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General election preview – Part 1


November 7th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Voters in the listening area will be heading to their polling places to cast ballots in the General election, Tuesday, November 8th. In most areas, the polls open at Noon and close at 8-p.m. However, in Cass County, the polls will open at different times, depending on where you live. Atlantic polling centers for Wards 1, 4 and 5 will open at Noon and close at 8-p.m., but the polling centers for Atlantic Ward 2/Grove 2 Township and Ward 3, will open at 7-a.m. and close at 9-p.m., because a Special County Election for Supervisor District 2 is being conducted at those two voting centers, along with the regular City election. All other precincts in the County will open at Noon and close at 8-p.m. A list of the polling places in Cass County is available on our website at www.kjan.com. Click on the “Daily Diary” page and scroll down.

Cass County Auditor Dale Sunderman says there is no candidate for the 4-year Mayoral term in Anita, and three persons running for two, four-year seats on the City Council. They include Jeff Bohnsack, Thomas Harris and Angel Lea McCollough. In Cumberland, Nancy Virginia Couglin is the lone candidate for Mayor, and Sandra Armstrong is a candidate for one of two seats on the City Council. There is no candidate for the other seat.

In Griswold, Victoria Jones is in the running for Mayor, and there are just two candidates for three open seats on the City Council. That includes Lisa Cook and Larry Mundorf. The residents of Griswold will also vote on whether or not to approve the establishment of a Capital Improvements Reserve Fund, which would mean the levying of taxes of up to 67.5-cents per thousand dollars of taxable valuation per year, for a maximum of 20-years, beginning with the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2013. The levy would be used to fund flood mitigation efforts, procedures and strategies in the City of Griswold.

In Lewis, Don Cohrs is running for Mayor. Three people, including incumbent Duane Scott Anderson, Sarah Cohrs, and Bethany Nichols, are running for the three, four-year seats on the City Council. In Marne, incumbent Mayor Randy Baxter is running unopposed for re-election, while six people are running for five open seats on the Council. They include incumbents James Hoffman, Lanny Kite, Dennis Preister and Angela Redler, along with challengers Alan Cranston and Randy Henningsen. In Massena, no candidate has filed to run for Mayor, and three persons have filed for the three seats on the Council, including incumbent Linda Reineke, and newcomers Adam McCunn, along with Gloria Waters. In Wiota, Kathryn Havens is the lone candidate for Mayor, while Erik Johnson, Jon Schwarte, Ray Zellmer and incumbent Lamar Spies are in the running for two seats on the City Council.

In Atlantic, there are two seats open on the City Council because Kern Miller and Pat Simmons opted not to run for re-election. Ashley K. Hayes is unopposed for the 3rd Ward Council seat, and Chris Jimmerson in unopposed for the 1st Ward seat. Atlantic 4th Ward Councilperson Linda Hartkopf and At Large Councilman Dana Halder, are both running for re-election, and are also unopposed. Two women are running for seats on the City’s Parks and Recreation Board. Incumbent Mary Strong seeks re-election, while Jolene Smith looks to fill a seat being vacated by Board Chair Nancy Frederickson.

Five candidates will appear on the ballot for the Cass County District 2 Board of Supervisors seat – which was created by the death of Supervisor Chuck Kinen. The names include Gaylord Schelling, Don Lappe, Pat McCurdy, Jeff Richter, and Kathy Somers.

2011 General Elections – Part 2


November 7th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

There are some hotly-contested races in this year’s General election. In Adair County: Three people are in the running to become Mayor in Fontanelle, including Lynn E. Eddy, R. Scott Homan, and Gregory S. Jackson. And, 9 people hope to fill three At Large seats on the city council. In Adair, Danny J. Claussen, Kelby Harris and Dennis J. Weigel are running for Mayor, four candidates are running for three At Large seats on the council, and three people are running for two vacancy seats on the council.

In Adams County: Corning incumbent Mayor Guy Brace faces a challenge from Judith Butcher and Janet E. Scheilz-Wood. There are no contested races in Carbon, where one city council position will be filled by a write-in vote. One council position will also be filled by write-in in Nodaway, and the Mayor’s job in Prescott will have to be filled by a write-in vote. Two write-in candidates will fill to At-Large positions on the council in Prescott, as well.

In Montgomery County: five candidates are in the running for the title of Mayor in Red Oak, where Ted Schoonover has opted not to run for re-election. And, three candidates are vying to become Mayor in Villisca. Voters in Red Oak’s three wards and Coburg will cast their ballots at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds’ Gold building.

