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Mills County accident under investigation


May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

Sheriff’s officials in Mills County say an injury accident that took place May 10th remains under investigation. Their initial report says a 1996 Nissan driven by Kevin Deitchler, of Mineola, was eastbound on Barrus Road, west of 250th Street at around 4:15-p.m., when the car slipped onto the shoulder. Deitchler tried to bring the vehicle back onto the roadway, but lost control, causing it to cross over the center line, where the vehicle collided with a westbound 2001 GMC truck, driven by Matthew Brindisi, also of Mineola.

The impact spun the truck around before it entered the north ditch, followed by the Nissan. Deitchler was flown by Life Flight to Creighton University Hospital. A report on his condition was not released.

Harlan Police – Accident report (issued 5/17)


May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

Police in Harlan say four accidents were investigated from May 4th through the 10th. On May 4th, Ann Hammer, of Harlan, was attempting to back out of a parking space in front of the Casey’s General Store at 1006 Chatburn Avenue, when she accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake. Her 1994 Ford struck the building, causing an undetermined amount of damage to the structure.  The vehicle sustained $500 damage.

On May 7th, a 2002 Ford driven by Zachary Jones, of Harlan, was traveling south on SW Avenue, when Jones momentarily looked away. When he did so, his vehicle dropped off the roadway and as he tried to correct the path, the vehicle struck a Harlan Municipal Utilities light pole, resulting in the street light breaking-off. Damage to the light pole was estimated at $850. The vehicle sustained $5,000 damage. Jones was cited for Failure to Maintain Control.

On May 10th, vehicles driven by Tyler Andersen, of Kirkman, and Jennifer Schechinger, of Harlan, collided as both were headed west on Chatburn Avenue. Andersen didn’t see Schechinger’s vehicle change lanes, and struck her driver’s side door, causing a total of $750 damage.

That same day, a vehicle driven by Jessica Anderson, of Harlan, was driving through the Harlan High School parking lot, when it struck a pedestrian in the crosswalk. No one was hurt, and no citations were issued.

Harlan Police report (5/17) – numerous arrests


May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Harlan Police Department have released a report on arrests and incidents that occurred from May 5th through the 13th. On May 5th, several juveniles were referred to Juvenile Court for Criminal Mischief, when officers were notified of graffiti written on the Terkildsen Center. Those cited into court include: 11-year old Caden Stevens; 8-year old Gavin Stevens; 8-year old Jadin Stevens, and 8-year old Tegan Bissen, all of Harlan.

On May 6th, Harlan Police arrested 20-year old Marcus Morgan, of Harlan,  and 21-year old Joshua Haggerty, of Kirkman. Haggerty was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Morgan was charged with Prohibited Acts penalties and cited for Driving Under Suspension as well as failure to prove he had vehicle insurance.

On May 8th, several persons were charged following a disturbance that reportedly involved a gun. Officers called to the 2100 block of Lincoln Avenue, arrested 51-year old Randall Hess and 19-year old Jodie Cardine, both of Harlan. Both were charged with Disorderly Conduct. Cardine was also charged with Possession of Alcohol by a person under age, Child Endangerment and Assault. Charges were filed with the Shelby County Clerk of Court, charging 28-year old Kimberlee Green, of Harlan, with Child Endangerment. Also, cited into Juvenile Court for Minor In Possession, was 14-year old’s Lauren Pash and Randi Hess, both of Harlan.

Also on May 8th, 24-year old Brandon Barnum, of Shelby, was arrested for OWI/2nd offense, following a traffic stop. He was also cited for Driving While Suspended, Violating the conditions of a restricted license, failure to provide proof of insurance, and speeding.

On May 10th, 30-year old Eugene Cardine, of Harlan, was arrested for Public Intoxication and Violation of a No Contact Order. A complaint was also filed with the Shelby County Clerk of Court, charging Kimberlee Green with Violation of a No Contact Order.

On May 11th, Harlan Police cited into Juvenile Court, 11-year old Caden Stevens and 8-year old Gavin Stevens, both of Harlan. In Juvenile Court, Caden Stevens was charged with Theft in the 3rd degree, while Gavin Stevens was charged with Possession of Stolen Property. The charge are with regard to two cell phones having been stolen from the men’s locker room at the Wellness Center, in Harlan.

