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Cass County Extension Report 09-03-2014

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September 3rd, 2014 by Chris Parks

w/ Kate Olson


Iowa DNR says pheasant population is high

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September 3rd, 2014 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Iowa wildlife officials say the pheasant population is high ahead of hunting season. The state Department of Natural Resources says the annual August roadside pheasant count recorded the highest number of birds since 2008. That’s a statewide average of about 17 birds per 30 miles. A record low 40,000 hunters pursued pheasants last year. The latest roadside index indicates hunters could harvest more than 250,000 birds.

The department says it is working to enhance the state’s habitats for pheasant and quail. That includes grant funding and a partnership with the Pheasants Forever group. The regular pheasant season is Oct. 25 through Jan. 10. The state’s youth pheasant season is set for Oct. 18 and Oct. 19.

Weekend storms did some damage to crops

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September 2nd, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Sunday night’s storms carrying winds up to 70-miles-an-hour damaged corn fields in Crawford and Greene Counties around Denison and Jefferson. Mike Bravard farms nearly three-thousand acres near Jefferson. He did a survey Monday of some of the storm damage. “It’s worse, in Greene County, once you get a few miles south of Highway 30 there’s some corn fields, some broke off, some laid down pretty good. Some’s broke off, some’s just laid over at the roots,” Bravard says. Bravard says despite the storm damage — this year’s corn crop is doing very well.

“The corn looks really good. It could be as good a crop, as good a yield as I’ve ever had,” according to Bravard. But his soybean fields are being hit by sudden death syndrome. “Right there in the beginning of August we got three inches of rain and sudden death set in pretty good, Sudden Death Syndrome. It’s just kind of been expanding ever since,” Bravard says.”Beans are prematurely dying. There’s still going to be beans there where the beans are dying, but they’re just going to be small, I think. And it’s going to take some bushels off of our bean yield.”

Bravard estimates the disease may cut soybean yields by five, maybe even ten-bushels an acre. It’s too soon to assess how much the wind cut west-central Iowa’s corn harvest.

(Radio Iowa)

Changes to Iowa Hunter Education website

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August 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Shelby County Conservation Board want to make the public aware of a slight change to the Hunter Safety Education Online Field Day class. The website for students to sign-up is iowadnr.gov/huntered.

In order for persons 12 years of age and older to complete a hunter education course, you must register for the field day online (as the link above). You will also be required to COMPLETE the online class before coming to the Sept. 27th Field Day at the Nishna Bend Recreation Area (1.5-miles southeast of the Harlan Airport), and, bring your online completion voucher to the Field Day, in order to be admitted.

Anyone born after Jan. 1st, 1972 must complete a hunter education safety course in order to obtain an Iowa hunting license. For more information, call 712-744-3403.

Corps official warns about boating without life jacket

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August 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

It’s the last summer holiday weekend and the last chance for many to spend time on their boats. Lou An McCraken of the U-S Army Corps of Engineers, says you should be sure to have a life jacket on hand for everyone. She says it’s not enough just to have it in the boat, you need to put it on. “It’s not a burden to wear a life jacket if you find a good comfortable Coast Guard-approved life jacket…you’ll want to wear it to keep you safe and for everyone in your family who you care about,” McCraken says.

McCracken is a Natural Resource Specialist who works on the Mississippi River. McCracken says each year a number of boating accidents claim lives because someone fell into the water and underestimated their swimming ability. And sometimes swimming isn’t even an option, especially on rivers like the Mississippi. “You could have bumped your head, you could have had a medical condition that caused you to fall out, you pass out for any number of reasons, you may have hit something submerged that bumps you out of your boat,” McCraken says. “The Mississippi River is always changing, it’s such a dynamic river.”

McCracken says nine of ten people who drowned in lakes and river last year were not wearing a life jacket. She also says because the Mississippi is such a vast body of water, conditions vary on different sections of the river. What may be safe in one location could pose a danger elsewhere.

(Radio Iowa)

Swimming not recommended signs posted at several Iowa beaches for Labor Day weekend

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August 30th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Swimming is not recommended in at least seven of Iowa’s state park lakes for the last holiday weekend of the summer. Mary Skopec is the beach monitoring coordinator with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. “Right now, we have five beaches that are not recommended for swimming due to E. coli bacteria advisories and we have three beaches that are not recommended for swimming based on algal toxin levels that we see,” Skopec says. Recent heavy rains have contributed to a rise in E. coli bacteria by washing manure spread on farm fields into the lakes.

