Juveniles vandalize Walnut School over the weekend


June 17th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Two juveniles are suspected of causing an estimated $10,000 damage at the Walnut Community School over the weekend. Pottawattamie County Sheriff Jeff Danker told KJAN News the incident was discovered early Sunday morning at the school, located at 415 Antique City Drive. He says a janitor discovered the mess at around 7-a.m., Sunday. Nine rooms and several hallways were damaged. 

Danker says the damage was extensive. He says there were food products dumped on the floor, splattered on the walls and ceiling, and glue, bleach and other liquids dumped onto the floors. In addition, drawers and cabinets were emptied and scattered around the rooms. 

A Crime Scene Technologist was called to the school to investigate. Danker says they believe they have identified the suspects. He says they are juveniles, but they have not yet been charged. The names of the suspects were not released. They culprits will face a charge of Burglary in the 3rd degree for breaking into the school, even though nothing was reported missing. 

Sources tell KJAN News say a 13- and 7-year old were involved in the crime, but Danker was unable to confirm that, other than to say they were juveniles. Danker could also not confirm the $10,000 damage cited by persons familiar with the incident.