On May 12th, 67-year old Stephen Tasto, of Harlan, was arrested for Trespassing, after he allegedly entered a residence without consent, to discuss a noise complaint from the night before. Tasto was cited, given a court date and released. On that same date, 40-year old Jill Steinkuehler, of Harlan, was cited for allowing her dog to run at-large, after the dog allegedly injured a jogger.

And, on may 13th, 58-year old Joleen Olson, of Harlan, was arrested for Intoxication in Public, and Trespass, after officers in Harlan responded to a report of an out of control, intoxicated person.

Funeral service and procession to be held Wed. for Bluffs Police Officer


May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

(Note: Change in date for the services! They will be held May 18th, not 19th)

Officials with the Council Bluffs Police Department, Monday, announced one of their officers, 38-year old Lt. Ben Roth, died over the weekend following a long battle with cancer. Many members of the Council Bluffs P-D and community worked with Ben, his brother Mike, who is with the Council Bluffs Fire Department, and his father – Jerry Roth, Council Bluffs Police Department Captain (Retired).



On Wednesday, May 18th the family of Council Bluffs Police Lieutenant Benjamin R. Roth will be joined by local law enforcement, along with members of the community, at a funeral service to mourn his loss, celebrate his life and honor his service. The funeral service will be at Hoy‐Kilnoski Funeral Home from 10:00 – 11:15 A.M. Following the service there will be a procession to the Garner Township Cemetery. For those unable to attend the service, but wish to say good bye we are posting the procession route.

The route will run south along North 16th Street, from Avenue L south to West Broadway. West Broadway viaduct (eastbound), to 8th Street. The procession will travel south on 7th Street, turning east on 5th Avenue, as Lt. Roth will be driven past Council Bluffs Police Headquarters for one final time. Vehicles will then head north on Main Street to Kanesville Blvd. The procession will then travel east on Kanesville Blvd, with a final destination of the cemetery, on Jennings Avenue.

Due to the anticipated number of vehicles in the procession to the cemetery, there are expected to be some delays to local traffic flow in the listed areas from approximately 11:30am – 12:30pm. For those who are unable to attend, but would like to leave a message or to learn more about Lt. Roth’s service please go to the Hoy‐Kilnoski webpage at: http://www.hoyfuneral.com/obituaries/Benjamin‐Roth‐2/

Dr. Edna Becht joins Atlantic Medical Center


May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

Officials with Cass County Health System in Atlantic, say Dr. Edna Becht will be joining Atlantic Medical Center (AMC) in August 2016.  Dr. Becht is currently finishing her family medicine residency at Memorial Family Medicine in South Bend, Indiana.  She will provide comprehensive family medicine services, including obstetric care.

Dr. Becht grew up in Indiana. She attended Indiana University where she received bachelor’s degrees in French in 2006 and in Biology in 2007.  She went on to earn a master’s degree in Biology from Indiana University-Purdue University in 2008.  Dr. Becht graduated from Des Moines University with a Doctor of Osteopathy in 2013.

Edna Becht, D.O.

Edna Becht, D.O.

In addition to caring for patients at Atlantic Medical Center, Dr. Becht will be on staff at Cass County Memorial Hospital. Pending approval of her Iowa medical license, Dr. Becht will begin seeing patients at Atlantic Medical Center and Cass County Memorial Hospital in early August.

Atlantic men arrested for shoplifting


May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic Police Department reports two men were arrested for shoplifting, Monday. 20-year old Dillon Cox, of Atlantic, was arrested on a Cass County warrant for Theft in the 4th degree. Cox was transported to Montgomery County by a deputy. And, 20-year old Elijah Vonweyhe, of Atlantic, was arrested for Theft in the 4th degree. He was booked into the Cass County Jail.

Sen. Grassley opposes proposed restrictions on allergy clinics, shots


May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

Thousands of Iowans who get relief from allergies through allergy shots at a clinic could face a dramatic price increase or a loss of that service entirely through proposed federal regulations. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the U-S Department of Health and Human Services is considering new restrictions which could force allergy clinics to significantly scale back the service or close.

“We need to remember the history of allergy shots, having been safely administered in the United States for over 100 years,” Grassley says. “There’s numerous studies that have found that these shots are effective and safe.” Under the proposed regulations, allergy clinics would be barred from preparing allergy shots in-house. Clinics would have to order the extracts from a limited number of labs authorized to prepare them, causing higher prices, longer wait times and a run on dwindling supplies. Coincidentally, it’s allergy season now and Grassley says he’s hearing from worried Iowa allergists.

