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Judge bars company from marketing to Iowans


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa judge has permanently barred a Law Vegas company from marketing to state residents following allegations of false advertising. Polk County District Court Judge Eliza Ovrom issued the injunction Tuesday against Au Naturale Health Solutions. It also requires that the company refund Iowa consumers who request one.

Au Naturale Health Solutions sold health and nutrition products in the state, including marine phytoplankton pills and liquid oxygen drops. The company is accused of making false claims about the health benefits of the phytoplankton pills.

The Iowa Attorney General’s Office says its consumer protection division also recorded phone calls with telemarketers making false claims about its products.

Martens elected President of IGWA


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Officials with Atlantic Municipal Utilities have announced Jon Martens, Director of Water Operations at Atlantic Municipal Utilities (AMU), has been elected President of the Iowa Groundwater Association (IGWA). Martens has been working in the water business since 1981 and has been the Director of Water Operations at AMU since 1992.

The IGWA was originally formed in 1984 in response to increasing cases of groundwater contamination issues in the State of Iowa. Groundwater contamination can pose a threat to pollute public and private water supplies. The Association is made up of a diverse group of members from throughout the state including geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, educators, attorneys, waterworks personnel, irrigators and other industry representatives all working together to address groundwater concerns.

S.W. IA Mental Health Center to move Oct. 3rd


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

After months of talking, planning and renovating, officials with the Cass County Health System said Tuesday the Southwest Iowa Mental Health Center (SWIMHC), is finally moving to its new location at 1500 E. 10th Street. John Bigelow, SWIMHC Executive Director, says the Center is moving “just across the driveway” from 1408 E. 10th Street. The center has been at its current location since 1969 but has recently outgrown the space, due to an expansion in services and staff.

Dr. Bigelow and Cass County Health System CEO Todd Hudspeth began actively looking for additional space in January 2014. At about the same time, Unity Point at Home, which is currently leasing space from the hospital at 1500 E. 10th St., approached CCHS looking for a way to reduce its lease costs by leasing a smaller space. It was then that the idea of SWIMHC and Unity Point at Home swapping buildings was first identified as an option. Over the past nine months the idea has gradually become reality. Davita Dialysis, currently sharing space with Unity Point at Home at 1500 E. 10th Street, will remain at its current location.

SWIMHC is moving its main office to the new location on October 3, 2014. A satellite office was moved to the new location last week and is operational this week.  Dr. Bieglow says they “Will be able to see patients beginning at 8-AM on October 6th at the new location.”

For a couple of months, SWIMHC and Unity Point at Home will be sharing the building. When renovations at 1408 E. 10th St. are completed, Unity Point at Home will relocate. After final renovations at the new SWIMHC location are completed, Zion Recovery will relocate to 1500 E. 10th St. to share the space with SWIMHC.


*Note: 1500 E. 10th Street is the tan brick building on the right as you come up Hospital Drive from Highway 6. Prior to housing home care and Davita Dialysis, this building was occupied by Atlantic Medical Center. 1408 E. 10th Street is the red brick building just to the south, which has been occupied by Southwest Iowa Mental Health Center since it was built.

(CCHS Press Release)

SWICO offers an opportunity to visit about regional economic development issues with candidates


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Southwest Iowa Coalition (SWICO) say the public is welcome to participate in discussions during SWICO’s annual Legislative Forum. The forum takes place beginning at 5-p.m. on October 16th in Atlantic, at the Atlantic Golf and Country Club. State and federal candidates representing SWICO’s 16 county membership region in southwest Iowa have been invited to attend.

The members of the Southwest Iowa Coalition host an informal legislative forum each year to provide a venue for conversation with legislators about economic development policies that affect the region’s rural residents. The forum will begin with an opportunity for casual conversation over appetizers. Candidates will make individual addresses beginning at 5:30-PM. Following the legislative addresses, the SWICO board will share its Annual Agenda of Legislative Priorities for the upcoming session and moderate question and answers from the audience.

Southwest Iowa Coalition President Lee Weir, who will moderate the legislative session, says, “The
Coalition very much appreciates the willingness of Legislators to visit with us in our own environment because it adds a level of reality to the issues we face in rural Iowa.”

There is no cost but RSVP’s to the office are appreciated for planning purposes with regard to space
and refreshments. Call 712-309-2132 to reserve your place at the forum, or e-mail swico@swico.org.

Counties in SWICO’s membership area include: Adams, Adair, Audubon, Cass, Clarke, Decatur, Pottawattamie, Fremont, Guthrie, Page, Mills, Montgomery, Ringgold, Shelby, Taylor and Union, but anyone interested in these types of events is encouraged to attend. More information about the Coalition can be viewed at www.swico.org.

Senate Oversight panel approves 18 recommendations


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Senate Government Oversight Committee has voted to pass 18 recommendations to the Iowa Legislature for consideration next year including a ban on secret settlement agreements and expanded whistleblower protection.

