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6 arrests in Mills County


April 27th, 2015 by Ric Hanson

The Mills County Sheriff’s Office reports six people have been arrested on separate charges.

Four arrests took place on Saturday: 27-year old Myles Dustin Longcar, of Malvern, was arrested at around 12:40-a.m., for Disorderly Conduct. Longcor was being held in the Mills County Jail on $300 bond; 33-year old Manuel David Fonseca, of Orlando, Fl, was arrested at around 5:30-a.m. Saturday, for OWI/1st offense. His bond was also set at $1,000; At around 1:20-p.m. Saturday, Mills County deputies arrested 39-year old Gabriel Aaron Dabney, of Pacific Junction, for Public Intoxication and Interference with Official Acts. His bond was set at $600. And, at around 7-p.m. Saturday, 36-year old Dayton Ernest Tuper, of Malvern, was arrested for Domestic Abuse Assault. He was being held without bond, in the Mills County Jail.

On Friday, Mills County deputies arrested 55-year old Timothy Paul Eckley, of Pacific Junction, at around 2-a.m., for OWI/1st offense. His bond was set at $1,000. And on Thursday, 31-year old Herman Clarence Lewis, of Glenwood, was arrested at around 10:40-a.m. on a warrant for Conspiracy to Commit a Non-Forcible Felony, and Conspiracy to Commit a Non-Forcible Felony. Lewis was being held in the Mills County Jail on $5,000 bond.

(12-p.m. News)

Atlantic’s Personnel & Finance Committee to discuss purchase incentives for Whitney Inn


April 27th, 2015 by Ric Hanson

The City of Atlantic’s Personnel and Finance Committee will meet Tuesday evening at City Hall, to discuss incentive options the City may offer to parties interested in acquiring the Whitney Inn at 222 Chestnut Street. According to real estate information, the property lists for $329,900.

The former Whitney Inn/Main Street Grill

The former Whitney Inn/Main Street Grill

The three-story, 84-year old, historic Victorian-era former Boss Hotel & Main Street Grill,  features nine completed apartments that serve as Inn rooms and monthly rentals on the second and third floors. There is also a large well-equipped kitchen and  dining area with a seating capacity of 225 on the main floor.

In other business, the Personnel & Finance Committee will discuss the job description for a Communications Director, review a TIF application from Boose Building Construction, L.C., for the Ash Street single-family housing development project. The Committee will also review a proposed Resolution on City cash reserves, debt use and limit.

The meeting begins at 5:30-p.m.

Glenwood P-D report, 4/27/15


April 27th, 2015 by Ric Hanson

The Glenwood Police Department reports two people were arrested Saturday. 18-year old Gage Roenfeld, of Glenwood, was arrested for Possession of Marijuana. His bond was set at $1000. And, 42-year old Ray Knipe, of Glenwood, was arrested for Trespass and Interference with official acts. His bond was set at $600.

Accident in Atlantic causes $25k damage


April 27th, 2015 by Ric Hanson

An accident in Atlantic Friday morning caused a total of $25,000 damage to vehicles driven by Jessica Trailer, of Brayton, and Sandra Tye, of Griswold. According to the Atlantic Police Department, Trailer was traveling south on Maple Street at around 11:25-a.m., and stopped at the intersection with 3rd Street. She continued south across 3rd, and was struck by Tye’s eastbound vehicle.

No injuries were reported. Police gave Trailer  a warning for Failure to Yield from a Stop Sign.

Fremont County Sheriff’s report (4/27/15)


April 27th, 2015 by Ric Hanson

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office released a report today (Monday), on their most recent arrests. Officials say on April 18th, 19-year old Austin William Switzer, of Tabor, was arrested for Possession of Alcohol under the legal age. On April 16th, 32-year old Hope Marie Bailey, of Sidney, was arrested on a warrant out of Missouri.

On April 15th, 22-year old Kyle Lee Lang, of Riverton, was arrested for Driving While Suspended. On April 12th, 26-year old Ashley Victoria Bartholomew, of Hamburg, was arrested for Theft in the 5th degree. And, on April 11th, 41-year old Denise Lynn Esquivel, of Clarinda, was arrested for Having no insurance, driving while revoked, and unlawful use of a driver’s license.

Atlantic FFA Attends 87th Annual Iowa FFA Leadership Conference

Ag/Outdoor, News

April 27th, 2015 by Jim Field

by:  Cale Pellett
Atlantic FFA Reporter

On April 19, 2015, 16 members of the Atlantic FFA along with advisor Eric Miller and chaperone Danna Saeugling left Atlantic High School to attend the 87th Annual Iowa FFA Leadership Conference. This event was held in Ames, Iowa at both Hilton Coliseum and the Scheman Building on Iowa State University’s campus from the 19th-21st.

The first activity the Atlantic Chapter took part in was the Meals from the Heartland program. FFA members assembled and packed meals to be sent to less fortunate countries around the world. Meals from the Heartland is an organization that packages several thousand meals for people in countries where food is scarce. With this year’s addition of packing food, the Iowa FFA has successfully made over one million meals over the past four years as this was the 4th year in a row Iowa FFA has packed over 250,000 meals.

Over Monday (20th) and Tuesday (21st), all 18 people that left for Ames were very busy. The first Career Development Event (CDE) was Creed Speaking; this was done by freshman, Cale Pellett, who placed 6th at the contest out of 18 contestants. At the same time, Clayton Saeugling participated in the an Auditing Committee Meeting and Adam Freund worked with other FFA members from Iowa at Program Of Activities Committee Meeting. Nate Moen and Lexi Freund represented Atlantic FFA at delegate meeting. FFA chapter delegates such as these two are the members that decide the state officers that will be installed at the fourth general session.

