Transportation Commission approves funds for airport projects in SW IA


July 9th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Transportation Commission today (Tuesday) approved $5.9-million for the Fiscal Year 2014 State Aviation Program, which includes several sub-programs, such as the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), the General Aviation Vertical Infrastructure (GAV) Program. The funds will have a positive impact on airports located in Council Bluffs, Red Oak and Creston, in our listening area.

Under the AIP, officials report the Creston Municipal Airport will receive $148,000 toward the $190,000 cost of pavement maintenance and the construction of a T-hangar access taxiway. The Council Bluffs Municipal Airport $84,000 toward the $168,00 cost of constructing a vehicle parking lot. And the Red Oak Municipal Airport will receive $88,000 for a $110,00 project that involves constructing a taxilane to a new six-unit T-hangar. AIP Programs are funded with revenue from aircraft registration fees and aviation fuel taxes.

And, as part of the GAV program, the Red Oak Airport will also receive $16,560 toward the $20,700 cost of renovating a hangar. Vertical Infrastructure programs are funded through the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF). All funding supplements local and federal funding sources, and seeks to maintain a safe and balanced statewide air transportation system.