KJAN Birthday Club

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating on this day!  Make sure you register your family and friends for the “HyVee Birthday Club” which airs at 9:20 am Monday through Friday.  We pick a winner each day to receive a 5″ personal birthday cake from your Atlantic HyVee.  Here is a list of recent winners and others whose birthdays were submitted.

October 2011

Birthday Club

September 30th, 2011 by Stacie Linfor

October 1st :

  • Ann McCurdy of Anita (Winner)

October 2nd:

  • Viola Sander of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Betty Marcellus of Atlantic
  • Matt Nielsen of Exira

October 3rd:

  • Jolene Roecker of Atlantic (Winner)

October 4th:

  • Donella Ross of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Dave Ferry of Atlantic
  • Ross Baier of Atlantic

October 5th:

  • Lana Turner of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Billie Butler of Atlantic
  • Steven Wright of Atlantic

October 6th:

  • Linda Retz of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Amy Jordahl of Atlantic
  • Eileen Carelton of Atlantic
  • Julie Soll of Kimballton
  • Cary Paulsen of Exira

October 7th:

  • Jean Petersen of Exira (Winner)
  • Brandon Lamp of Atlantic
  • Mary McLaren of Atlantic
  • Paul Peterson of Adair

October 8th:

  • Dane Paulsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Tori Lillard of Cumberland
  • Pam Jones of Red Oak
  • Mary Ann Moorman of Atlantic
  • Bobbie Barnholdt of Atlantic
  • Jaden Wonser of Kimballton
  • Dottie Teig of Atlantic

October 9th:

  • Clarence Klein of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Dee Bebensee of Atlantic
  • Connie Wiechmann of Lewis
  • Kris Ferry of Atlantic

October 10th:

  • Dottie Brownsberger of Oakland (Winner)
  • Marlene Jensen of Atlantic
  • Nathan Thielen of Atlantic
  • Rose Marie Jensen of Kimballton
  • David Winther of Anita
  • Bertha Schroeter of Exira

October 11th:

  • Cody Bock of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Richard Mosier of Lewis
  • Stacie Linfor of Atlantic
  • Raymond Ostrus of Wiota
  • Alan Reimer of Atlantic
  • Carli Schler of Anita

October 12th:

  • Katelyn Christensen of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Calvin Krause
  • Heather Conrad of Atlantic
  • Richard Hoffman of Cumberland

October 13th:

  • Beau Buskirk of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Mary Gittes of Atlantic
  • Barb Jacobsen of Atlantic
  • Ron Ostrus of Wiota
  • Lisa Paulsen of Exira

October 14th:

  • Bernice Gaines of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Neal McMichael

October 15th:

  • Jan Brehmer of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Holly Brenton of Atlantic
  • Howard Reed of Atlantic

October 16th:

  • Lilly Barber of Wiota (Winner)

October 17th:

  • Jorgen Nowatzke of Kimballton (Winner)
  • Pat Ostrus of Wiota
  • Tristan Hayes

October 18th:

  • Darla Casady of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jasmine Doherty of Anita

October 19th:

  • Lynn Mortensen of Kimballton (Winner)
  • Betty Crozier of Atlantic
  • Angelea Immel
  • Beulah Skow of Marne
  • Patty Maas of Atlantic
  • Jacob Fiebelkorn of Exira

October 20th:

  • Monica Taylor of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Christel Buskirk of Atlantic
  • Jackie Ring of Atlantic
  • Julie Nelson of Atlantic
  • Donnis Christensen of Atlantic
  • Richard Watson of Anita

October 21st:

  • Garrent Franken of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Shellie Ferguson of Brayton

October 22nd:

  • Barb Goos of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Rachel Larson of Atlantic
  • Diane Nichols of Wiota

October 23rd:

  • Pansie Hoffman of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Vicki Brown of Atlantic
  • Claude Wood of Atlantic

October 24th:

