Weather officials confirm 3 tornadoes hit Iowa

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July 1st, 2014 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Officials have confirmed at least three tornadoes hit Iowa during recent severe weather. The National Weather Service says three tornadoes hit Monday in south central and east central Iowa as severe weather packing heavy rain and hail moved across the state. The first tornado was rated an EF-1, with an estimated peak wind speed of 100-miles per hour.

It started at around 12:40-p.m. Monday about four-miles southeast of Casey and traveled almost 8-miles in an intermittent path before ending about 6-miles south-southwest of Stuart. It was an estimated 200-yards wide and produced its worst damage  southwest of Stuart, where a house and several outbuildings were damaged or destroyed.

A second tornado in Madison County was also rated an EF-1. It also packed winds of up to 100-mph, but was only 75 yards wide and was on the ground for about 1.2-miles.  It formed at around 1:13-p.m. about 6-miles northeast of Winterset and ended shortly thereafter, not far away.  Despite being on the ground for such a short period of time, the twister managed to damage a house and several trees before dissipating in an open field.

The third tornado in Tama County was rated EF-2. Its peak wind was estimated at 120-mph. The twister damaged a house, but as with the other tornadoes, no one was hurt or killed. Officials will continue to investigate other reports of tornadoes in the days ahead.