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Atlantic CC set to approve 1st reading of Urban Revitalization Plan


August 5th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council, Wednesday, will hold act on a Resolution establishing an Urban Revitalization Plan for the City, and, the first reading of “An Ordinance designating the 2014 City of Atlantic Urban Revitalization Area.” Both will follow a required public hearing on the Plan. The URP as presented has some significant changes from the last version the Council reviewed.

For instance, the Community Development Committee has recommended a prohibition on granting both Tax Increment Finacing (TIF) benefits and Tax Abatements on project properties, be removed. Two other changes were made after the URP was reviewed by the City’s bond counsel, Bob Jostens. Jostens’ legal opinion was that contrary to SWIPCO’s assertion, the entire City of Atlantic is not blighted, and therefore the newer, non-blighted areas would not qualify for more favorable tax treatment limits (granting tax exemptions on new added value up to $250,000), and that Tax Abatements in the newer area (south of 14th Street) be limited to the first $75,000 in added value.

However, the Community Development Committee minimized the effect of the legal abatement recommended by Jostens, by increasing the Tax Exemption rate schedule from 80% to 100% for the first through 5th years. The variance will be a continuum with abatements steadily increasing for improvements under $125,000 and decreasing as values exceed $250,000. The plan would also significantly increase the abatement amounts on all commercial improvements, regardless of location.

And, whereas the original URP said “Improvements that began after Jan. 1st, 2014 and not completed prior to adoption of the plan may be eligible for abatement,” the Committee will leave it up to the County Assessor, who has indicated she would have to use the Jan. 1, 2014 Assessments (which are based on inspections made in the fall of 2013), as the base. Any increase in valuation due to improvements that was completed at the time of her inspections this fall, may be eligible for a tax abatement. Another option is to set Jan. 1st, 2015, as the base for valuations, which would limit the length of the program to 3 years, as originally intended.

In other business, the Atlantic City Council will act on a recommendation by the Personnel and Finance Committee to issue a loan amounting to $400,000 at an interest rate of 4-percent, to developer Pat McCurdy, who plans to build a 24-unit apartment complex near the existing Walnut Hill Apartment building at 1300 E. 10th Street. The loan would be contingent upon McCurdy’s grant application being approved by the State, in January, 2015.

The Atlantic City Council meeting begins at 5:30-p.m., Wednesday, in their chambers at City Hall.

Atlantic Area Ambassadors Visit Atlantic Collision Center


August 5th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic Collision Center, a local auto body shop, hosted the Atlantic Ambassadors for a ribbon cutting at its new location at 1500 SW 7th Street. ACC owner Pam Towne said “Since we moved locations the overall business and clients has doubled.”

Atlantic Collision Center Staff Pictured: Doug Towne, Pam Towne, Kevin Hemphill Atlantic Area Ambassdors Pictured: Gerald Brink, Nedra Perry, Pat McCurdy, Jim Kickland, Carol Seddon, Dolly Bergmann, Lana Westphalen, Lauren Coder, Tammy Waters, Haley Kickland, Kerry Jepsen, Arlene Drennan, Sue Muri, Tyler Mosier, Chrystal Christensen, Russ Joyce, Mitch Peerbolte, Janet Cappel, Tara Jennerjohn, Karl Aldag, Jolene Roecker.

Atlantic Collision Center Staff Pictured: Doug Towne, Pam Towne, Kevin Hemphill
Atlantic Area Ambassdors Pictured: Gerald Brink, Nedra Perry, Pat McCurdy, Jim Kickland, Carol Seddon, Dolly Bergmann, Lana Westphalen, Lauren Coder, Tammy Waters, Haley Kickland, Kerry Jepsen, Arlene Drennan, Sue Muri, Tyler Mosier, Chrystal Christensen, Russ Joyce, Mitch Peerbolte, Janet Cappel, Tara Jennerjohn, Karl Aldag, Jolene Roecker.

Atlantic Collision Center specializes in automotive and collision repair, car washing and detailing. Doug Towne, owner and mechanic, has 25 years of experience in collision repair. Doug and his wife, Pam Towne, are very excited about the recent expansion and opportunity to grow.

3 arrests reported in Cass County


August 5th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office reports three arrests.On Monday (Aug. 4th), 27-year old Aaron Lee Ihnken,  of Atlantic, was arrested on a Department of Corrections warrant for Parole Violation. Ihnken was also charged with Possession of Methamphetamine, 3rd or Subsequent. He was taken to the Cass County Jail where he remains held without bond. That same day, 51-year old Wayne Richard Bonde, of King City, MO, was arrested on a charge of OWI 2nd Offense. Bonde was taken to the Cass County Jail where he remains held on $2000 and a detainer for Decatur County, Iowa.