  • Doris Sothman of Lewis (Winner)
  • Stacey Bock of Atlantic
  • Ray Zellmer of Wiota

October 25th:

  • Connie Steffen of Griswold (Winner)
  • Ruth Waters of Atlantic

October 26th:

  • Lynsi Lamp of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Morgan Godwin of Cumberland
  • Leslie Welter of Atlantic
  • Amy Shafer of Atlantic
  • Pastor Gary DeGeest of Atlantic

October 27th:

  • Alice Layand of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Glen McGill of Atlantic

October 28th:

  • no birthdays

October 29th:

  •  Oda Christensen of Kimballton (Winner)
  • Brian Nielsen of Atlantic
  • Beth O’ Brien of Atlantic

October 29th:

  • Dari Skartvedt of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Janet Bintz of Hancock
  • Evan Kelly of Griswold
  • Andy Willett of Avoca

October 31st:

  • Kenny Struble of Exira (Winner)
  • Rod Christensen of Atlantic

September 2011

Birthday Club

September 1st, 2011 by Stacie Linfor

  • September 1st:
  • Marie Binfield of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Linda Graham of Wiota

September 2nd:

  • Tian Siggins of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Hank Holaday of Anita

September 3rd:

  • Virginia Bornholdt of Audubon (Winner)
  • Brandon Toft of Audubon
  • Rosemary Davidson

September 4th:

  • Kathie Mailander of Wiota (Winner)
  • Darlene Planck
  • Berniece Robinson of Exira

September 5th:

  • Sharon Ludington of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Sue Muri of Atlantic
  • Denny King of Atlantic
  • Grace Christensen of Audubon

September 6th:

  • Becca Denney of Anita (Winner)
  • Pam Curtis of Cumberland

September 7th:

  • Heather Waters of Marner (Winner)
  • Lori Mikkelsen of Wiota

September 8th:

  • Doris Evans of Elliott (Winner)
  • Shara Cooper of Atlantic

September 9th:

  • Marcene Arn of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Hannah Alff of Atlantic
  • Tammy DeDord of Atlantic
  • Marilyn Reynolds of Atlantic

September 10th:

  • Sherrill Clausen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Marsha Prigge of Audubon

September 11th:

  • Jean Hall of  Fontanelle (Winner)
  • LaVon Eblen of Atlantic
  • Leonard Andersen of Atlantic
  • Ann Nielsen of Exira
  • Mary Jean Krummel of Walnut

September 12th:

  • Ranae Schlater of Exira (Winner)
  • Diana Munch of Exira
  • Makenna Jordahl of Atlantic
  • Clara Pedersen of Elk Horn
  • Terry Adair of Glenwood

September 13th:

  • Holden Jensen of Lewis
  • Randy Maas of Atlantic
  • Bev Bennett of Atlantic
  • Audrey Nielsen of Lewis
  • Clara Schmidt of Harlan
  • Dale Davis

September 14th:

  • Chris Blaine of Massena (Winner)
  • Ronda Harry of Atlantic

September 15th:

  • Lyla Weber of Anita (Winner)
  • Sue Elliott of Atlantic
  • Danny Thompson of Exira
  • Ricky Hays of Adair
  • Brookelyn Fiebelkorn of Exira

September 16th:

  • Tristan McDermott of Walnut (Winner
  • Laura Wright of Atlantic
  • Nadine Wheeler of Exira
  • Corey Kelly of Atlantic
  • MMarlene Christensen of Elk Horn

September 17th:

  • Amy Beschorner of Wiota (Winner)
  • Tammi Schulz of Elk Horn
  • Reatha Scheibeler of Atlantic
  • Bev Mendenhall of Atlantic

September 18th:

  • Den Finken of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Sally Fischer of Atlantic
  • Stacey Armstrong of Crescent
  • Lilly Peterson of Adair

September 19th:

  • Jessie Larsen of Kimballton (Winner)
  • Pam Parker of Elk Horn
  • Charlie Griffin of Atlantic
  • Kaylee Godwin of Cumberland
  • Jerry Jensen of Atlantic
  • Norma Eilts of Cumberland
  • Lynn Martensen of Kimballton