In Shelby County: There is a three-way race for Mayor in Harlan, where Gary Christiansen has decided against running for re-election after serving in that position since January, 2000. There are also two persons in the race to fill the 4th Ward city council seat being vacated by Rhonda Brown, a 10-year member of the Harlan City Council. In Defiance, 2 incumbents and two challengers are running for city council. In Shelby, seven people are running for three seats on the city council. In Tennant, four people, including two incumbents, are also running for three open seats on the council.

In Guthrie County: three candidates are hoping to become Mayor in Guthrie Center, including incumbent Dennis Kunkle. There are also four people, including two incumbents running for three seats on the city council. In Adair, three candidates are vying to become Mayor. Five people are in the running for three At-Large seats on the city council, with three other candidates squaring-off for two vacancy positions on the council. In Bagley, five people are on the ballot for three council seats. Two are hoping to fill a vacancy term, while other three hope to fill two, four-year council positions. In Jamaica, four persons are on the ballot for two seats on the city council, and incumbent Mayor Hal Meinecke is being challenged by Jayanna Corbin. In Stuart, there are three candidates on the ballot for two council seats, including two incumbents. And, in Yale, there are four persons vying for two seats on the city council, including two incumbents.

There are no contested races in Audubon County.  In Pottawattamie County:  James Maassen is running unopposed for Mayor in Avoca, with incumbent Scott Pigsley not seeking another term. Incumbent Fred Miller and newcomers Marcella Deschamp, Jeff Gubbels, Sandy Petersen and Deanna Scroggie are vying for two City Council seats.

William Heitert and Eric Weuve face off for mayor in Carson, the winner replacing Lyndon Taylor, who’s not running. Five candidates — Richelle Alff, Victor Ayers, Troy Graves, Callie Kallsen and Clifford Pracht — will battle for two council seats.

The Hancock mayoral race features three candidates: incumbent Wayne Bivens and newcomers Jeff Gress and John Hayes. Newcomers Darwin Brockman and Herb Handel join incumbents Cyndi Guyer and James Kock in a race for three council seats.

Underwood Mayor Dennis Bardsley faces newcomer Robert Achenbach, while incumbents Robert Dose and Todd Erwin, along with newcomer Rhonda Johnson, are candidates for three council seats.

Richard Armstrong and O. Dean Olson are candidates for mayor in Minden. Patrick McFadden and Kevin Zimmerman are running unopposed for two council seats. John Wellman is running unopposed to fill the seat vacated by Brian Lund, who resigned.

Macedonia Mayor Terry Pullen runs unopposed, while Mitchell Easton, Terry Franks, Daniel Lajko, Bradley Swope and Donald Tye are candidates for three council seats.

Incumbent Lon Ring faces Jason Zaborowski for Neola mayor, while incumbents John Herbert Brich, Joe Munch and Aaron Wellman, as well as newcomer Pete Sorenson vie for three council seats.

In Oakland, Betsy Moniz is the only candidate for two available council seats. Debbie Rollins and Joe Wede are not seeking re-election.

Walnut Mayor Gene Larsen is running unopposed. Newcomer Marye Bierbaum and incumbent Kathleen Humann are running unopposed for two council seats. Tony Zimmerman is not seeking re-election.

In Treynor, Bryce Poland is running unopposed to replace Mayor Charles Killion, who isn’t running. Incumbent Allen Hadfield is the only candidate on the ballot for two council seats.

King likens Gingrich/Cain debate to a prize fight


November 7th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Republican Congressman Steve King says the weekend debate he moderated between Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain was a bit like a prize fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frasier.  “I expected that and it unfolded that way,” King says. “Newt — he’s got all the policy, all the moves — floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. He didn’t really sting anybody. He was very congenial though and I thought…’That’s real good Newt, but you’d better watch out for Herman’s right hook,’ and it was kind of how it went.” The 90-minute forum was held in Houston, Texas, and King says it wasn’t a confrontation between the two men, but a discussion in which the two men aggressively laid out their ideas. 

“Newt used up more airtime than Herman did,” King says. “But when Herman used his airtime, he landed good blows.” King let Cain ask the last question of the night. “He asked Newt what he’d like his first directive to be if he were vice president,” King says, laughing. Gingrich joked that he would not go hunting, a reference to the 2006 accident when then-Vice President Dick Cheney shot a hunting companion in the face. Cain has indicated Gingrich would be one of his top choices for a running mate. Saturday night’s event was a fundraiser for the Texas Patriots Political Action Committee.

