Motorcycle chase in Pott County exceeds 140mph


June 3rd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

A Council Bluffs man was arrested early Saturday morning after he crashed the motorcycle he was riding, while being pursued by law enforcement. Pottawattamie County Sheriff Jeff Danker says 27-year old Richard Killough faces numerous citations, and was charged with eluding (an aggravated misdemeanor). Killough posted a $2,000 bond Saturday and was released from custody. Danker says the incident began when a sheriff’s deputy traveling eastbound on Highway 92 just after midnight, observed a motorcycle coming up behind him. He says the cycle was coming up fast on the deputy, doing about 78-mph in a 50-mph zone. The deputy tried to stop the motorcycle, but it took off at a high rate of speed. 

The Sheriff says he doesn’t know what was going through the man’s mind, but he has an idea. He says he was probably going so fast he was surprised by the deputy and figured after he passed, that he could outrun him. Danker says the cycle exceeded 140-miles per hour at times, and didn’t slow down much, when it passed through the communities of Treynor and Carson. He said it would periodically slow down and speed up. It passed through Treynor at about 120-miles per hour, and passed through Carson at 135-mph. The cycle then continued at speeds greater than 130-mph. 

The Sheriff said the results of the cycle passing through town at those speeds could have been disastrous. Three Cass County(Iowa) Sheriff’s Department deputies were waiting to intercept the cycle at the Cass/Pottawattamie County line. Seeing the sheriff’s lights off in the distance, Danker says Killough turned off onto a gravel road before losing control of the 2006 Honda CDR-600. He says the man turned north onto Cherrywood Roadand crashed about 150-yards north of Highway 92.

A Mills County Sheriff’s Deputy who tried to assist in the pursuit was injured, when the car he was driving enroute to the chase hit a deer and crashed into a ditch. 31-year old Deputy Joshua England, of Glenwood, was transported by Glenwood Rescue to Mercy Hospital for treatment of his injuries.