Friday’s storms bring heavy rain, flooding & strong winds

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June 15th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Storms that passed through western Iowa Friday and Friday night dumped more than 5-inches of rain in some areas, in less than a couple of hours. Those same storms also brought straight-line winds in excess of 65-miles per hour, and some pea-to ping-pong ball-sized hail.

Law enforcement and trained storm spotters reported to the National Weather Service hail the size of quarters fell in Carroll and Guthrie Counties, near the communities of Carroll, Bayard and Coon Rapids. Ping-pong ball-sized hail  (1.5″ diameter) was reported by Emergency Management officials 12-miles south of Stanton, in Page County, at around 7-p.m., Friday.

Winds gusted up to 60-miles per hour near Crescent, in Pottawattamie County, and Little Sioux, in Harrison County. One gust of up to 67-miles per hour was reported at the Carroll Airport at around 9:35-p.m., Friday, and a garage roof was blown-off and 2-to 6-inch diameter tree limbs were reported broken in the Carroll County town of Halbur, at around 9:40-p.m. Thunderstorm wind damage was also reported just west/northwest of Stuart, where 6-to 8-inch diameter tree limbs were broken.

Flash flooding was reported late Friday night in Bayard and near Coon Rapids, with anywhere from 6-to-8-inches of water flowing over the roads in Bayard at around 10:15-p.m., as well as on Highway 25 in that same area. The Weather Service says 5.2-inches of rain fell just west of Coon Rapids.