DuPont Pioneer Announces Donation of Grain Bin Rescue Equipment to Iowa Fire Departments


July 26th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

A seed company reports it is awarding over $70,000 in grants to Iowa communities for the purchase of grain bin rescue equipment. Officials with DuPont-Pioneer say fire departments in 16 communities, including Harlan, Lewis and Malvern,  are receiving grants to purchase grain bin rescue equipment for use in their communities through the Pioneer community betterment program.

Bart Baudler, business director for DuPont Pioneer in Iowa, says the company is “Pleased to work with local fire departments across Iowa to provide this important, and sometimes life saving, equipment.” Baudler said also “Grain bins pose a significant safety risk on the farm, and we hope this equipment not only provides a functional use, but also increases awareness of these risks and leads people to think before entering.”

Iowa community fire departments and EMT’s were eligible to apply for the grants through their local Pioneer sales representatives.