September 20th:

  • Crystal Miller of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Carol Schwarte of Atlantic

September 21st:

  • Katelyn Blake of Walnut (Winner)
  • Ron Yarger
  • Denise Kilworth of Exira

September 22nd:

  • Bertha Kixmiller of Walnut (Winner)
  • Eugene Wahling of Shelby

September 23rd:

  • Jessica Juelsgaard of Kimballton (Winner)
  • Marilyn Gard of Atlantic
  • Rosie Hansen of Atlantic
  • Arlene Rainey of Atlantic
  • Jessica Barber of Wiota

September 24th:

  • Don Peterson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jackie Pross of Exira
  • Larry Shafer of Atlantic
  • Jane Houchins of Exira
  • Peter Schwab of Audubon

September 25th:

  • Barb Petersen of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Maggie Wahlert of Exira
  • Cadie Carter of Lewis
  • Jason Ostrus of Council Bluffs
  • Rosie Williams of Atlantic
  • Amy Ostrus of Council Bluffs

September 26th:

  • Emery Christoffersen of Kimballton (Winner)
  • Val Hatcher of Atlantic

September 27th:

  • Marge Turner of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Randy Maas of Atlantic
  • Justin Larsen of Kimballton
  • Bernice Matthews of Atlantic
  • Mary Davis of Atlantic

September 28th:

  • Mark Jacobsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Annabelle Langer of Atlantic
  • Dan Greving of Exira
  • Jeff Munch of Exira
  • Shelly Petersen of Exira
  • Tracy Shriver of Atlantic
  • Jesse Baxter of Atlantic
  • Bryce Jensen of Exira
  • Brooke Tanners of Atlantic
  • Shaley Winther of Anita
  • Colleen Hamilton of Atlantic

September 29th:

  • Benton Schoenrock of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jon Mosier of Lewis
  • Walter Boldt of Exira

September 30th:

  • Cindy Koll of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Hannah Jessen of Exira

August 2011

Birthday Club

August 2nd, 2011 by Stacie Linfor

August 1st:

  • Slyvia Hoffman of Cumberland (Winner)

August 2nd:

  • Maxine Blunk of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Esther Pierce of Atlantic
  • Debbie Metheny of Atlantic
  • Tom Arn of Atlantic

August 3rd:

  • Clarissa Terpstra of Exira (Winner)
  • Seth Jacobs of Atlantic
  • Rachel Jensen of Brayton

August 4th:

  • Clint Johnson of Exira (Winner)
  • Brad Johnson of Exira
  • Chris Parks of Atlantic

August 5th:

  • Martin Nelson of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Donnis Reed of Atlantic
  • John King of Atlantic

August 6th:

  • Becky Jensen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jerry Lauritsen of Audubon
  • Dwain Thompson of Exira
  • Brooke Conrad of Atlantic
  • Ronald Hansen of Elk Horn

August 7th:

  • Daniella Albert of Kimballton (Winner
  • Charles Sorensen of Exira
  • Danny Winther of Anita

August 8th:

  • LaVonAndersen of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Ruth Oler of Atlantic

August 9th:

  • Chuck Sorensen of Exira
  • Aaron Clemsen of Brayton
  • Ann Martin of Exira
  • Gloria Sutton of Audubon
  • Linda Eilts of Massena

August 10th:

  • Treva Pitka of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Zoey Nielsen of Exira
  • Jana Mathisen of Atlantic
  • Evelyn Boysen of Atlantic
  • Ruth Knop Jensen of Atlantic
  • Lois Nelson of Atlantic
  • Sharon Oles of Griswold
  • Jason Beymer of Atlantic

August 11th:

  • Glee Wildman of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Tyson Partridge of Elk Horn

August 12th:

  • Suede Johnson of Exira (Winner)
  • Stacey Platt of Massena

August 13th:

  • Dianna Williams of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Pat Dennis of Atlantic
  • Norman (Red) Larsen of Atlantic

August 14th:

  • Nick Godwin of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Lloyd Reed of Atlantic
  • Denise Lowary

August 15th:

  • Irma Schaaf of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Herb Wahlert of Exira

August 16th:

  • Earl Madsen of Elk Horn (Winner)
  • Virginia Maas of Atlantic
  • Dale Schramm of Atlantic

August 17th:

  • Larry Jacobsen of Walnut (Winner)
  • Darlene Hockenberry of Anita
  • Janice Petersen of Atlantic
  • Margo Wolfe of Atlantic
  • Jerry Kaufmann of Atlantic
  • Julie Boege of Atlantic
  • Lory Smith of Atlantic
  • Savannah Hays of Exira
  • Marjorie Petersen of Kimballton

August 18th:

  • Pat Saltmarsh of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Susan Christofferson of Exira
  • Bobbie Davis of Atlantic
  • Colby Madsen of Kimballton
  • Tom Cooper of Atlantic
  • Jerry Brix of Atlantic

August 19th:

  • Duane Eilts of Massena (Winner)
  • Helen Blunk of Atlantic
  • Joyce Hanson of Greenfield

August 20th:

  • Sandra Schmeling of Casey (Winner)
  • Glen Nichols of Wiota

August 21st:

  • Kesley Platt of Massena (Winner)
  • Juliann Daniels of Atlantic
  • Mary Lyman of Atlantic
  • Erin Smouse of Exira
  • Donna Miller of Atlantic

August 22nd:

  • Todd Nielsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Ashley Choate
  • Margie Herbert of Atlantic

August 23rd:

  • Lori Sampson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Julian Choate of Atlantic

August 24th:

  • Claire Paulsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Agnes Waggoner of Atlantic
  • Jim Mailander of Wiota
  • Mallory Brown of Atlantic
  • Tyler Mosier of Lewis
  • A.J. Hays of Adair
  • Ioma neighbors of Anita

August 25th:

  • Brandon Harry of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Trenda Hoffman of Cumberland
  • Keith Booth of Atlantic
  • Terry Mathisen of Atlantic
  • Jessica Mathisen of Atlantic
  • Karen McFadden of Marne
  • Brenda Swope of Atlantic

August 26th:

  • Janice Kinnison of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Julie Mortensen of Kimballton

August 27th:

  • Chance Luritsen of Exira (Winner)
  • Donnis Auerbach of Atlantic
  • Chase Mewhirter of Atlantic
  • Trevor Wessing of Anita

August 28th:

  • Madonna Nisson of Atlantic (Winner)

August 29th:

  • Melanie Larsen of Audubon (Winner)

August 30th:

  • Fern Lindvall of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Donnie Schlater of Exira
  • Cindy Koll of Atlantic

August 31st:

  • Grace Winebrenner of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Sheryl Jensen of Atlantic

July 2011 Birthdays

Birthday Club

July 5th, 2011 by Jim Field

July 1:

  • Michelle Kirchhoff of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Helen Roth of Atlantic
  • Darci Denney of Anita
  • Kellie Jimmerson of Atlantic
  • Eva Simpson of Atlantic

July 2:

  • Sheryl Chisholm of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Kay Harris-Wickman of Atlantic
  • Victoria Shriver of Atlantic

July 3:

  • Nancy Frederickson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Maxine Schwartz of Atlantic
  • Ken Christianson of Wiota

July 4:

  • Valerie Jo Robertson of Audubon (Winner)
  • Brandy Fiebelkorn of Exira

July 5:

  • no birthdays

July 6:

  • Sara Schroder of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Dorothy Bouchard of Atlantic
  • Edele Leist of Atlantic
  • Heather & Jordan Sager
  • Phyllis Thompson of Atlantic

July 7:

