City of Atlantic will provide fill dirt for local golf club, but not for free


November 7th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council, Wednesday, agreed to provide fill dirt to the Nishna Hills Golf Course in an attempt to help them control drainage issues, but it will not provide the dirt for free, nor will it pay for the dirt to be moved from a site near the airport, to the golf course. Mayor Dave Jones requested the City provide assistance to the golf course. City Administrator Doug Harris said Snyder Engineer’s conducted a City authorized study last summer of the detention basin located off of 14th Street on the high school property.

He says the engineers found a flow restrictor could be put in place to reduce the rate of discharge of rain water across the golf course’s property. The cost to the City would be $3,600. The City will also talk with Atlantic School District officials about cleaning out its detention basin to help control the rate of storm water runoff. While the City is willing to offer what assistance it can to help with the problem, the Council was adamant in that an additional measure planned by Nishna Hills to construct terraces or berms to control storm water runoff, should not be made at the City’s expense through the providing and delivery of fill dirt.

The Atlantic Golf and Country Club has a similar problem with a fairway on their property. Councilmen Shawn Shouse and Steve Livengood said providing fill dirt for free to the Nishna Hills Golf Club would set a precedent whereby others could come to the City requesting it transport the material to private properties to fix similar drainage or other problems.

It would cost the City about $500 to haul 30-yards of dirt to the property. The Council agreed it could sell fill dirt to the golf course for two-dollars per cubic yard, if enough is available after other City projects needing the substance are taken care of. Mayor Jones said he would present the information to the Nishna Hills Board during their next meeting.