The beaches where swimming advisories are posted are at Union Grove State Park, Denison Beach, Black Hawk State Park, Backbone Lake, Lake of Three Fires, Prairie Rose Lake, and McIntosh Woods on Clear Lake.

(Radio Iowa)

Final day of Farm Progress Show cancelled due to lightning

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August 28th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Foul weather is forcing the cancellation of the final day of one of the nation’s biggest agricultural exhibitions, what’s considered the World’s Fair of everything farm-related. Dena Morgan, spokeswoman for the Farm Progress Show in Boone, says it’s a huge disappointment, but the show will -not- go on today (Thursday) and it’s now closed for the year.

“We’re not going to open,” Morgan says. “It was raining this morning and it was forecast that there was lightning coming through, so we decided to close the show for everyone’s safety.” The show opened Tuesday. Organizers have 600 vendors on the grounds and had been expecting up to 150-thousand visitors over the three-day run.

(Radio Iowa)

2014 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Honorees celebrated at the Iowa State Fair

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August 27th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Eighty-two counties and two state level Iowa 4-H volunteers were inducted into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame during the 2014 ceremony at the 4-H Exhibits Building at the Iowa State Fair on Sunday, Aug. 17. Inductees or their surviving family members were presented a certificate by the Iowa 4-H Foundation as they were introduced on stage. In alphabetical order, Adair to Jackson Counties were recognized at 1:30, while Jefferson to Wright County were recognized at 3:30. A reception, sponsored by donors to the Iowa 4-H Foundation, was held shortly after each of the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame presentations.

County honorees were selected by their respected counties for their outstanding service and dedication to
4-H, while the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Iowa 4-H Programs office nominated two honorees this year for their service to Iowa 4-H and beyond. Inductees are selected for their exceptional work in contributing to the lives of 4-H members and the overall 4-H program. Many inductees served as club leaders, youth mentors, fair superintendents, fair board members, Iowa State University Extension county council members, county youth council members, fair judges, financial supporters, chaperones, Iowa 4-H Foundation Trustees, or ISU Extension and Outreach staff members. The inductees have demonstrated dedication, encouragement, commitment and guidance to Iowa’s 4-H’ers through the years.

This year’s honorees by county:

Adair County – Deb Stalter; Adams County – James (Jim) Stalcup; Audubon County – Ed Ahrendsen; Crawford County – Dick & Rona Bromert; Carroll County – Julie Clancy; Cass County – Eleanor Hoove; Fremont County – Phillip Wing; Guthrie County – Jim & Jo Laughery; Montgomery County – Wanda Johnson; Page County – Harold & Shirley Anderson; Harrison County – Paul Lane; Pottawattamie (East) County – Boyd M. Nilan; Ringgold County – Cindy Schlapia & Cheryl Whittington; Shelby County – Linda Heflin;Union County – Paul & Verna Bailey; Mills County – Robert Moore.


Posted County Prices – Wed., 8/27/14


August 27th, 2014 by Ric Hanson

Cass County: Corn $3.36, Beans $12.14
Adair County: Corn $3.33, Beans $12.17
Adams County: Corn $3.33, Beans $12.13
Audubon County: Corn $3.35, Beans $12.16
East Pottawattamie County: Corn $3.39, Beans $12.14
Guthrie County: Corn $3.38, Beans $12.18
Montgomery County: Corn $3.38, Beans $12.16
Shelby County: Corn $3.39, Beans $12.14
Oats $3.25  (always the same in all counties)

Posted County Prices 8/26/14


August 26th, 2014 by Jim Field

Cass County: Corn $3.37, Beans $12.02
Adair County: Corn $3.34, Beans $12.05
Adams County: Corn $3.34, Beans $12.01
Audubon County: Corn $3.36, Beans $12.04
East Pottawattamie County: Corn $3.40, Beans $12.02
Guthrie County: Corn $3.39, Beans $12.06
Montgomery County: Corn $3.39, Beans $12.04
Shelby County: Corn $3.40, Beans $12.02
Oats $3.26 (always the same in all counties)