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Election Results 11/3/2015 – Audubon County/Contested races & Public Measures


November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

*Winner(s) (results unofficial until canvassed) I= Incumbent

City of Audubon
Barbara Jacobsen 363*
Brandon Toft (Write-in) 276

City Council (2)
Andy Griffith 355*
Robert A. Jacobsen 411*
John Whetzal III 319

City of Gray
Mayor (No candidate filed)
Write-In: Bill Cramer 7*

City Council (3)
Penny Schmidt 8
Larry Southard (Write-In) 5
June Dove (Write-In) 4

City of Exira
Mayor (1)
Brenda Bengard 30

City Council (3)
Mike Huegerich 57*
Peggy Toft 56*
Glen Myers (Write-In) 22*

City of Kimballton
Mayor (No candidate filed)
Write-In:Randy Poldberg 19*
Write-In: Peggy Mortensen 12

City Council (2)
Justin Larsen 27*
Write-In: Joanie Heuton 11*

City of Brayton
Public Measure – Police Protection levy
Yes 10 No 10  (Auditor will contact IA Sec. of State’s Office to determine how to proceed)

Election Results, Nov. 3rd, 2015: Pottawattamie County Contested races


November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

*Winner(s) (results unofficial until canvassed) I= Incumbent

City of Neola
Mayor (1)
Deb Schierbrock 66
Pete Sorenson 186*

City Council (3)
Darrl Scott Brooks 102*
Greg Heine 91
Austin Kay 63
Joseph Munch 158*
Karla Pogge 155*
Ty Ungrad 87
Ryan Ward 82

City of Carson
City Council (2)
Michael Knudsen 79*
Write-In: 0

City of Crescent
City Council (3)
Charles Hildreth 42
Jack Powers 42
Randy Adams 24

City of Hancock

Mayor (No candidate filed)
Write-In: Harold Hoffman 18

City Council (3)
James Kock 36*
Josh Billings 13*
Caitlyn Caughey 7 *

City of Macedonia
Mayor (No candidate filed)
Write-In: Ben Dorr 8* Dan Lajok 3
City Council (3)
Shoan McCready 33*
Bradley Swope 34*
Eileen Adickes 18*

City of McClelland
Mayor (No candidate filed)
Write-In:Emmit Dasner 18*

City Council (5)
Mitrchell A. Kay 22
Sue Stinland 20
David Logan 18
Mike Conrad 17
Danny Baxter 16

City of Minden
City Council/Vacancy (2)
Gerald McCool 82

City of Underwood
City Council (3)
Robert W. Dose 35
Edward Freuck 32
Write-In: 24

City of Walnut – City Council (2)
Karol Calabro 31
Tace Frahm 72*
Jusin Tooley 42*

Election Results, 11/3/15 – Shelby County Contested races


November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

*Winner(s) (results unofficial until canvassed) I= Incumbent

City of Kirkman

City Council (3)
Sonny Goans 9
Larry Gustason 6
(Lots will be drawn for the 3rd position)

City of Panama

City Council (2)
Steve Wegner 15*
Write-In: Kathy Schafer 8*

City of Shelby

City Council (3)
Bob Richmond (I) 102*
Sheila M. Rihner (I) 77*
Doyle Gilland 108*
Jackie Hursey 70
Kathie Pitt 50

Election Results, Nov. 3rd, 2015: Adair/Adams/Montgomery Counties


November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

* winner(s) (results unofficial until canvassed) (I=Incumbent) (Will be updated)


City of Bridgewater

*Steve Frese (Write-in) 24

City Council (3) (Write-In’s)
Meril Bower 20*
Christy Berg 19*
Leo Marnin 20*

City of Orient
City Council (2)
Gary Metzger 81*
Shawn Subbert (Write-In) 19*


City of Corning

Mayor: Guy Brace 165*     Warren Blaisure 79

City Council – At Large (1)
Bert Peckham (I) 157*
Ranae Nicholson 95

City of Prescott

Mayor (No candidate filed)
Write-in: Bob Henrichs 34*; Write-In: Joni Chafa 21

City Council (2) (No candidates filed)
Write-In: Crystal Schafer 30*; Write-In: Julie Krauth 29*; Write-In: John Grossnickle 22; Write-In: Jordan Walter 20

Council (To fill a vacancy)

April Damewood (I) 27*; Write-In: Jordan Walter 26


City of Coberg

City Council (3)
Write-in: Jody Schooling 2; Jarrumy LaFord 2; Les Ballard 2

City of Elliott

City Council (2): *Michaeal Christiansen 46;  *Charlie Misner (Write-in) 29

City of Grant

Andrea J. Holldorf (I) 22*
Laurenda Mifflin 8

City Council (5)
Lyn Sliger (I) 30*
Jeff Brown (I) 23*
Nancy L. Taylor (I) 28*
Michael B. Amos (I) 31*
Robert Scott Molnar 13
Steve Williams 30*

City of Red Oak

City Council At-Large (1)

Bill Bourlon 89

Jeanice A. Lester 375*

City of Stanton
City Council (2)
James Cavner (I) 88*
Ray Guffey (I) 89*
Eric L. Paulsen 83
Tysen Sederburg 41

City Election Results, Nov. 3rd, 2015: Cass County Contested races/Public Measures


November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

* winner(s) – FINAL (results unofficial until canvassed) (I=Incumbent)

City of Atlantic

Public Measure B – Bond for 2nd floor City Hall renovation
Yes 282 (35.29%)        No 517 (64.71%) requires majority to pass