And, on July 28th, deputies in Cass County arrested 26-year old Justin Iglesias Cruz, of Bellevue, NE, on a District Court warrant for Probation Violation. Cruz was taken to the Cass County Jail where he was being held on $10,000 bond.

TX Governor Rick Perry to arrive in Treynor next week


August 5th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Pottawattamie County Republican Party are reminding area residents Texas Governor Rick Perry will attend a party fundraiser next Tuesday, Aug. 12th, in Treynor. Doors at the Treynor Community Center (11 W. Main St.)  open at 5-p.m., with a buffet dinner at 5:45.

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)

The cost to attend is $20 per person. For ticket information, contact Pott. County Republican Party Communications Director Mary Jones at 402-968-0822. (Or, e-mail Pottawattamie.gop@gmail.com.)

Glenwood man arrested on burglary/theft charges


August 5th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

The Mills County Sheriff’s Office reports the arrest on August 1st, of a man wanted on warrants for Burglary and Theft in the 2nd degree. 24-year old Kyle Matthew Geurt, of Glenwood, was arrested at the Fremont County Jail and transported to Mills County, where he was being held on $10,000 bond.

And, on Monday, Aug. 4th, 32-year 0ld Travis Michael Alexander, of Malvern, was arrested on a charge of  OWI/2nd offense. Bond was set at $2,000.

2014 Cass County Fair FFA Recap

Ag/Outdoor, News

August 5th, 2014 by Jim Field

By Haley Carlson
Atlantic FFA Reporter

This year Atlantic FFA had a very successful year at the 2014 Cass County Fair. FFA members competed a variety of different livestock categories and other Fair activities. 20 FFA members participate this year. To start the Fair 3 Atlantic FFA members participated in the King & Queen Contest. FFA member Tyler Christensen was crowned Fair King and Mr. Congeniality. FFA member Wyatt Saeugling was crowned Fair Prince. Representing the ladies, Calley Klindt was a finalist for Fair Queen.

On Friday Calley Klindt and Heather Reyna showed at the FFA Rabbit show. Klindt’s 6 Class Junior Doe earned a Purple Ribbon and won the class. Reyna’s 6 Class Junior Buck won its class earning a purple as well. In the 6 Class Senior Buck class Reyna’s rabbits earned a Lavender, Blue, and Red Ribbon. In the 6 Class Senior Doe Reyna’s rabbits earned a Lavender, and 2 Blue Ribbons. In the 4 Class Junior Doe Reyna’s rabbit earn a lavender and Klindt’s earned a blue. In 4 Class Senior Buck Reyna’s rabbit earned a lavender. In the 4 Class Senior Doe Reyna’s rabbit earn a Red ribbon.

This year in the Horse Show FFA member Carly Westphalen won Reserve Champion FFA Showmanship with her horse.Tyler C and Carlie W

On Friday Afternoon 3 teams competed in the FFA Livestock Judging contest. 14 teams from across Southwest Iowa competed this year. Atlantic FFA Team 2 placed 4th overall with a total score of 887 points. Team members included Clayton Saeugling, Adam Freund, Morgan Barkley and Emily Saeugling. Atlantic FFA Team 1 which consisted of team members Wyatt Saeugling, Reid Nichols, Marshal McDermott, and Nate Moen placed 6th overall. Atlantic FFA Team 3, which consisted of FFA members Haley Carlson, Tyler Petter, Lexi Freund, and Cole Jipsen placed 8th. In the Individual Contest Tyler Petty placed 4th and Reid Nichols placed 7th.

To end the day Atlantic FFA members helped with the Mutton Bustin event before the Rodeo. Atlantic FFA member Morgan Barkley said, “The Fair is so much fun, but exhausting. It always goes way too fast.“

On Saturday the Atlantic FFA started the day by working in the FFA Foodstand. FFA members took 2 hour shifts helping to serve Hot Dogs, Nachos, Walking Tacos, and the World Famous FFA Maidrites. “I think the Foodstand had an excellent year and continues to thrive once we build a new one”, said FFA member Haley Carlson. The Foodstand is run by the Atlantic, CAM and Griswold FFA Chapters. All the money made from the foodstand will pay for the trophies and ribbons handed out at the fair as well and saving for a new building. Our county FFA chapters were very fortunate to receive a donation from the Trevor Frederickson Memorial Fund. This fund was established after Trevor lost his life in an apartment fire in 2009.

