Mills County woman in exploding car incident Saturday


July 9th, 2018 by Ric Hanson

A woman from Mills County was injured when nearly a dozen explosions took place in her vehicle, as it was parked along the shoulder of southbound Interstate 29, Saturday afternoon, just north of the Mills/Pottawattamie County line. Video from the scene showed several small explosions, jets of flames and one large explosion, all in a little more than 90-seconds. Most of the explosions were from three propane tanks in the vehicle driven by 42-year old Angela Thurman, of Pacific Junction.

Authorities say Thurman was driving her boyfriend’s car which contained three propane tanks. Not long after she lit a cigarette, one of the tanks exploded. Thurman pulled off the road and escaped prior to a second tank and the vehicle’s gasoline tank exploding.The woman was transported to a hospital in Council Bluffs, and later taken to a hospital in Omaha for treatment.