“Besides a few physicians, we’ve also heard from the Iowa Allergy and Asthma Society, very concerned about the proposed guidelines that their members and patients won’t be properly treated,” Grassley says. “The proposal would drastically reduce access to allergy shots for patients who need them.” More than two-point-six million Americans get allergy shots every year. Grassley says he and several other senators are composing a letter to H-H-S Secretary Sylvia Burwell, asking her to reconsider or reject the proposed regulations.

“If she doesn’t reconsider it, then there are other appropriate actions we can take,” Grassley says. “Probably the easiest would be to put an amendment on an appropriations bill for HHS overriding or amend the legislation, putting in a separate bill.” Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, affects as many as one in every three Iowans and accounts for more than 22-million health care visits a year nationwide. Direct costs for treatments across the country were estimated at $11.2 billion in 2005, while indirect costs include an estimated 6-million lost work days a year.

(Radio Iowa)

Permanent closure of southbound I-29 off-ramp to Nebraska Street (exit 147B) scheduled for May 23 in Sioux City


May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Sioux City construction office reports the permanent closure of the southbound Interstate 29 off-ramp to Nebraska Street (exit 147B) in Sioux City, is scheduled for 8 a.m. Monday, May 23, weather permitting.

Motorists should use the Hamilton Boulevard off-ramp (exit 149) or the Floyd Boulevard off-ramp (exit 147) to access Nebraska Street.

Fontanelle man cited following weekend accident


May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

The Union County Sheriff’s Office says a man from Adair County was cited following a non-injury accident that took place over the weekend. Authorities report 58-year old Charles Hurd, of Fontanelle, was cited for Driving Under Suspension and Operating a vehicle without registration. The citation was issued after pickups driven by Hurd, and 17-year old Maggie Mason, of Lorimor, sideswiped each other as they met at the crest of a hill in Union County.

The accident happened at around 4-p.m. Saturday, as Hurd was traveling south on Yellow Rose Avenue and Mason was traveling north. Both vehicles were traveling with their drivers’ sides in the middle of the road. Damage from the accident amounted to $10,000.

Ticks Are Out – Keep Them Off

Ag/Outdoor, News

May 17th, 2016 by Ric Hanson

Warmer weather and timely rains mean tick-borne disease season is underway in Iowa. The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) reminds Iowans to protect themselves against tick bites. Ticks can carry the organisms that cause diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Ehrlichiosis.

IDPHThe best way to prevent tick bites is to avoid wooded and grassy areas, where ticks are usually found. If you do spend time in these areas:

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long, light-colored pants tucked into socks or boots.
  • Stay on trails when walking or hiking, and avoid high grass.
  • Use insect repellants that contain DEET. Read and follow the label directions for application. DEET is not recommended for use on children under 2 months of age. For more information on DEET, visit http://wiki.idph.iowa.gov/Portals/3/userfiles/5/Files/DEET%20Fact%20sheet.pdf.
  • Check yourself, your children and your pets for ticks. Ticks tend to prefer the back of the knee, armpit, scalp, groin, and back of the neck.

If you discover a tick on your body, remove it right away. Folk remedies, such as burning the tick with a match or covering it with petroleum jelly or nail polish, are not effective. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following instructions for removing a tick:

  • Carefully grasp the tick by using tweezers to grip the tick by its mouthparts which are close to the skin. Do not squeeze the tick’s body.
  • Pull steadily directly away from your skin. Because removing the tick’s body is your main goal, don’t worry if its mouthparts break off in the process.
  • Clean the wound and disinfect the site of the bite.

The most common tick-borne disease is Lyme disease; 319 cases of Lyme disease were reported to IDPH in 2015. Not everyone who gets Lyme disease will have the same symptoms, but the best and earliest sign of infection is a rash that may appear within a few days to a month, usually at the site of the tick bite. The rash will first look like a small, red bump, then expand until it begins to look like a bull’s eye, with a red center and a red ring surrounding a clear area. It is important to contact your healthcare provider immediately if you develop this type of rash or develop flu-like symptoms within a month of having a tick bite or being in an area where ticks are present.

For more information on Lyme disease, visit http://idph.iowa.gov/cade/disease-information/lyme-disease.