Bruckner will not seek re-election to Atlantic School Board


September 11th, 2019 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic School District’s Board of Education met Wednesday evening at the High School. During their session, Board member Alison Bruckner announced she would not be running for re-election to another 4-year term on the Board. Her current term expires this year. Bruckner said she’s enjoyed her past four-years, but she started working on obtaining her Doctorate of Education last year, which, along with her full-time job, takes up a great deal of her time. Earlier this summer, another Board Member, Dr. Keith Swanson announced he too, would not be running for re-election. It’s unclear whether School Board Member Jenny Williams will run for her seat on the Board. Swanson and Williams’ terms are up this year, also.

In other business, the Board approved a recommendation from Superintendent Steve Barber, to hire Bob Sweeney as Athletic Facilities Project Liaison between the district, contractors and sub-contractors, effective Sept. 26th, the date construction bids are to be opened. Sweeney will be paid $22.50 per hour or an estimated $20,000 for the duration of the project construction.

Superintendent Barber said a pre-bid conference meeting was held Tuesday with FRK Architects, two General Contractors (GC’s) and three Sub-Contractors, two of whom were local. In all three GC’s have taken physical documents and diagrams out for review, as well as other In- State and Out-of-State organizations. Some documents may also have been requested digitally.  The documents and diagrams lay-out the terms and project schematics for interested contractors, which enables them to better draw-up their bids for the Three-Phase Athletic Facilities Projects.

Board Secretary/District Finance Director Sarah Sheeder reported during the meeting, Wednesday, that the District is running close on their General Fund Line-Item Budget of $16.995-million, but she and Superintendent Barber are confident they can keep a tight reign on that part of the budget so they don’t hit $17-million.

Superintendent Barber said the District’s Official Enrollment Count begins Oct. 1st. He said their most recet review of the students the District is serving, shows a small decline in both the Certified Enrollment and number of Open enrolled-in students, with the ratio to open enrolled vs. Out a small increase. Those numbers are subject to change. He said also, and the other Administrators agreed, that the new student pick-up and drop-off system for Schuler and Washington Elementary students has been going very smooth, and their have been few complaints since the new driveway and parking lot were constructed this summer.