(Radio Iowa)

Drivers beware – deer are on the move in Iowa


November 6th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – Deer are in the spotlight – or headlights – in Iowa. The state has already recorded the highest rate of vehicle-deer collisions for November. Joe Wilkinson of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says there are three main reasons. It’s the rutting season. The harvest is almost done and deer have lost a primary hiding spot in corn fields. Daylight hours are growing shorter, which means dawn and dusk, when deer are most active, closely coincide when people are heading to and from work. The deer road kill count in Iowa in 2010 was about 10,000. Wilkinson says nearly a fourth of the dead deer along rural highways and interstates were counted in November. The rest was counted over the 11 other months.

Additional details released on Sunday chase & arrests


November 6th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

In an update to a story we first posted on kjan.com this morning, two people have been arrested after a high-speed chase that ended in a Pottawattamie County corn field. The Iowa State Patrol says the pursuit began this (Sunday) morning on Interstate 29 near Glenwood, when the pair drove off without paying for gas. Speeds topped 100 miles an hour. The suspects, a man and a woman, crashed the pickup a corn field near 272nd and Juniper Streets, between McClelland and Underwood.  Authorities used k-9 units and an airplane to conduct a search of the area. The suspects were found hiding in a ravine, and surrendered without incident at 10:17-a.m..  

The patrol says the vehicle they were in had been stolen from South Carolina, where it was involved in a police chase on Tuesday. The unidentified suspects were booked into the county jail on charges and numerous outstanding warrants spanning several states.

Chase and search ends in 2 arrests


November 6th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Two suspects who led authorities on a chase and manhunt this morning in Pottawattamie County are in custody. Pottawattamie County Sheriff Jeff Danker says the chase began with a gas drive-off in Mills County. The vehicle, a pickup truck, was reported stolen out of North Carolina, according to Danker. It crashed into a field near 272nd and Juniper. The male and female suspects ran from the vehicle and were apprehended by troopers with the Iowa State Patrol, and after the couple was found hiding in a ravine, at 10:17-a.m. They were arrested without incident. These may be the same people who robbed a convenience store in Harlan last week. Sheriff’s deputies, k-9 units and the Iowa State Patrol were all involved in the search.

CAM School Board to hold work session Monday


November 6th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The CAM Community School District’s Board of Education will hold a work session Monday, at the high school, in Anita. On the agenda for the 7:30-p.m. session, is long-term planning for the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL), School Infrastructure Local Option (SILO) tax, and Public Eduction and Recreation Levy (PERL), or “Playground Levy,”which is used to establish and maintain public recreation places and playgrounds in the public school buildings and grounds of the district.

The Board will also discuss a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Resolution, and a contract.

Sentencing set to take place Mon. for woman charged in fatal SW IA crash


November 6th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

A 19-year old will be sentenced Monday afternoon in connection with a November 2010 crash that claimed the lives of two Cumberland boys and severely injured their mother. Karli Jo Brown, of Essex, pled guilty in September, 2011, to motor vehicle homicide/reckless driving in the crash that killed 5-year old Maliki and 4-year old Alex Todd. The boys died at the scene of the crash, while their mother Nina McNeese, and Brown, were injured and flown to an Omaha hospital.

The accident happened at around 5:40-p.m. November 28th, 2010, on Highway 48, as Brown passed two vehicles on a hill, and hit McNeese’ vehicle head-on. Court documents said Brown was driving 74 mph in a 55 mph zone and texting her boyfriend on a cell phone at the time of the crash.

Brown faces up to 10 years in prison on each of two counts of motor vehicle homicide when she appears in court at 1:30-p.m. Monday. In return for her guilty plea, prosecutors dropped a charge of causing serious injury by motor vehicle.

Another convenience store robbed in Council Bluffs


November 6th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Police in Council Bluffs are investigating yet another convenience store robbery. Officials say at around 9:30-p.m., Saturday, a clerk at the Kwik Shop located at 1602 Avenue G, reported an unknown male subject walked up to the counter, pointed a handgun and demanded money from the cash register. He grabbed about $60 before running out of the store.

The suspect was described as being white, about 20-to 30-years old, 5-feet 11-inches tall, and weighing about 175-to 190-pounds. He wore a dark ball cap, dark coat and dark pants. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the Council Bluffs Police Department at 712-326-4765.

Three other convenience store robberies remain under investigation in Council Bluffs. Those events occurred September 30th at a Kwik Shop, October 30th at a Kum and Go, and November 3rd at a Kum-and-Go, all in Council Bluffs.

Adams County accident shuts down Hwy 34 for about an hour


November 5th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Department of Transportation reports Highway 34 was closed for nearly an hour this (Saturday) afternoon, due to an accident in Adams County. Details about the crash are currently not available, but officials said both lanes of travel on Highway 34 were closed two-miles west of Corning due to the accident, which occurred at around 3:50-p.m.  Traffic was rerouted while the scene was being investigated and cleared.