Also on Monday, the conference featured the first of four general sessions. Over the four sessions, several terms of business arose. During each of the sessions, two, or sometimes three officers will give their retiring speech. Another feature of these sessions included the speeches given by high upheld members of the agriculture society: this includes Governor Terry Branstad, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, and many other guest speakers such as Dr. Will Keim.

During the conference, there were two tests taken: the Greenhand Test and the Farm Business Management Test. Freshmen Josh Rossell and Emily Saeugling both took the Greenhand Test and earned a silver. This test consists of basic to hard questions about the FFA organization in general. It tests the new member’s abilities to know the history and current information about the FFA. Morgan Barkley, Sam Barkley, Clint Hansen, and Marshal McDermott took the Farm Business Management Test and earned a Bronze. The FBM is a test that analyzes agriculture, farm, and ranch business management information. It applies these economic principles to the decision-making process. It also evaluates agriculture business, and farm business management decisions, as well as the testing of the members ability to work together cooperatively as a group.

Throughout the conference, several members took part in personal tours of different parts of the Iowa State University campus. These were given by Mr. Miller and Mrs. Saeugling and ranged from the general campus to the 450 Farm to the ISU Dairy Farm.

At the fourth and final general session, three members from Atlantic were a major part of in the session. First, freshman Miranda Chipman played percussion instruments in the Iowa FFA band shortly after the introduction. And as convention came to a close at the end of the session, seniors Adam Freund and Savannah Sorensen walked across the stage to receive their Iowa FFA degrees. In order to receive this prestigious awards, FFA members must complete all of the following: be an FFA member for two years, complete two years of high school, invested at least $1,000 in their SAE or 300 hours in excess to class time work or a combo of the two. Recipients must have committed 25 years to community service, performed 10 procedures of parliamentary procedure, given a six-minute speech relating to agriculture, served as an officer or other satisfactory position held by chapter, and had a strong enough school record, as deemed by their superintendent or principal.

From this great experience, Atlantic FFA members gained great knowledge and a better understanding of the FFA organization. Whether this was from the free tours given by people from our community or the very interesting sessions given by one of the greatest organizations ever created: the Future Farmers of America.

Chapter Delegates

Chapter Delegates: Lexi Freund and Nate Moen

Chapter Display

Chapter Display: Emily McDermott, Alexis Boes, Carly Westphalen

Farm Business Managment Team

Farm Business Management Team: Morgan Barkley, Marshal McDermott, Sam Barkley, Clint Hansen

FFA Creed Cale

FFA Creed: Cale Pellett

Greenhand Test

Greenhand Test: Emily Saeugling and Josh Rossell

Meals from the heartland

Meals from the Heartland

State Convention Group 15

State Convention Group: Left to Right Back Row Miranda Chipman, Josh Rossell, Cale Pellett, Nate Moen, Marshal McDermott, Clint Hansen, Sam Barkley, Clayton Saeugling, Adam Freund Left to Right Front Row Carly Westphalen, Morgan Barkley, Emily McDermott, Lexi Freund, Alexis Boes, Emily Saeugling



Missing Iowan in Nepal reports in, unhurt in quake & headed home


April 27th, 2015 by Ric Hanson

The northeast Iowan who was missing following the weekend earthquake in Nepal is alive and well after communicating with his family. New Albin native Cole Donahue says he was about 45 minutes away from the Mount Everest base camp when the earthquake hit that caused a massive avalanche. The 30-year-old Donahue says he and six other people were buried in the snow but managed to dig out quickly with no injuries.

It was a two-day hike to find a town with communication equipment that worked. Donahue plans to be home by the weekend. The death toll from the quake is over 37-hundred, with more than six-thousand injured.

(Radio Iowa)

(Podcast) 8-a.m. KJAN News, 4/27/2015

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April 27th, 2015 by Ric Hanson

with Ric Hanson.


Ready to start your garden? Not yet. Patience!

Ag/Outdoor, News

April 27th, 2015 by Ric Hanson

Iowa’s seen a lot of unseasonably cold weather and freezes in the past week, so green thumbers who are itching to get into their gardens will have to wait a bit longer. Before digging up the dirt this spring to prepare for planting, gardening expert John Fesh says to do some homework first. He suggests making sure the soil is suitable for what you intend to plant.

“Carrots and beets and horseradish, those types of plants really depend on root expansion to be successful,” Fesh says. “Plants like potatoes, you’re not going to be very happy with the results if you have a real rock-hard-type of soil. You’re just not going to get any tuber development.” Especially in Iowa, where the weather can make drastic changes quickly, Fesh says it’s important to check the forecast before doing any planting. Otherwise, you may have to do some replanting later. Now may be a good time to test the soil to see if it’s suitable for what you want to plant. He says “trench” planting may be a good option in some areas.

“You can make a deep furrow or even use a long gutter you had once used for your house,” Fesh says. “You can fill that with a loose, easy, mellow soil with a mixture of compost and sand so that the roots can get out and develop.” Fesh, an extension educator, says that won’t work for every crop but it gives you an idea on how the root system needs room to spread out. Ideally, he says we need to see soil temperatures in the mid-50s before digging up the garden to start the process, and that likely won’t come until mid-May.

(Radio Iowa)

Creston man arrested on DOC warrant


April 27th, 2015 by Ric Hanson

A Union County man wanted on an Iowa Dept. of Corrections warrant for Parole Violation, was arrested Friday afternoon, in Creston. 51-year old Timothy Charles Fechter, of Creston, was taken into custody at the Union County Law Enforcement Center and held without a bond being set.