25, Belle Plaine 25-15-18-22
  • (3-0) Holy Trinity Catholic 25-25-25, Winfield-Mt. Union 11-16-15

Class 2-A Regional Finals

  • (3-1) Council Bluffs St. Albert 14-25-25-25, Hinton 25-23-22-13
  • (3-1) Treynor 25-25-20-25, Des Moines Christian 21-23-25-13
  • (3-0) Kuemper Catholic 25-25-25, Woodward-Granger 12-16-22
  • (3-0) Western Christian 25-25-25, Ridge View 10-12-8
  • (3-1) Sumner-Fredericksburg 25-28-25-25, Edgewood-Colesburg 15-20-19-18
  • (3-0) Dike-New Hartford 25-25-25, Eddyville-Blakesburg 21-9-10
  • (3-0) West Branch 25-25-25, Durant 12-16-17
  • (3-2) Lake Mills 21-25-25-17-15, Aplington-Parkersburg 25-20-16-25-9


Chargers try to avoid another prime-time flop


October 31st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

SAN DIEGO (AP) — At the last minute, a group of corporate sponsors stepped up to bail out the struggling San Diego Chargers and make sure that Thursday night’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs will be televised in Southern California. Depending on the outcome, they might regret guaranteeing to cover a whopping 10,000 tickets that remained unsold 72 hours before kickoff.

Already prime-time flops twice this year, the Chargers (3-4) will try to get it right against the staggering Chiefs (1-6), arguably the NFL’s worst team. Although the Chiefs have the same record as Jacksonville and Carolina, their issues run deeper than that. Playing under the lights might merely illuminate what’s wrong with these AFC West rivals, who play in the NFL’s weakest division.

8AM Sportscast 10-31-2012

Podcasts, Sports

October 31st, 2012 by Chris Parks

w/ Jim Field

Regional High School Volleyball Scores


October 31st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Class 3-A Regional Finals

  • (3-0) Red Oak 25-25-26, ADM 21-23-24
  • (3-0) Sioux Center 25-25-25, East Sac 19-23-15
  • (3-0) MOC-FV 25-25-25, Algona 14-11-11
  • (3-0) Mount Vernon 25-25-25, West Liberty 20-14-23
  • (3-0) Davenport Assumption 25-25-25, Cascade 18-22-13
  • (3-0) Union 25-25-25, Osage 21-18-17
  • (3-0) Mediapolis 25-25-25, Davis County 21-15-14
  • (3-1) Iowa Falls 19-25-25-25, Bondurant-Farrar 25-17-21-17

Class 4-A Regional Finals

  • (3-0) Harlan 25-25-25, Dallas Center-Grimes 9-14-15
  • (3-1) Bishop Heelan 20-25-25-25, Lewis Central 25-16-15-22
  • (3-2) West Delaware 27-19-25-25-15, Dubuque Wahlert 29-25-14-22-8
  • (3-2) North Scott 22-25-27-25-15, Maquoketa 25-23-29-23-12
  • (3-0) Waverly-Shell Rock 25-25-25, Grinnell 10-19-12
  • (3-0) Charles City 25-25-25, LeMars 17-21-16
  • (3-1) Solon 25-23-25-25, Oskaloosa 11-25-11-18
  • (3-0) Cedar Rapids Xavier 25-25-25, Fairfield 21-13-15

Class 5-A Regional Finals

  • (3-0) Ankeny 25-25-25, CB Abraham Lincoln 19-19-19
  • (3-2) Bettendorf 25-25-23-22-15, Clinton 20-18-25-25-11
  • (3-0) Urbandale 25-25-25, Sioux City North 14-11-19
  • (3-0) Iowa City High 25-25-25, Burlington 13-13-20
  • (3-1) Johnston 25-17-25-25, Cedar Falls 22-25-22-21
  • (3-1) Dubuque Hempstead 22-25-25-25, Cedar Rapids Kennedy 25-21-16-25
  • (3-2) Pleasant Valley 21-19-25-25-15, Cedar Rapids Washington 25-25-12-19-13
  • (3-2) Dowling Catholic 23-28-25-16-15, Southeast Polk 25-26-15-25-11


Wednesday’s Schedule: (7:00 p.m.)