Haley C and Tyler CAlso on Saturday Tyler Christensen and Heather Reyna showed FFA Lambs. Heather had two lambs in the FFA Black Face Individual Class 1 earning a Purple and a Lavender Ribbon. Tyler’s lamb in class 4 earned a Blue Ribbon. In FFA Black Face breeding Ewes Reyna’s lamb earning Blue Ribbon and in FFA White Face Breeding Ewe class Reyna’s lamb earned a Lavender Ribbon. Reyna also won the Reserve FFA Showmanship award. FFA member Heather Reyna said, “I had a busy Fair. I showed FFA Rabbits, Sheep and Poultry. It was long week, but a lot of fun.”Tyler C and Wyatt S

On Sunday morning the FFA Swine Show was held in the show ring. The Showmanship contest was the first event of the day. Atlantic FFA had 7 member compete this year. Wyatt Saeugling won Champion Showmanship and Emily McDermott was Reserve. In the FFA Pen of Three Market Hog class Clayton Saeugling won Champion and Wyatt Saeugling was the Reserve. Paige Sorensen earned a Purple ribbon, Emily McDermott earned Lavender ribbon, Marshall McDermott earned a Blue ribbon, Kyle Redinbaugh earn a Blue ribbon, with their pens of three. In the FFA Market Barrow class Haley Carlson earned a Lavender and Blue ribbon, Clayton earned a Lavender ribbon, Emily earned a Blue ribbon, Paige earned 2 Blues, Kyle earned 2 Blue ribbons, Marshal earned a Blue ribbon. In the Individual Market Gilt Class, Wyatt Saeugling won Champion and Marshal McDermott was the Reserve. FFA member Wyatt Saeugling said, “I did very well showing my livestock this year. This is my last year and I am going to miss waking up before the sun to work on calves, walk pigs and all of the other little things that go along with it. It has been a life changing experience.”

On Sunday afternoon the FFA Poultry Show was held outside the poultry barn. In the Commercial Egg Pen of Three Heather Reyna was the Champion. In the Individual Large Fowl class Heather won 2 Red ribbons. In the Bantam Class Calley Klindt won Reserve Champion and won a Blue and Red ribbons and Heather won a Blue ribbon. In the Duck Class Calley won a Blue ribbon Heather won Purple. In the FFA Geese Tyler C and Wyatt Sclass Calley was the Champion and Heather was the Reserve Champion. In the FFA Turkey Division Heather won a Purple ribbon. In FFA Pigeon Division Calley Klindt was Champion and Reserve. The final class was FFA Showmanship, the Champion was Calley Klindt.

The Final event for Sunday was the FFA Feeder Calf Show. In the FFA Feeder Heifer Show Mark Jacobsen earned Champion and a Blue ribbon.

Emily MOn Monday the FFA Beef show started the day. In the Market Heifer Division, Emily McDermott earned a Lavender, Marshal McDermott earned a Blue ribbon, Gabrielle Jordahl earned a Blue ribbon. In the FFA Market Steer Show, Haley Carlson earned a Purple ribbon, Wyatt Saeugling earned a Lavender ribbon, Clayton Saeugling earned a Lavender ribbon, Marshal McDermott earned a Blue ribbon, and Mark Jacobsen earned a Lavender and Blue ribbons. Later in the evening Carlson won Champion FFA Market Steer.

The FFA Goat show finished off the livestock portion of the Fair. In the FFA Market Goat Show, Haley Carlson was Champion. Tyler Petty was Reserve Champion and he earned a Blue ribbon. Morgan Barkley earned a Blue ribbon. In the FFA yearling Doe class Haley Carlson and won Champion. In the FFA Showmanship event Haley Carlson won Champion.

Eric Miller, Atlantic FFA Advisor said, “Overall the Fair was a success for all of our FFA members. I think we will have more FFA members participate in the future.” FFA member Lexi Freund said, “I have recently joined FFA and got to participate in working the foodstand and also livestock judging, which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

The Atlantic FFA members would like to thank all who donated trophies for the FFA shows at county fair this year as well.

