Federal tax deadline is today


April 15th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Today (Monday) is the deadline for filing you federal income tax returns. I-R-S spokesman, Christopher Miller, says they’re expecting many people to file at the deadline based on the nationwide numbers thus far. “We’re a little bit behind last year’s rate, and that may be because of the later start to the filing season and the tax changes that occurred late in the year,” Miller says. If you are filing your return today, Miller says simple things often cause problems — like transposed numbers or letters. “Be sure to enter your Social Security numbers for you and your dependents on you tax return exactly as they are on the Social Security cards, and don’t switch up the numbers. And be sure to enter the names of all the individuals on the return exactly as they’re spelled on the Social Security cards,” Miller says. “Also, if you choose direct deposit, be sure to triple check that you are marking down the routing number and bank account number correctly.”

He says any mix up in the names and numbers will slow down the processing of your return. Miller says it’s especially important to write in the correct information on paper returns. There are still many people who choose to file paper instead of electronic returns. “We don’t have an exact number this season for the people who are electronic filing in Iowa yet…but Iowa has always been a national leader in e-filing, at well over 80-percent of the people filing electronically. Precisely because it’s fast and easy and more accurate,” Miller says. “When you e-file electronically, the error rate is about one-percent compared to about 20-percent on a paper return.”

Many people have already filed their returns and gotten refunds back. Miller says the most recent national information finds the average tax refund is 27-hundred-90 dollars. Miller says anyone with questions on filing can go to the I-R-S website at: IRS.gov.

(Radio Iowa)