Information kiosk available at CCMH


May 17th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

An official with the Cass County Memorial Hospital says visitors to Cass County Health System have a new tool to assist them in finding their way around the main building. Sara Nelson, Public Relations Director, says just inside the front entrance, next to the information desk at the base of the staircase, is an information kiosk. Nelson says a new “wayfinding” system was added to the kiosk this week.

Cass County Memorial Hospital Auxilian Eileen Denne demonstrates the new wayfinding system on the kiosk in the CCMH Atrium. (Sara Nelson/photo)

Visitors can use the touch-screen directory to select any service or department in the building. When they make a selection, a map with a route line will appear, along with written directions to their destination. The maps can then be printed right at the kiosk. Nelson says they know visitors and patients have been confused about where to go in light of the relocation of so many departments over the last year, so “Being able to view and print a map should help people find their way more easily.” The kiosk is located next to the information desk so the volunteers can assist visitors if necessary.

To get started, just touch the screen anywhere and the home page will come up. Select the top button “How do I get there?” to open the wayfinding directory. Select the first letter of the destination, L for Laboratory, and a list of all the L destinations will appear. Select the destination, Laboratory, and the map will appear with written directions below.

Nelson said while the new system is designed to be user friendly, it doesn’t mean visitors can’t ask for help. She says their “Staff and volunteers are always happy take you where you need to go!”