FFA Sweet Corn For Sale

Ag/Outdoor, News

August 5th, 2014 by Jim Field

By Haley CarlsonFFA Sweet Corn 14
Atlantic FFA Reporter
The Atlantic FFA Chapter is selling Sweet Corn this year at HyVee in Atlantic. The project began with a class discussion on a possible fundraiser and an educational learning opportunity. FFA Seniors Wyatt Saeugling, Tucker Sager, and Steven Wright began the process of gathering information about starting the project. Steven contacted Steve Jorgensen from Farm Service Co-Op about donating the seed. This year we planted Syngenta Sweet Corn. Farm Services Co-Op in Atlantic has been a big supporter of this project from the beginning. FSC donated fertilizer for our Sweet Corn plot. They have also donated a sign for the plot. Lindeman Tractor in Atlantic has also been a strong supporter of this project. This year Lindeman’s donated the use of a planter for our project.

To increase the educational component of this project the 2014-15 FFA Officer team was responsible for making a business presentation to Atlantic HyVee Store Director Amy Jordahl, Produce Manager Brent Magee, Atlantic School Superintendent Dr. Michael Amstein, and High School Principal Heather McKay. Each member had a different section of the presentation to work on. The officers business plan consisted of seed selection, equipment, sales and marketing.

FFA members Marshal McDermott and Clint Hansen broke ground west of the Atlantic Bus Barn in late April. The first round of planting took place at the beginning of May. Two additional plantings took place about 15 days apart. As the summer progressed, members of Atlantic FFA checked the sweet corn and made sure that it was growing properly.

On Friday, August 1st, 9 FFA members harvested 97 dozen ears of corn for HyVee, with additional harvesting happening every week. The FFA Sweet Corn will be sold for the next few weeks. HyVee Store Director Amy Jordhal said, “Hy-Vee is proud to be supporting our Atlantic FFA members. The commitment and dedication that these young adults have put into this real life experience has been top notch. Hy-Vee is proud to support all of our local growers, providing our customers with produce that truly is ‘field to table’.

On Thursday August 7th from 11-7 pm Atlantic HyVee will have a Sweet Corn Feed. This is an all you can eat Atlantic FFA Sweet corn, served with 2 pieces of fried chicken and creamy coleslaw – $7.00 Atlantic FFA members will be on site from 11-1 and 4-6 to help serve. They will be accepting donations that will go to construction of the new FFA Foodstand at the Cass County Fairgrounds.

Iowans urged to buy propane for home heating now, while prices are low


August 5th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

While many Iowans have their air conditioners running during the heat of early August, one expert suggests they look ahead to wintertime and their home heating needs. Harold Hommes, a fuels analyst with the Iowa Department of Agriculture, says a very rapid rise in liquid propane prices last winter left many Iowans stunned and facing tough financial decisions.  “We’re encouraging people to be prepared,” Hommes says. “Last year was truly an unusual situation that caught a lot of people off guard. We had prices bumping up in that $4 and $5 level and we certainly don’t want to see a repeat of that.” It’s a lesson learned in Economics 101 about supply and demand and Hommes right now, the supply is very good, so prices are low.

“Propane prices are ranging from about $1.40 on up to the $1.70 range,” Hommes says. “Those are good summertime fill opportunities. Get that tank full going into winter and minimize obligations for what they’ll be facing for propane costs this winter.” Prices peaked in January above five-dollars a gallon. About 90-percent of the Midwest’s inventory of propane is stored in underground caverns near Conway, Kansas. Hommes says supplies are plentiful heading into fall and winter.

“Right now, we’re sitting on about 22.5-million barrels which puts us 6.5% better than we were at this point one year ago,” Hommes says. “Unfortunately, we’re still slightly below our five-year average for this point in the calendar year.” About 15-percent of Iowa homes are heated with propane, mainly in rural areas.

(Radio Iowa)

7AM Newscast 08-05-2014

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August 5th, 2014 by Chris Parks

w/ Ric Hanson


AtlanticFest set for this Saturday


August 5th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic’s largest summer festival, AtlanticFest, is set to take place this Saturday, August 9th. Activities begin at 10-a.m. with a craft fair, car show, kid games, tractor ride, pedal pulls, weasel rides, live entertainment, and food. Most of those events end at 4-p.m., with the exception of the motorcycle show, which concludes at 2-p.m. web add

Live music will continue through the evening, with performances by Mega Music Bert Rose, Dirt Road Divide, and Exit 113. A beer garden will be set up on 6th and Chestnut Street at 4-p.m., with a street dance beginning at 8-p.m. and continuing late into the night.

For questions about AtlanticFest, call the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce at 712.243.3017 or visit www.atlanticiowa.com.