Class 1-A Regional Finals

  • At Atlantic:  Ar-We-Va vs. Stanton
  • At Nevada:  Guthrie Center vs. Grundy Center
  • At Sioux Center: LeMars Gehlen Catholic vs. George-Little Rock
  • At Eagle Grove: Janesville vs. West Bend-Mallard
  • At Manchester:  Lisbon vs. Tripoli
  • At Marion:  Bellevue Marquette Marquette Catholic vs. Belle Plaine
  • At Mount Pleasant:  Winfield-Mount Union vs. Holy Trinity Catholic
  • At Truro:  East Union vs. Grandview Park Baptist

Class 2-A Regional Finals

  • At Denison: Hinton vs. St. Albert
  • At Greenfield: Treynor vs. Des Moines Christian
  • At Ogden: Kuemper Catholic vs. Woodward-Granger
  • At Orange City: Ridge View vs. Western Christian
  • At Arlington:  Sumner-Fredericksburg vs. Edgewood-Colesburg
  • At Grinnell:  Dike-New Hartford vs. Eddyville-Blakesburg
  • At Iowa City Regina:  Durant vs. West Branch
  • At Mason City:  Aplington-Parkersburg vs. Lake Mills

DNR asks hunters, public to help identify poachers

Ag/Outdoor, News, Sports

October 31st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Thousands of hunters are moving through the fields and woods of Iowa now with several hunting and trapping seasons underway. The coordinator of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources “Turn in Poachers” or TIP hotline, Steve Dermand, is asking hunters to help ensure all the activity is legal. Dermand says those who are not hunting can also help out by reporting activity or people who don’t seem right. “A landowner who comes across a big deer carcass lying in his field with the head removed, you know wondering about a buck that was probably poached there on his property. We encourage people who see things, who see other individuals who are doing things that are maybe contrary to the law,” Dermand says. You can call the TIP at 1-800-532-2020 and anonymously report what you saw.

He also encourages hunters and those who fish to be ready to warn the D-N-R of people they see breaking the law. “Have the cellphone number of your conservation officer programmed in your cellphone so that you can hit it quickly on a speeddial, and when you come across that (illegal activity) it’ll be something that you can report immediately,” Dermand says. “The one thing we’ve learned over time in this business as far as fish and wildlife poaching goes — the long you wait — the less likely we are to make a case.” He says it’s important to write down information like a description of the person involved, the license plate number and color and make of a vehicle, and the area where the crime happened. That way you won’t forget it later and the investigators won’t be left without key information.

“It just seems like evidence will disappear, or it gets cold and you are not able to find the things you need to find in order to make a case,” Dermand says. You may not think it’s a big deal if someone shoots an extra deer illegally, but he says helping stop poachers protects the rights of those who legally hunt and fish and even those who just like to enjoy nature. “The big deal about the fish and wildlife and deer included is that they are our Iowa natural resources, they are the things that are out there in the field that belong to all of us. Every citizen, every individual in this state,” Dermand explained. “And we should be proud of that. We should be proud of the resources that we have available to us, for viewing, for harvest by legal means, and just enjoyment.”

The TIP number is a 24 automated system. You can also report poaching online at: www.iowadnr.gov/tip, and it will send a report directly to the local officer. In cases where officers investigate and write a ticket, the individual who reported the violations can be eligible for a reward.

(Radio Iowa)

Iowa struggling on offense and defense


October 30th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa’s offense has been dreadful all season — and now the Hawkeyes are slipping on defense. Iowa (4-4, 2-2 Big Ten) has allowed 66 points in the past two weeks in losing decisively to Penn State and Northwestern. Though the Hawkeyes only need to split their last four games, it certainly feels as though the combination of a poor offense and a leaky defense has left them in serious trouble. Iowa travels this week to face Indiana (3-5, 1-3). Coach Kirk Ferentz says the defense needs to trust each other more and play better as a team.

Iowa RB Mark Weisman like out with leg injury


October 30th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa running back Mark Weisman will likely miss Saturday’s game at Indiana with a leg injury. Weisman, the leading rusher for Iowa (4-4, 2-2 Big Ten) with 661 yards, hurt his leg during last week’s 28-17 loss at Northwestern. Weisman rushed for over 100 yards in four straight games this season, but he has been hobbled since spraining his ankle in a 19-16 win at Michigan State on Oct. 13. Last week, Weisman had just 21 yards on nine carries. Damon Bullock, who opened the season as the starting running back, had 107 yards rushing in the loss to the Wildcats. Bullock is listed as the starting running back against the Hoosiers (3-5, 1-3).