(Update) – Improper installation caused lights to fall on AMS students


May 16th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Three students attending the Atlantic Middle School were injured Wednesday, when a light fixture in a recently renovated classroom fell. Superintendent Dr. Michael Amstine said he received word about the incident happening in the third floor classroom, at around 9-a.m. Wednesday, from AMS Principal Cam Smith. He said two students suffered from scratches, while another had a bump on the head. The trio were treated by the school nurse. One student was subsequently transported to the Cass County Memorial Hospital in Atlantic, for additional examination and treatment. The classroom and two others with similar light fixtures were evacuated while the general contractor and architect were contacted.

Amstine said an initial examination revealed the fixtures weren’t properly installed to specifications. He says the contractor made sure the problems were corrected Wednesday afternoon. Amstine says the contractor’s insurance is expected to handle any medical or property damages. The fixture that fell, was in four sections, and fell in a type of “Domino effect,” according to Amstine. He said it’s not the type of thing one expects to happen after an expensive renovation project has taken place.

The incident was a first for Amstine, as far as school renovation and construction projects are concerned. The Superintendent says he’s just glad no one was seriously injured, because the potential was there for it to “Have ended that way.”