Legislation to help focus attention on “high ability” students


March 12th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Some educators may be so concerned about helping under-achieving students to succeed that they may neglect gifted students. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is co-sponsoring a bill which he says insures the needs of students in advanced placement, or A-P, classes are included in federal education policy. Grassley says, “As it stands, there’s a shortage of attention given to high-ability students, especially those students in under-served settings, and that could include most of rural America.” The legislation would make sure A-P students are included in the planning process at the district and state levels. If they’re not continually challenged, some advanced students may get bored with school, quit applying themselves or even drop out. Grassley says the bill would modify federal education policy to develop and encourage more achievement from high-ability students.

“America cannot afford to ignore the needs of its brightest students,” Grassley says, “and by doing so, squander the potential that they bring to our country, as well as their own potential.” The bill stipulates existing teacher quality grants would be used to help improve the achievements of all students, including those in gifted and talented programs. Grassley says gifted students “don’t get the attention they deserve,” adding, the advancement of those students “will help to enhance the future prosperity of our nation.”

(Radio Iowa)