Iowa Basketball Coaches Association All Sub-State Teams


March 13th, 2013 by Jim Field

The Iowa Basketball Coaches Association has announced its list of all sub-state basketball selections for the 2012-2013 season.

In class 1-A, sub-state 6, Adam Courtney or Guthrie Center and Spencer Rochholz of Adair-Casey were honored.  In class 1-A sub-state 7, the team includes Ricky Williams and Brady Ryun of Riverside, Travis Herzberg and Damon Sunderman of Villisca, Austin Konsor of Underwood, Trevor McKee of CAM, Brennan Azinger of Logan-Magnolia, Cole Anderson of Exira/EHK and Jameson Delaney of Woodbine.

The class 2-A, Sub-state 7 team included Alex Welsch, Brad Baudler and T.J. Bower, all of Nodaway Valley.  The sub-state 8 team includes T.J. Sterk of IKM-Manning, Britton Barrier of Tri-Center, Cole Neary and Sam Brincks of Kuemper Catholic, Alec Sorensen of Treynor, Tucker Culjat of St. Albert and Tanner Johnson and Pete Walker of Red Oak.

The class 3-A, sub-state 8 team includes Dalton Franken and Sam Markham of Atlantic, Colby Taylor and Luke Neitzel of Creston, Trey Lansman of Harlan, Grant May of Glenwood and Addison Ross of Carroll.

Alex Reed of Lewis Central was named to the class 4-A sub-state 1 team.

Coaches who were honored as sub-state coach of the year include Jason Shelangouski of Riverside in class 1-A sub-state 7, Darrell Burmeister of Nodaway Valley in class 2-A sub-state 7, Tyler Edwards of Kuemper Catholic in class 2-A sub-state 8 and Steve Blazek of Atlantic in class 3-A sub-state 8.