Atlantic FFA “Ignites” at the 86th Annual Iowa FFA State Leadership Conference

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May 8th, 2014 by Jim Field

by:  Haley Carlson, Atlantic FFA Reporter

As April came to a close, the Atlantic FFA prepared 15 of its members for the State Leadership Conference at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. The Atlantic FFA left on Sunday, April 27 for Ames. FFA members began SLC by packing Meals from the Heartland at Hilton Coliseum. Meals from the Heartland is a nonprofit organization that packs thousands of meals for starving people around the world. Each package feeds six people, and contains rice, soy protein, vitamins, minerals and dried vegetables. The Iowa FFA packed 250,000 meals this year bringing the grand total to almost 750,000 meals within the past three years! These meals will be available to local food pantries and other organizations around the world.


Front Row left to Right: Colby Sorensen, Morgan Barkley, Haylee Valeika, Marshal McDermott, Colin Petersen, Kristin Johnk. Back row left to right: Nate Moen, Clint Hansen, Chancey Richards, Tucker Sager, Wyatt Saeugling, Clayton Saeugling, Adam Freund, Paige Sorensen.

During State Leadership Conference there were multiple tours FFA members could take around the Iowa State campus. Some of the tours Atlantic FFA members took were to the Bio Century Farm, the ISU Beef Farm, Reiman Gardens, the Ag Business tour, the 450 Farm, and the 450 Shop tour. A few of the workshops that Atlantic FFA members participated in were on ATV Safety and a Leadership Workshop held by National FFA Central Region Vice President,
Steven Brockshus.

All of the 15 members were very busy during the conference. Four seniors received their Iowa Degrees. To receive an Iowa Degree a student must have received a chapter degree, be a

Chapter Program: Nate Moen, Morgan Barkley, Haylee Valeika.

Chapter Program: Nate Moen, Morgan Barkley, Haylee Valeika.

member of FFA for two years and have completed two years of high school. They must have earned or productively invested at least $1,000 in their SAE or worked at least 300 hours in excess of scheduled class time or a combination of the two. Students must have 25 hours of community service, perform ten procedures of parliamentary law, give a six minute speech on a topic relating to agriculture or the FFA. They must have served as an officer, committee chairperson, or a participating member of a chapter committee and have a satisfactory scholastic record as certified by the local agricultural education instructor and the principal or superintendent. Through all of these requirements, Wyatt Saeugling, Tucker Sager, Kristin Johnk, and Chancey Richards, received their Iowa Degree on April 29, 2014.

Also, Atlantic FFA member Wyatt Saeugling was one of six selected as a Finalist in the Star of Ag Placement. Unfortunately Saeugling did not win, but it was still a great honor to be a finalist. The finalists are chosen from the 686 Iowa FFA members that earned their Iowa Degree this year.

Farm Bus Team:  Adam Freund, Clayton Saeugling, Marshal McDermott, Clint Hansen

Farm Bus Team: Adam Freund, Clayton Saeugling, Marshal McDermott, Clint Hansen

Tuesday FFA members Clint Hansen, Adam Freund, Marshal McDermott, and Clayton Saeugling, took the Farm Business Management test. The FBM is a test that analyzes agriculture, farm, and ranch business management information. It applies economic principles and concepts of farm business management to the decisionmaking process. It also evaluates agriculture business, and farm business management decisions, and it tests the members ability to work together cooperatively as a group. The Atlantic FFA team placed with a Bronze.

Three of Atlantic’s freshmen FFA members participated in the Chapter Program. Morgan Barkley, Nate Moen, and Haylee Valeika set up a display for the chapter about ATV safety. The group presented to the judges Monday morning. The Atlantic FFA received a Bronze award. Two of the Atlantic FFA members took the Greenhand test at the Scheman building Tuesday morning. Freshmen, Colin Peterson and Colby Sorensen both placed with a Bronze award.

Atlantic had three FFA members that were part of committees during the State Leadership Conference. Clayton Saeugling was a part of the Audit Committee. The committee reviewed the past year’s budget and offered some potential changes to the new budget. Marshal McDermott was a part of the Programs of Activities committee. This committee reviewed the past years activities and also offered some changes to the new year. Haley Carlson was a part of the Nominating Committee. This committee met a week before SLC. They interviewed and balloted the state officer candidates. All of these committees presented at the Business Session Monday morning.

The week was a huge success for the Atlantic FFA! Also the chapter would like to thank LeVon Sager for donating her time to chaperone the Atlantic FFA on this trip!


Iowa Degree: Kirstin Johnk, Wyatt Saeugling, Tucker Sager, Chancey Richards