City of Anita

Ben Daugherbaugh 57
Timothy Miller (I) 160*

City of Griswold

Public Measure C – change Mayor’s term from 2 years to 4
Yes 86 (60.14%)     No 57 (39.86%)

City of Lewis

City Council (3)
Duane Scott Anderson (I)  55*
Kristy Bassett 52*
Marvin Bradfield 74*
Leroy Easter 29
Nona Erickson 50

Public Measure D – Library levy
Yes 41 (46.07%)  No 48 (53.93%) (majority required to pass)

City of Marne

Public Measure E – Unified Law Enforcement District Levy
Yes 21 (63.64%)    No 12 (36.36%) (requires majority to pass)

City of Wiota

City Council At-Large (2)
Jim Fischer 23*
Steven R. Havens 23*
Jon Schwarte (I) 6

Democratic effort to stall Medicaid privatization fails


November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A Democratic effort to delay privatization of Medicaid in Iowa has failed in a legislative oversight hearing. Democratic lawmakers on the bipartisan Health Policy Oversight Committee proposed a motion Tuesday asking Gov. Terry Branstad to hold off on implementing the privatization plan by six months. But Republicans opposed it and the proposal did not move forward.

Branstad’s plan to move Medicaid to private management is scheduled to start January 1. It has drawn scrutiny over the projected cost savings, how contracts have been awarded and how the change would impact patients. Officials from the Department of Human Services say they are working to ensure a smooth transition to the new program. But Democratic lawmakers and health care providers questioned the speed of the transition.

Finally Open! 7th Street/Highway 6 in Atlantic!


November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

After more than five months of detours and inconvenience to businesses and motorists in Atlantic, the Highway 6/7th Street reconstruction project is finished and the road is once again open to traffic. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held this (Tuesday) afternoon at 7th and Olive Streets in Atlantic, before traffic was allowed to make its way through the corridor that’s been blocked off and torn-up from the intersection of 7th and Olive east, to just past Burger King, since May 26th.

Atlantic Mayor Dave Jones conducted the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Atlantic Mayor Dave Jones cuts the ribbon to open 7th Street/Hwy 6.

Atlantic Mayor Dave Jones cuts the ribbon to open 7th Street/Hwy 6.

Iowa Department of Transportation District 4 Coordinator Scott Suhr, based in Atlantic, said “It’s been a long year, and obviously the rain hasn’t helped us out much.” He said also, there are some touch-up projects left to complete, such as pavement markings on the east end of 7th Street, and he says they have to work with the City of Atlantic to coordinate the traffic signals and get them timed-out for smooth traffic flow.

But in the end, Suhr says motorists and pedestrians alike will benefit from all the improvements that were long overdue. There’s pavement, new, ADA compliant sidewalks and driveways. There’s 10 inches of concrete on the road, 12-inches of rock sub-base underneath that, a sub-drain underneath the sub-base to help remove water from under the concrete slab to prevent problems with cracking and pot holes. There are also new storm water intakes, and new video traffic signal detection systems at the intersection of Plum and Olive Streets.

Officials had hoped the project, which was paid for through State and Federal funding, would be completed before school started in late August, but heavy periods of rain and other, unanticipated issues kept pushing the completion date further and further behind.

Group confronts state officials about manure plan oversight

Ag/Outdoor, News

November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Members of the citizen action group Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement are meeting with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to file a complaint demanding improved accountability and oversight of livestock farms.

The group studied livestock waste management plans from five counties and found plans with missing pages and indications of multiple farmers dumping manure on the same field. The manure management plans are required by state law for farms with at least 1,250 hogs. The DNR is responsible for oversight.

Jess Mazour, community organizer for Iowa CCI, says inadequate manure management is contributing to water pollution problems. DNR Director Chuck Gipp says the agency will review the complaint and respond. He says the agency is working with farmers to improve water quality but it takes time.

GA woman sentenced to probation in connection with Orozco shooting


November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

A Clayton County, Georgia woman was sentenced to a year of probation for lying about the gun she purchased for her boyfriend, a convicted felon who used the Glock to kill Nebraska police officer and Walnut, IA., native, Kerrie Orozco. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, citing U-S Attorney John Horn’s office, reports 26-year old Jalita Jenera Johnson, must also complete 40 hours of community service and serve 180 days of home confinement. Johnson pleaded guilty in August.Kerrie

In April, Johnson bought a Glock semiautomatic firearm, a 50-round drum magazine and ammunition from a pawnshop near her Jonesboro, GA., home, according to investigators. Johnson claimed she was buying the gun for herself, but she later admitted purchasing it for her boyfriend, Marcus Wheeler. As a convicted felon, Wheeler could not purchase the gun himself.

In May, Wheeler got into an armed confrontation with City of Omaha police in Nebraska, and he used the Glock to shoot and kill Officer Orozoco. Wheeler also was killed during the shootout.

Officials: 3-year-old boy dies in fire at Sioux City home


November 3rd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) – Authorities say a 3-year-old boy has died in a fire at a Sioux City home. The Sioux City Journal reports that Nicholas Torres died of smoke inhalation Friday night. Fire Marshal Mark Aesoph said at a news conference Monday that Torres’ parents were outside on a back porch at their home when the fire broke out.

Firefighters arrived and found the structure engulfed in flames, but they could not immediately enter the home due to the intensity and size of the fire. Officials say the child was found in the living room, where they believe the fire started. Aesoph said both parents sustained burns in their unsuccessful attempt to save their son.

According to authorities, the home did not have any working smoke alarms. An investigation is ongoing.