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Freedom Friday

Nominate a veteran or someone who is currently serving in the military to be featured on “Freedom Friday.”  Each Friday we will highlight a hero and share some of their stories on “Heartbeat Today.”  Send us the name and contact information of a person you think should be featured along with your name, address and phone number.  Help us celebrate those whose selfless dedication to the cause of freedom makes this country great!

Heartbeat Today 04-23-2015

Heartbeat Today, Podcasts

April 23rd, 2015 by Chris Parks

Jim Field speaks with former Elk Horn-Kimballton Girls Basketball Coach Rod Hoegh, about a 6-on-6 Girls Basketball exhibition during Tivolifest this year in Elk Horn.

(Podcast) Heartbeat Today, 4/22/2015

Heartbeat Today

April 22nd, 2015 by Ric Hanson

Jim Field talks with Mary Ann Moorman about the Friends of the Atlantic Public Library book,magazine,cd/dvd/vcr tape sale going on April 28-30, 2015.

Heartbeat Today 04-21-2015

Heartbeat Today, Podcasts

April 21st, 2015 by Chris Parks

Jim Field speaks with Coach Justin Williams about the Atlantic Archery Club.

Heartbeat Today 04-20-2015

Heartbeat Today, Podcasts

April 20th, 2015 by Chris Parks

Jim Field discusses the Iowa One Call system and it’s importance when you plan on digging/excavating on your property.

Heartbeat Today 04-17-2015

Heartbeat Today, Podcasts

April 17th, 2015 by Chris Parks

Jim Field speaks with Barbara Butcher with the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War about a Gravestone Dedication Ceremony for Civil War Veteran William John Pickerall that will begin at 1:30 pm on April 19th at the Graceland Cemetery in Avoca. The ceremony will be conducted by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, with assistance from the Avoca American Legion and Avoca Boy Scouts. Lunch and socializing will follow at the Avoca Historical Museum. If you enjoy history, then you won’t want to miss this Civil War re-enactment honoring the memory of a local veteran. The Avoca Historical Society is sponsoring the event. All interested ages are welcome to attend!

Heartbeat Today 04-16-2015

Heartbeat Today, Podcasts

April 16th, 2015 by Chris Parks

Jim Field speaks with Greg Schuler and Jim Nordskog about the Atlantic Lions Club Pancake Supper.

Heartbeat Today 04-15-2015

Heartbeat Today, Podcasts

April 15th, 2015 by Chris Parks

Jim Field speaks with Bruce Haag about the T-Bone Trail and issues dealing with erosion near Brayton.

Heartbeat Today 04-14-2015

Heartbeat Today, Podcasts

April 14th, 2015 by Chris Parks

Jim Field speaks with Bob Everhart, Operator of the Oak Tree Opry in Anita, about their upcoming season.

Heartbeat Today 04-13-2015

Heartbeat Today, Podcasts

April 13th, 2015 by Chris Parks

Jim Field speaks with Mitch Seekins, musical performer, about his show coming up at the Warren Cultural Center in Greenfield.  His show highlights the Golden Age of Vegas.

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Heartbeat Today 04-10-2015

Heartbeat Today, Podcasts

April 10th, 2015 by Chris Parks

Jim Field discusses some of the foods to avoid that lead to belly fat.