The committee of three Democrats and two Republicans voted 3-2 on party lines Tuesday to accept the committee’s findings and recommendations. The committee has met for six months, calling dozens of state workers and administrators to testify. The committee looked into alleged improper hiring practices, the exertion of political influence over judges hearing unemployment cases and several other issues raised by workers.

Chairwoman Janet Petersen, a Des Moines Democrat, says enacting the recommendations would clean up state government. Republican committee member Julian Garrett says the recommendations are campaign gimmicks meant to discredit Republican Gov. Terry Branstad who is seeking re-election.

3 suffer possible injuries during rollover accident in Cass Co.


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office says three people were transported by private vehicle to the hospital in Atlantic, following a rollover accident late Sunday morning. Authorities say deputies responded at around 11:25-a.m. to a report of a one-vehicle accident on 690th Street and Hamburg Road.

An investigation determined a 2002 Chevy Tahoe owned and driven by 31-year old Amanda Joy Graham, of Marne, was northbound on 690th Street when Graham swerved to avoid a vehicle slowing to make a turn. Her actions caused the SUV to roll onto its passenger side.

Graham and two passengers were transported to the hospital to be checked for possible injuries. Damage to the Tahoe is estimated at $10,000. Graham was cited for Failure to Maintain Control.

AG’s office says Templeton Rye lawsuit can proceed


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – The Iowa attorney general’s office says a lawsuit alleging whiskey maker Templeton Rye misled consumers can proceed. The Des Moines Register reports a state law requires the Iowa attorney general’s office to evaluate the lawsuit and determine if the claims have validity to move forward in court.

The proposed class-action lawsuit was filed in Illinois by a Chicago law firm on behalf of consumers in the country who have purchased a Templeton Rye bottle. It claims the company broke consumer protection laws and misled drinkers about where the whiskey is made.  The newspaper reports a second Chicago law firm plans to file a class-action lawsuit.

Keith Kerkhoff, co-owner of Templeton Rye, says the company’s lawyers will respond to the lawsuits in court.

Congressman King supports U-S giving equipment to help fight ISIS


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

As U-S led coalition forces continue air strikes targeting Islamic State Group positions, some wonder if troops will eventually be needed on the ground to finish the job against the radical forces. Congressman Steve King, a Republican from Kyron, isn’t advocating for troops, but he also doesn’t think the Iraqi Army is capable of eliminating the threat of ISIS. “The army fell apart and they ran away from the weapons that we gave them and the equipment that we gave them. And I don’t have faith that they can be put back together — not without a lot of Americans to stand shoulder to shoulder with them,” King says.

He says he’s not advocating sending in thousands of troops but says we know that if we send in equipment the Kurds will fight. King says the Kurdish people want their own state as opposed to a unified Iraq. “I am happy accepting a Kurdistan that would defend itself in that region. I think that would be a good thing for the United States, they would be an ally of ours. They’d be a counterbalance in that part of the world and they not let ISIS invade any further into the Kurdish region,” King says. “But they would not go to Damascus and they would not go to Baghdad, and I don’t think they should.”

King says it will likely take more than arming the Kurdish people to bring an end to ISIS though. He says air strikes are helping to slow down ISIS, but they aren’t enough either. “I don’t think its enough, it’s surely not shock and awe and it’s not rolling thunder, it’s pin pricks — strategic ones, though they seem to be strategic. So, it’s a start and they send a message,” King says. “If it can slow down the funding that’s coming into the ISIS war machine, that will be helpful.” King says the military intervention is buying time and he hopes to see a better plan by America and its allies to defeat the insurgents.

(Radio Iowa)

Men from Omaha & Des Moines arrested on drug charges in Cass County


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office reports two Nebraska man were arrested last Friday on drug and other charges, following a traffic stop. 33-year old Tyson Hubbard, of Omaha, was taken into custody on a charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance. The driver of the vehicle, 26-year-old Bradley Levi Petermann, also from Omaha, was charged with OWI 1st Offense and Driving Under Suspension. Both were taken to the Cass County Jail and released later that day on their own recognizances.

Also last Friday, deputies in Cass County arrested 28-year old Tyler Dean Gage, of Des Moines, on two District Court Warrants for Failure to Appear. Upon his arrest, Gage allegedly attempted to smuggle a controlled substance into the jail and was subsequently charged with Possessing Contraband in a Jail. Gage was being held at the Cass County Jail on $15,000 bond.

Sioux City wants to recruit vets to fill jobs


September 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) – Leaders in Sioux City are encouraging businesses to hire veterans so it can become the first city to gain a Home Base Iowa designation. Home Base Iowa is a new private-public partnership seeking to make Iowa a job destination for veterans who’ll be relieved from active duty over the next several years. According to the federal defense department, it’s the largest drawdown of active duty forces since World War II.

The Sioux City Journal reports local officials asked employers to sign up for the initiative, making an appeal Monday at the Chamber’s annual dinner. At least 10 percent of businesses in a city, county or region must sign up to get the Home Base Iowa designation. Sioux City’s economic development director says the minimum number is about 175 for Sioux City.