  • Erin Kelly of Griswold (Winner)
  • Cheryl Christensen of Cumberland
  • Cheyanne Rasmussen of Massena

July 8:

  • Sean Marshall of Lewis (Winner)
  • Chelsea Petersen of Exira
  • Lynette Hansen of Atlantic

July 9:

  • no birthdays

July 10:

  • Jaque Linn of Wiota (Winner)
  • Roland Eskov of Elk Horn

July 11:

  • Linda Edelman of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Sam Miller of Atlantic
  • Kellie Jimerson of Atlantic
  • Lynn Andersen of Guthrie Center

July 12:

  • Don Pelzer of Marne (Winner)
  • Bryce Thompson of Exira
  • Leah Schmidt of Harlan
  • John Johonson of Atlantic

July 13:

  • Carol Seddon of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jackie Pelzer of Marne
  • Becky Juhler of Wiota
  • Katie Wright of Atlantic
  • Joni Peterson of Atlantic
  • David Christofferson

July 14:

  • Laeni Pelzer of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Jolene Ketchum of Casey
  • Wendy Hansen of Bridgewater
  • J.B. Beymer of Atlantic
  • Rebecca Mortimer of Atlantic
  • Clarence Petri of Adair (104 years old)

July 15:

  • no birthdays

July 16:

  • Jayden Jensen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Connie Jessen of Exira
  • Lois Coomes of Atlantic
  • Wilbur Berger of Atlantic
  • Charlotte Garside of Massena

July 17:

  • John P. Walker of Brayton (Winner)
  • Tracey McCurdy of Cumberland

July 18:

  • Mary Ottmar of Atlantic (Winner)

July 19:

  • Cheryl Christensen of Cumberland (Winner)
  • Megan Williams of Atlantic

July 20:

  • Betsy Kitelinger of Exira (Winner)
  • Agnes Atwood of Exira
  • Dorothy Wolf of Exira
  • Dennis Witt of Atlantic
  • Sadie Carroll

July 21:

  • Connie Beymer of Atlantic (Winner)

July 22:

  • Patty Rogers of Wiota (Winner)
  • Judy Hill of Exira
  • Jennifer Johnson of Hamlin
  • Jeanette Nielsen of Exira

July 23:

  • Dorothy Carroll of Harlan (Winner)
  • John Stokes of Elk Horn
  • Cindy Davis
  • Steve Linn of Atlantic
  • Barbara Harris of Wiota
  • Scott Svoboda of Atlantic

July 24:

  • Mary Ann Jespersen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Preston White of Kimballton
  • Evelyn Knop of Atlantic
  • Ruth Barton of Exira

July 25:

  • Wanda Schwier of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Nancy Armstrong of Atlantic
  • Gabriele Jordahl of Atlantic
  • Jad Denney of Anita
  • Don Lebeck of Audubon

July 26th:

  • Connie Paulsen of Anita (Winner)
  • Larry Winans of Panama
  • Sarah Asberry of Exira
  • Harry Mensching of Atlantic

July 27th:

  • Ellen Hay of Exira (Winner)
  • Bruce Schmeling of Casey
  • Landon & Logan Miller of Atlantic
  • Janice Rasmussen of Atlantic

July 28th:

  • Richie Andersen of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Linda Hansen of Elk Horn
  • Corey Jensen of Kimballton
  • Dorothy Lebeck of Audubon
  • Randy Steffen of Griswold
  • Carolyn Johnson of Atlantic
  • Fletcher Toft of Audubon

July 29th:

  • Kerrigan Larsen of Audubon (Winner)

July 30th:

  • Lynette Nicholson of Atlantic (Winner)
  • Dennis Schwab of Audubon
  • Dan Lauritsen of Hamlin
  • Roger Hanson of Wiota
  • Cliff Wright of Wiota
  • Jim Hensley of Massena

July 31st:

  • Palin Scybert of Harlan (Winner)
  • Guy Smith of Wiota
  • Sherri Sieck of Atlantic
  • Helen Blum